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Title1001 Fishing Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Finding and Catching More and Bigger Fish
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Table of Contents
Introduction - LAMAR UNDERWOOD
Foreword - STU APTE
	CHAPTER 1 - Reflections on Angling: Inspiration and Information You Can Use
		1. Best Fishing Tip Ever Heard
		2. Confidence: Fishing’s Great Leveler
		3. The Thing About Fishing Is . . .
		4. It’s Not Just Luck
		5. One to Remember
		6. A Creed for Visiting Anglers
		7. Time to Go Fishing
		8. Fishing Knowledge Simplified
		9. The “Fightinist” Quote About the “Gamest” Fish
		10. Why a Fishing “Rod” Is Not a “Pole”
		11. A Tip on Staying Young
		12. The Call of the River
		13. The Reason Why
		14. A Fly-Fisher’s Confession
		15. Presidential Advice
		16. The Lure of Fly Fishing
		17. Portrait of a Perfect Trout Stream
	CHAPTER 2 - Set for Success: These Tips Can Make Your Day—Or Even Your Trip
		18. Going on Vacation? Hire a Guide
		19. Google Has the Answers
		20. Saltwater Reel Protection
		21. Boat Rides Need Raingear
		22. If Your Boat Turns Over . . .
		23. Busting Open Those Painted-Over Jig Eyes
		24. Those Best Times to Fish Gimmicks
		25. Foggy Weather Fishing: Forget About It!
		26. Minnow Bucket Helper
		27. Enjoying the Gentler, Kinder Bass Fishing
		28. Rivers vs. Reservoirs
		29. Old Impoundments Mean Tougher Fishing
		30. Farm Pond Fishing 101
		31. Get That Hook Out
		32. Good Time to Go Fishing
		33. Asking the Right Question
		34. The Most Useless Thing in All Fishing Is . . .
		35. Stringing Up Your Fly Rod
		36. Carrying Your Rod: Tip First or Butt First?
		37. Visit Kaufmanns Streamborn
		38. Waders and Drowning: The Big Myth
		39. Is the “Bad East Wind” Outlook a Myth?
		40. Terrific Guide to Fishing Hooks
		41. The Same Spot Trap
		42. Fishing Clubs: Give One a Try
		43. Fourteen Ways to Fish Better Fast!
		44. Fishing Travel Facts
		45. Binoculars Pay Big Dividends
		46. The Mid-Current Is Just Right
		47. Learn to Fly Cast An Easier Way
		48. Fly Reels: Direct Drive or Anti-Reverse?
		49. Fish & Fly: A Treasure Trove
		50. Fish Superlines Where Pickerel and Pike Roam
		51. Frayed Superlines Won’t Last
		52. More on Those Braided Superlines
		53. How Braided Lines Can Break Your Rod
		54. Put a Fillet Knife to Work
		55. Rule for Fighting Big Fish
		56. Why Be Patient?
		57. The Wrong Stuff
		58. Twelve Best Places to Retire and Fly Fish
		59. Fly Casting Reality Check
		60. Casting Practice: The Absolute Necessary Evil
		61. The Fly Tyer Magazine
		62. World-Record Bass Mania
		63. Fishing Those Golden Autumn Days
		64. Long-Handled Nets for Shoreline Fishing
		65. Batter Up! Ted Williams on Fly Fishing
		66. Women’s Flyfishing: Good Idea, Great Execution
		67. Florida’s Winter Fishing: Cold Front Woes
		68. When Guides Give You a Bonus
		69. Rods Belong in the Bag
		70. Snoring Is Serious
		71. What the Writers Say
		72. Fly-Out Fishing Camps
		73. How to Not Ruin Your Trip
		74. The Lure of the Salt
		75. Improving Your Light-Tackle Fishing Skills
		76. When a Light Rod Is the Right Rod
		77. Spinning Tackle vs. Fly Tackle: An Early View
		78. Polaroid Glasses: The Absolute Essential
		79. Saltwater Fishing: What You’re Missing
		80. The Ding That Breaks a Rod
		81. Bass Resources Galore
		82. Good Fishing at Gander Mountain
		83. Fly Fishing Without Casting
		84. Great Maps Show the Way
		85. Try Bank Fishing With Poles—Yes . . . Poles!
		86. Tournament Anglers Are Having a Blast
		87. Bank Fishing: Working the Real Hotspots
		88. Try Bank Fishing the British Way
		89. Stools for Bank Fishing
		90. The Greatest Snakebite Kit
		91. The Fish-Catching Method Banned in Tournaments
		92. Help from the Pros
		93. Which Size Sinker?
		94. Lightning and Fishing
		95. The Wind Behind the Rain
		96. How to Treat a Fishing Guide
		97. Plastic Tubs Can Hold Your Gear
		98. It’s a Great Day to Go Fishing
		99. Keeping a Logbook
		100. The Joys of Night Fishing
		101. How to Have a Night to Remember
		102. Two Rods Are Better Than One
		103. Right Way to Put Your Rod Together
		104. Locking Down Your Reel
		105. Stringer Danger!
		106. Wobblers Need Swivels
		107. Fill That Spool With Line
		108. Camp Cooks Get Special Treatment
		109. Taking a Kid Fishing—Tip One
		110. Taking a Kid Fishing—Tip Two
		111. Taking a Kid Fishing—Tip Three
		112. Taking a Kid Fishing—Tip Four
		113. Tackle Shop Advice on Hotspots: What’s It Worth?
		114. Respect for Other Anglers
		115. Carry a Hook Sharpener
		116. Want a Really Big Bass? Try Landlocked Stripers
		117. Easy Way to Get Started in Fly Fishing
		118. One of the Greatest Fishing Books Ever Published
		119. Rigging Up the Right Way
		120. The Amazon Is Not a Jungle!
		121. Two Hemingway Stories for Young and Old Readers
		122. Don’t Miss Prime Time
		123. Houseboat Fishing: What a Great Idea
		124. Fishing’s Critical Water Temperature
		125. They‘re On the Bite!
		126. Fishing the Spawning Beds
		127. When Sight-Feeders Turn Off
		128. Give ’Em What They Want
		129. Fly Fishing Made Easier
		130. Bank Fishing Made Easier
		131. Before You Release That Fish . . .
		132. Forceps, Please
		133. Handling the Midday Lull
		134. Don’t Forget the Crawfish
		135. The Never-Ending Joys of Fly Fishing
		136. Autumn Action: Too Good to Miss
		137. What’s In a Name?
		138. Got Any Clouser Minnows?
		139. Make Mine Chartreuse!
		140. Why Rising Water Isn’t All Bad
		141. The All-Important Temperature
		142. Night Feeders, Prowling in Daylight
		143. How Barometric Pressure Affects Fish
		144. Side-Arm Casting Rewards
		145. Casting: The Real Art of Fishing
		146. Catching Those Night Crawlers
		147. Wind Action Can Be Good for Fishing
		148. Wind Direction: Breeding Bad Weather
		149. Beating the Heat
		150. Spinning Reels and Ultralight Baits
		151. Going Ultralight
		152. Understanding the Thermocline
		153. Predators Hunt in the Shadows
		154. Fishing the Spring Warm-Up
		155. Reading the Pattern
		156. Be Optimistic! It Will Pay Off!
	CHAPTER 3 - Beyond the Basics: A Mixed Bag of Essential Skill Tips
		157. The Backlash Retrieve: Deadliest in All Fishing
		158. The Dock That Produces More Fish
		159. Betting on the Outside Bend
		160. The Windy Side Is Where You Want to Be
		161. Turning Nibbles Into Bites
		162. It’s Not Just the Lure
		163. You Have to Be Sneaky to Catch Fish
		164. Use the Deadly Slingshot Cast in Tight Places
		165. Minnows Will Wake Up Sluggish Feeders
		166. Making the Cast: Rule One
		167. Why Suspended Fish Are Tough
		168. Rx for Line Twists
		169. Change Locations and Baits Often
		170. Colors That Make Fish Bite Most
		171. Why Live Bait Works So Well
		172. In Deep Water, Fish Look Down
		173. Checking Out Your Lure’s Action
		174. When Snagged Lures Snap Loose
		175. Putting Your Lures to Work
		176. When the Water’s Falling
		177. Inside the “LureNet”
		178. Trying the Mepps Timber Doodle
		179. Freeing a Bottom-Hung Jig or Blade Bait
		180. Putting Depth Finders to Work the Right Way
		181. Live Minnow Hook-Up
		182. Less Line, Tighter Drag!
		183. Fighting a Fish with “Sosin’s Law”
		184. Riding High, Down Deep
		185. Jigging with the Fuzz-E Grub
		186. The Fly-Rod Grip That Sets More Hooks
		187. Baitcasting: Hand Position for Better Casting
		188. Casting Sink-Tip and Full-Sinking Lines
		189. Fish Jigs for Spring Panfish
		190. You Have to Find ’Em First
		191. Where to Fish Early, Pre-Spawn Bass
		192. Best Bet for Mixed Bag Action
		193. The “Touch” That Catches Fish
		194. Best Trolling Speed
		195. Don’t Waste Time on Early-Season Top Water
		196. Watch Those Weather Fronts
		197. Hot Flies and UltraLight Spinning Lures
		198. The Deadly “Yo-Yo” Retrieve (Don’t Miss This One!)
		199. Float Fishing’s Top Tip
		200. Use Gulp Baits for Spring Action
		201. Fine-Tuning Your Jigging Techniques
		202. It’s Woolly Buggers for Spring Trout
		203. A Lesson from Bird-Feeders
		204. “String” Your Fish to Stay Fresh
		205. Nervous Water Means Action
		206. Side-Arm Casts for Live-Bait Fishing
		207. Live Bait in Current: Let It Ride
		208. When the Wind’s in Your Favor
		209. Gripping Fish During Filleting
		210. Setting That Rod Aside
		211. Plastic Storage Boxes in Your Boat
		212. Treating Cuts and Scrapes
		213. Micro Jigs for Fly-Rod Action
		214. Ready for Action? Go to Drop-Shot Fishing
		215. The Twenty Best Fishing Towns in America
	CHAPTER 4 - The Portable Angler: Fishing with Kayaks, Float Tubes, and Pontoon Boats
		216. Self-Propelled, Go-Anywhere Fishing Crafts
		217. Float Tubes Become U-Boats
		218. The Spider Boats Are Coming
		219. Belly-Boat Fishing Clubs
		220. Kayak Fishing: The New Angling Frontier
		221. Choosing a Fishing Kayak—Step One
		222. Try a Kayak Fishing Club
		223. Kayak Fishing Books and DVDs
		224. Kayak Sportfishing Has It All
		225. A Pair of Kayak Fishing Aces
		226. A Kick-Boat Hard to Beat
		227. The Most Stable Kayaks
		228. How Great Is Kayak Fishing?
		229. Florida Keys Kayak Fishing
	CHAPTER 5 - Knots You’ll Need: We Make Them Easy to Master
		230. Easy Way to Learn Knot Tying
		231. Fly Fishing Knots Made Easy
		232. The Knot Book That Has Them All
		233. Orvis Makes Knot-Tying So Easy
		234. The Alaskan Guides’ Knot
		235. Knots for the Braided Superlines
		236. Tighten Down Those Fluorocarbon Leader Knots
		237. Stu Apte’s Blood Knot Special Trick
		238. Twelve Knot Tips for Better Fishing
		239. Tying on a Hook—the Improved Clinch Knot
		240. The Loop That Gives Your Lure Action
		241. Looping a Fly Line to a Leader Loop
		242. How to Join Leader Sections, Part One: The Blood Knot
		243. How to Join Leader Sections, Part Two: The Surgeon’s Knot
		244. The Loop You Need for Drop Shot Fishing
		245. The Knot Atlantic Salmon Fishers Swear By
		246. Add a Loop to Your Leader or Line
		247. Connecting Fly Line to Leader Without Loops: Tube Nail Knot
		248. The No Tube Fly Line Connection: The Needle Nail Knot
	CHAPTER 6 - Into the Strike Zone: Tips to Stop You From Fishing Dead Water!
		249. It’s All About FINDING the Bass
		250. An Essential Truth About Bass Fishing
		251. The Pattern Tells You What to Do
		252. My Most Important Bass Fishing Lesson
		253. Top-Water Patience Can Pay
		254. Where’d They Go?
		255. Those Important Scatter Points
		256. They’re Not Hitting Because They’re Not There!
		257. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
		258. How to Fish Points
		259. Deep-Water Bass Bonanza
		260. Wolf Pack Bass
		261. A Bass Fishing Revolution Begins
		262. When Bass Seem to Disappear
		263. Finding Those Disappearing Bass
		264. Buck Perry and His Magic Plug
		265. Bass Travel Lanes: You’ve Got to Find Them!
		266. Sanctuaries: Where Peak Action Awaits
		267. Smart Bass Versus Naïve Bass
		268. B.A.S.S. Pro Analyzes Moon Phases
		269. A Creature of Habits
		270. She—Not He—Is the Big One That Got Away
		271. For Dedicated Bass Anglers (And “Bassmaster” Wannabes)
		272. Suspended Bass—They’re Tough to Catch
		273. Stay in the Strike Zone for Suspended Bass
		274. If You’re a Bass Fan . . .
		275. Gimmicks and Gadgets
		276. Go Early for Spring Bass
		277. Finding and Fishing Bass Highways
		278. Let Don Wirth Help You Catch More Bass
		279. A Pro’s Favorite Wintertime Lures
		280. Rigging Up for Winter Bass
		281. Florida Bass with Larry Larsen
		282. Florida’s Beautiful, Natural Spring Creeks
		283. Let It Blow, Let It Blow!
		284. Cracking the Code of Huge Impoundments
		285. Finding Those Early-Spring Bass
		286. Why Bass Change Depths
		287. Oxygen Monitoring to Find Preferred Bass Depths
		288. Best Oxygen Levels for Bass
		289. When River Bass Turn On
		290. Smallmouth Floats on the Upper Delaware
		291. Summer’s Smallmouth Dividends
		292. Best in the West
		293. Bass Fishing in the West
		294. What to Expect on Post-Spawn Bass
		295. Taking More Bass in Streams and Creeks
		296. Smallmouth Tackle: Heavy Vs. Light
		297. Jump the Gun for Fall Smallmouths
		298. Fishing Flooded Timber: Rule One
		299. Targeting Docks and Bridge Pilings
		300. Fish Rip-Raps for Early Spring Bass
		301. How to Fish Early-Spring Bass
		302. How to Fish Jigs for Spring Bass on Points
		303. Where’d They Go? (Part One)
		304. Where’d They Go? (Part Two)
	CHAPTER 7 - Super Strategies: Start Catching More Bass Right Now!
		305. Field & Stream’s Largemouth “Ultimate Lure” Survey Winners
		306. Field & Stream’s Smallmouth “Ultimate Lure” Survey Winners
		307. Bass Fishing’s Super-Rig: It’s Famous Because It Works
		308. Rick Clunn’s Most Deadly Lure Advice
		309. Smart and Easy Plastic Worm Fishing
		310. Plastic Worm Action: Are You Missing Out?
		311. The Mother of All Plastic Worm Rigs
		312. How to Set Up the Texas Rig
		313. Tweaking the Texas Worm Rig
		314. The Deadly Carolina Rig
		315. Setting Up the Carolina Rig
		316. Buy This Book and Catch More Bass!
		317. Kevin VanDam’s Early Season Tactics
		318. A Really Good Bass Bait
		319. Tie On a Strike King Zulu
		320. Locked-Down Sinkers on Texas Rigs
		321. Try a Tricked-Up Dinger
		322. When Schooling Fish Won’t Hit
		323. Try Clear Plastic for Schooling Fish
		324. The Floating Worm: Fun and Good
		325. Skipping Floating Worms
		326. High-Tech Gear Can Be Loads of Fun
		327. When High-Tech Goes Wrong
		328. Here He Comes! Now What?
		329. When Spring Bass Become Active
		330. Catching the Year’s Earliest Bass
		331. Working Early-Spring’s Deadliest Lure
		332. Floating Worms: Make Sure They Can
		333. Hooking Up Your Floating Worms
		334. The Deadly Jerkbait Pause
		335. The Lure That Got Away
		336. Lure Action, Not Color, Counts Most
		337. Do Lure Colors Really Matter?
		338. Bass Expert’s Favorite Lure Colors
		339. Smallmouths on the Rocks
		340. When Smallmouths Go Berserk!
		341. When Smallmouths Tease You!
		342. How to Fish Early Spring Bass
		343. Reaction Strikes: Take ’Em When You Can
		344. River Sloughs: Don’t Miss Them
		345. Surface Plunkers: The Sweet Feel of “Real”
		346. Darter Plugs: The “Extra” Surface Baits
		347. When the Wind Blows
		348. Lucas on Bass
		349. Think Brown for More Bass
		350. Looks Are Deceiving
		351. Uncle Homer: My Bassing Hero
		352. Never Underestimate a Bass’ Vision
		353. Inside the Private World of Bass
		354. Sight Fishing for Largemouths—Step One
		355. Sight Fishing for Largemouths—Step Two
		356. Sight Fishing for Largemouths—Step Three
		357. Time to Walk the Dog
		358. Forget Top Water When the Time’s Not Right
		359. Proven Topwater Lures
		360. What Hook Size?
		361. How Bill Dance Beats Windy Days
		362. Smallmouth Savvy: Go Deeper With Jigs When You Have To
		363. Fishing the Legendary Devil’s Horse
		364. The 1 Million Tactic
		365. A Bassing Blog You Shouldn’t Miss
		366. Red Hooks, Bleeding Baits—Are They For Real?
		367. Add Red for More Strikes
		368. Fake Frogs: How Fine Are They?
		369. Waders Not Required
		370. Casting to Bass Cover
		371. When the Water’s Falling Too Fast
		372. Oxygen Content is Crucial
		373. Find the Oxygen, You’ll Find the Fish
		374. Double Your Fun With Two Jigs
		375. Add Some Venom to Your Lures
		376. It’s Not a Strike, It’s a Slurp!
		377. How Bass Slurp Prey
		378. Setting the Hook on Slurping Bass
		379. Quick Pull, Then No Fish
		380. Pre-Spawn Bass: More Strikes in the Afternoon
		381. Staging for the Spawn: Early Spring’s Best Bassing
		382. Why Live Bait Catches Giant Bass
		383. Your Best Chance for a Monster Bass
		384. Picking the Right Hook for Plastic Worms
		385. Rigging the Expensive Trout Lure
		386. Those Super-Shallow Crankbaits
		387. Knocking on Wood
		388. Crankbait Snagging Remedy
		389. Jim Porter’s Guide to Bass Fishing
		390. Bass Lures Don’t Come Easy
		391. How to Choose a Crankbait
		392. Crankbait Action: The Wrong Stuff
		393. Soft-Plastic: The Bass Won’t Let Go!
		394. Sea Anchors on Bass Boats
		395. A Largemouth Angler Fishing for Smallmouths
		396. Pass the Watermelon
		397. Bass Turned Off . . . Then Turned Right Back On
		398. It’s Gobies for Lake Erie Smallmouths
		399. The Single-Worm Trick for Bass
		400. Destination: Lake Erie
		401. Coping With Surface Lure Splash-Down
		402. Getting The Touch with Plastic Worms
		403. Plastic Worms in the Strike Zone
		404. Study-Time with the Bass Professor
		405. Doug Hannon on Making Bass Strike
		406. Moon Up Early—Great Fishing
		407. Doug Hannon’s Moon Phase Choices
		408. Good Bass Fishing Close to Home
		409. Fishing Tidewater Bass
		410. Another Tidewater Tip
		411. The Carolina Rig as a Search Bait
		412. Positively Swimbaits
		413. A Swim Bait Nation
		414. California, Here I Come
		415. A New Worm to Shake Up Your Bassing
		416. A Favorite Worm Rig
		417. If You’re Not Drop-Shot Fishing . . .
		418. Bill Dance: Pull That Worm, Don’t Reel It
		419. The Spotted Bass Challenge
		420. The Toughest Bass of Them All?
		421. Alabama’s Spotted Bass Headquarters
	CHAPTER 8 - The Tournament Trail: What to Expect, What to Know
		422. How to Lose a Bass Tournament
		423. Find the Other Boats, Find the Fish
		424. Hitting the Pro Circuit, Part One: Dreams and Realities
		425. Hitting the Pro Circuit, Part Two: Bring Money!
		426. Hitting the Pro Circuit, Part Three: Assessing Your Chances
	CHAPTER 9 - Fly-Fishing Tactics: How Top Guides and Experts Fish
		427. The Biggest Key to Fly-Fishing Success
		428. Field & Stream’s Trout “Ultimate Lure” Survey Winners
		429. Learning from the Great Blue Heron
		430. Fastest Fly-Fishing Course Ever
		431. Meeting the Late Summer Challenge
		432. Need More Convincing? It’s Beetles for Trout
		433. How Expert Jeff Morgan Searches New Water for Trout
		434. Where Trout Are Always Hungry
		435. Make Your Dropper Fly Expendable
		436. Dropper Fly Length for Dry Flies
		437. Long Live the Long Rod
		438. Tying on the Dropper Leader
		439. The Dry Fly As a Striker Indicator
		440. Ted Trueblood’s Dyed-Leader Experiment
		441. The Spell of the Mayfly
		442. Blue Ribbon Flies
		443. Where Are the Hatches?
		444. Upstream with Dries, Downstream Nymphs and Streamers
		445. Big Sky Fishing Web site
		446. Fish the Skwala Hatch for Openers
		447. Visiting The Fly Shop
		448. Trout Pellet Fly—The Real Thing
		449. Trout Pellet Fly—The Reasonable Facsimile
		450. How to Spot Nymph Takes
		451. Small Stream, Small Backpack, Big Day
		452. Fish Streamers in Small Streams
		453. Traver Award Story Collection
		454. Strike Indicator Flotation Help
		455. Fishing Small Streams Behind Other Anglers
		456. Small Streams and Sink-Tip Lines
		457. What’s That on Your Dropper?
		458. Give Small-Stream Trout Your Best Shot
		459. Finding and Fishing the Seams
		460. Don’t Miss the Trout Bum
		461. On Sinking Lines: Drop Down One Size
		462. Are the New Fluorocarbon Leaders Worth It?
		463. Spring Creeks: Superb Trout Destinations
		464. Why Spring Creeks Are Tough
		465. When You Can’t Match the Hatch
		466. When Spring Creek Trout Turn On
		467. The Tuck Cast Takes More Trout
		468. When Rain Is Your Friend
		469. Fishing the Back Door to Yellowstone
		470. Where the Road Leaves the River
		471. Sulphurs: The Year’s Best Fly Hatch
		472. Making the Most of the Sulphur Hatches
		473. When the Sulphurs Have Competition
		474. The High-Country’s Forgotten Early Season Fishing
		475. My Big Sulphur Hatch Mistake
		476. Fly Line Colors: They Do Matter
		477. The Secret of Timing Trout Feeding Activity
		478. Falling Barometer: Look Out Below
		479. Fly Rod Casting Techniques You May Never Master, But Should
		480. Why Are All Those Trucks Parked Over There?
		481. Upstream Wading Made Easier
		482. Tests on Fluorocarbon Tippets
		483. More About Fluorocarbon Tippets
		484. Buying Flies Before You Go
		485. You Can Bet on Beetles
		486. Barbless Hooks Make More Sense
		487. Barbless Hooks: How to Know They’re Legal
		488. Making Your Hooks Barbless
		489. Where to Obtain Barbless Hooks
		490. Wading Staffs Make Sense
		491. A Common Mayfly Frustration
		492. Try Tailwater Trout at “High Tide”
		493. You Can Count on the Griffith’s Gnat
		494. The Key to Early Season Success
		495. Get Out of That Rut
		496. Fishing Cold, Early Season Water
		497. Try Egg Patterns for Fall Trout
		498. The Czech Express Has Arrived
		499. When Brook Trout Ponds Come to Life
		500. The Fly Hatch That Loves Bad Weather
		501. Those Splashy, Leaping Rises
		502. Casting to Rising Trout
		503. Trout on the Move
		504. Random Casting: It Won’t Work on Spring Creeks
		505. Try Joe Brooks’ Broadside Float
		506. Leave Those Stressed Fish Alone
		507. Casting with Either Hand
		508. Fish Nymphs and Emergers With Upstream Casts
		509. Stream Wading Rule One
		510. Netting Your Trout
		511. A Fly Fisher’s Creed
		512. Fly Fishing Beyond the Basics
		513. Fly Fishing Rule One
		514. Get That Nymph Down
		515. No Hatch to Match? It’s Time for Nymphs
		516. When Summer Trout Move Out
		517. Where Trout Hold and Where They Rise
		518. Fish Big Boulders on Both Sides
		519. John Merwin On Blue-Winged Olives
		520. John Merwin’s Blue-Winged Olive Fly Choices
		521. Why You Should Fish for Cutthroats
		522. Give Trout Unlimited Your Support
		523. Seeing Trout: Rule One
		524. Weeds: The Trout Stream Signpost
		525. Fishing Trout Stream Weeds
		526. You Have to Be Sneaky to Catch Trout
		527. When Your Fly Is Snagged
		528. The Roll Cast: A Fly-Fishing Must
		529. The Upper Delaware: The Big East Trout Mecca
		530. How to Start Fishing the Upper Delaware
		531. The Upper Delaware’s Dark Side
		532. When the Upper Delaware is Right
		533. Which Upper Delaware Branch to Fish?
		534. Upper Delaware Guided Days
		535. Blind Casting the Dry Fly
		536. Surface Feeders: Three Casts and Out
		537. The Dry Fly Fished Downstream on Big Rivers
		538. Streamers Need Speed
		539. Streamers: The “Go-To” Flies
		540. Dry-Fly Purist Bunk
		541. Ripping Streamers
		542. Nymph Fishing: Cast Up, Fish Down
		543. And Still Champion: The Muddler Minnow
		544. Delaware Rainbows Are Special
		545. Tactics of an Upper Delaware Legend
		546. Don’t Strike That Trout Too Soon
		547. The Ed Van Put Fly Selections
		548. A Deadly Nymphing Technique
		549. A Fly That Will Live Forever
		550. Heads-Up Nymph Fishing
		551. Hitting the Hatch at Prime Time
		552. Where Trout Are Feeding
		553. Current Seams: Where the Trout Are
		554. Add Weight Before Changing Flies
		555. Saying No to Strike Indicators
		556. Other Strike Indicator Negatives
		557. Fly Stories: An Orvis Treasury
		558. Gary LaFontaine: His Endless Legacy
		559. Fishing the High-Country Lakes
		560. When An Entire Pod of Trout Are Rising Right in Front of You
		561. Best Way to Fish Mountain Lakes from Shore
		562. The Pack Boat for Mountain Lake Fishing
		563. Mountain Lakes: The Gifts From Above
		564. Pairing the Hatch
		565. Best Days to Fish a Mayfly Hatch
		566. Early Season Fly Hatches
		567. A Very Special Tip for Fly-Fishing Beginners
		568. Wade in Carefully, Stop Spooking Trout
		569. How an Expert Plays Big Trout
		570. Big Trout in Weedy Water
		571. Stay Out of the Trout’s Rear-Vision Mirror
		572. Nymph Fishing Made Easy
		573. How to See More Trout
		574. Play That Fish from the Reel?
		575. The Easy Way—and the Best Way
		576. The Right Times to Fish the Wrong Flies
		577. A Trick for Fishing a Tough Hatch
		578. You’re Down Or You’re Out!
		579. Rocks and Trout: Pinpointing the Lies
		580. Trout Under the Bridge
		581. The Devilish Smutting Rises
		582. What Color Leader?
		583. The Perfect Small-Stream Trout Rod
		584. Upstream Or Downstream?
		585. The Most Important 10 Inches in Trout Fishing
		586. Midsummer, Low-Water Conditions: Go With a Dry Fly
		587. Twitch Your Midsummer Dry Fly
		588. Leonard Wright’s Summer Dry Fly Technique
		589. Your Summer Trout Fishing Will Improve
		590. Finding Maryland’s Best Trout Streams
		591. A Trout Stream Where Legends Were Created
		592. The Drift of the Dry Fly
		593. Are Your Hands Poisoned?
		594. Fishing the Spinner Rises
		595. Stay On Watch for Sipping Rises
		596. Small Rise, Big Trout
		597. Schwiebert’s Fly Line Color Choices
		598. Eliminating Drag: The Key to Successful Dry Fly Fishing
		599. Eliminating Drag: The George Harvey Solution
		600. Buying George Harvey S-Curve Leaders
		601. Gary Borger’s S-Curve Drag-Free Ideas
		602. Bottoms-Up Tactic for Finicky Feeders
		603. Choke-Up for Short, Tough Casts
		604. Make Dropper Rigs Your Wintertime Project
		605. Joe Humphrey’s Best Nymph Tactic
		606. Joe Humphrey’s Trout Tactics
		607. Taking the Temperature for Trout
		608. The Right Temperatures for Trout
		609. Setting the Hook on Nymph Strikes
		610. Trout on the Edge of Town
		611. Special Tactics for Giant Trout
		612. My Crazy Giant-Trout Morning
		613. Use a Glove to Fish the Tangles
		614. Three High-Desert Trout Destinations
		615. Snake River Triple Play
		616. B.C. Wilderness Adventures Fishing
		617. Fishing the Housatonic
		618. Fit for a King
		619. Winter’s Gift: The Secret Spring
		620. A Mistake-Proof Fly
		621. Have You Got The Touch?
		622. The Upper Missouri: Fly Fishing’s True Paradise
		623. Fishing the Upper Missouri from Wolf Creek
		624. Headhunters on the Missouri
		625. The Upper Missouri’s Trout Shop
		626. Flyway Ranch Missouri Access
		627. Schwiebert on Jackson Hole Cutthroats
		628. Schwiebert on Jackson Hole Cutthroats, Part Two
		629. The Secret Weapon for Green Drake Hatches
		630. Alaska Tactics Come to New York
		631. That West Yellowstone Pose
		632. The Trout Stream You Cherish Most
		633. Rookie Error: He Missed It!
		634. The Approaching Cold Front: It’s Hot Stuff
		635. The Cold Front Has Passed. What Next?
		636. The Catch-and-Release Code
	CHAPTER 10 - Spinning and Bait Tips: You’ll Catch More Trout
		637. Guaranteed: More Trout Spinning Small Streams
		638. The Strong Pull of Bait Fishing
		639. Best Bait for Early-Season Spinning
		640. Small Spinners for Small-Stream Trout
		641. The Downstream Swing: Your Spinner’s Strike Zone
		642. Small-Stream Spinning: The Real Art
		643. What Color Spinner Blades?
		644. Adding Weight to Your Spinner
		645. Fish the Woolly Bugger with Spinning Tackle
		646. Fishing the Big, Slow Pools
		647. Keep it Simple and Fun
		648. Try a Different Spinner Lure
		649. Spinning with a B-17
		650. Small Spinners Reveal Trout Locations
		651. The Deadliest Trout Spinner?
		652. Spinning With Small Jigs Takes More Trout
		653. Matukas and Spinners: A Deadly Combo
		654. Sweeten Your Trout Spinnerbait
		655. Spinning Tricks for Trout
	CHAPTER 11 - Steelhead, The Ultimate Trout Challenge: Beating the Odds
		656. Experts Only Need Apply
		657. No Beginner’s Luck Here
		658. Fishing Out the Swing
		659. Find and Fish the Holding Water
		660. When You Can’t Move That Fish
		661. Where the Fish Are Lying
		662. Pool Etiquette: It Makes Sense
		663. Great Lakes Steelhead Fighting Qualities
		664. Low and Slow for Winter Steelhead
	CHAPTER 12 - Salmon and Shad, Home from the Seas: Be Ready for Them
		665. The Truth About Atlantic Salmon Fishing
		666. Those Mysterious Landlocks
		667. Landlocked Salmon: The Source
		668. Best Landlock Salmon Flies?
		669. A Good Day on Black Salmon
		670. The Truth About Grilse
		671. How to Get More Salmon Strikes
		672. The Leonard Wright Salmon Cast
		673. The Hardest Fish to Predict
		674. Facing Atlantic Salmon Disappointment
		675. Why Salmon Hit Flies
		676. A Salmon Remembers
		677. Check Out Newfoundland and Labrador
		678. Hook a Salmon, Break a Rod
		679. When the Bite Is On
		680. When Salmon Strike
		681. Two Salmon Strikes
		682. Ernie Schwiebert’s Salmon-Fishing Advice
		683. Landlock Fever: A Springtime Malady
		684. The Perfect Landlocked Salmon Fly
		685. Focusing on Landlocks
		686. Buck Or Roe? You’ll Feel the Difference
		687. She’s Quite a Lady!
		688. The Landlock Salmon Fly Retrieve
		689. Same Spot, Same Lures, Different Results
		690. A “Must-Read” Shad Book
		691. Fluttering, Flashing Shad Lures
		692. A Clever Way to Troll for Shad
	CHAPTER 13 - Ultimate Walleye Tactics: Tips to Master Heartland’s Finest Fishing
		693. White-Water Walleye Holes
		694. A Deadly Summer Walleye Lure
		695. Field & Stream’s Walleye “Ultimate Lure” Survey Winners
		696. The Rig That Worked Magic—And Still Does
		697. Northland Tackle Free Booklet
		698. Walleyes for the Frying Pan: Beware the Cholesterol Police
		699. Putting Flasher Spoons to Work
		700. A Trick for Cold-Water Fishing
		701. Live-Bait Rig for Taking More Walleyes
		702. Try This Rig and Presentation
		703. Focusing on River Walleyes
		704. Overlooked Walleye River Hotspots
		705. Reading Walleye River Currents
	CHAPTER 14 - Mixed Bag Panfishing: Tips for More Action Every Time You Fish!
		706. Springtime Fun Guaranteed
		707. Watch Those Spinner Blades
		708. When the Big Bluegills Spawn
		709. Look to Deep Water for Big Bluegills
		710. Finding the Beds of Bull Bluegills
		711. Ever Hold a True Bull Bluegill?
		712. The Biggest Bluegill Ever!
		713. A Deadly Sliver of Plastic Worm
		714. A Super-Star Panfishing Tactic
		715. Field & Stream’s Panfish “Ultimate Lure” Survey Winners
		716. Which Crappie Is That?
		717. Fly-Fishing Bonus: Bluegills on the Bed
		718. Don’t Lose That Fish
		719. Catching Slab-Sided Bluegills in Midsummer
		720. Fishing the Deadly Lau Loop
		721. Go Deep With Sponge-Rubber Spiders
		722. Catching Big, Summer Yellow Perch
		723. Try Crankbaits for Summer Crappies
		724. Turn a Bad Day Into a Great One
		725. Tribute to a Very Special Panfish
		726. Redbreast vs. Brim
		727. Where to Find Redbreast
		728. Count on the Catalpa Worm
		729. Cricket Know-How
		730. Hooks for Bream: When You Want Them to Straighten Out
		731. Use Slip Bobbers for Crappies
		732. Bait-Keeper Hooks Do a Better Job
		733. Fry ’Em Up—Southern Style
	CHAPTER 15 - How Catfish Experts Fish: Follow the Masters to More Success
		734. Giant Catfish: You Need Help
		735. Finding and Catching More and Bigger Catfish
		736. Chum Them Up With Dog Food
		737. Favorite Baits for Blue Cats
		738. A Good Basic Catfish Rig
		739. Fish the Mussel Beds
		740. Use Dog Food in Small Ponds
		741. Switch to Catfish for More Fun
		742. Best Water for Small-Stream Catfish
		743. Baiting Up for Small-Stream Catfish
		744. The Deadliest Bait for TrotLine Catfish
		745. Technique of a World-Record Catfisher
		746. Baits of a World-Record Catfisher
		747. Best Time to Fish for Giant Catfish
	CHAPTER 16 - Carp Secrets: The Mysterious Ways of a Great Gamefish
		748. Don’t Forget Carp Fishing
		749. Fishing for Carp: Stop Missing Out!
		750. Carp on a Fly: A Supreme Challenge
		751. To Catch Carp, Pass the Dough
		752. Essentials for Catching More Carp
		753. Bubbles That Betray Carp
		754. Scent Sweeteners for Carp Baits
		755. Divide and Conquer Carp Tactics
		756. You Have to be Ready for Carp
		757. Fly-Fishing the Great Carp Unknown
		758. On the Hunt for Carp
		759. The Carp as a Fighter
	CHAPTER 17 - Pike Action Guaranteed: These Tips Won’t Let You Down
		760. On the Hunt for Pike
		761. When Pike Attack
		762. A Fish of Wildness
		763. Playing Those Pike
		764. Pike and Pickerel for the Frying Pan
		765. Hang On to Your Hat
		766. Northern Pike: Here, There, Everywhere!
		767. Fly Rod Pike? Go Right Ahead
		768. They Love Their Pike in Great Britain
		769. The Perfect Pike Spoon or Spinner
		770. Give the Devil a Chance
		771. Sound Off for Northerns
		772. Team a Rapala with a Dardevle
	CHAPTER 18 - Cutting the Odds on Muskies: Catching the Wolves of Fresh Water
		773. The Fish of 10,000 Casts
		774. The Oldest Muskie Story Out There
		775. Why Those Big Mossback Muskies Are Different
		776. Muskies Prowling for Prey
	CHAPTER 19 - Special Section: Stu Apte’s Best Fishing Tips
		777. Describe your basic fish-fighting technique.
		778. Is “being smooth” the key?
		779. What are some dos and don’ts for playing big fish with a fly rod?
		780. Do you have any special tips on playing bonefish?
		781. What about a leaping fish?
		782. When playing fish, do you hold the rod high or low?
		783. What happens when the fish is closer?
		784. So you’ve turned the fish. What next?
		785. Describe the critical final stages of the fight.
		786. What are the best moon phases for flats fishing?
		787. The best flats-fishing weather is . . . ?
		788. For tarpon in winter, how do you cope with cold snaps?
		789. You’ve had a lot of success with early season tarpon. Is that your formula?
		790. Why is your favorite flat down by Key West so good?
		791. What makes saltwater casting so special?
		792. In tarpon fishing, the cast is critical, is it not?
		793. Is there anything special about your casting that could help a serious angler practice and learn to cast better?
		794. What are your preferences in sunglasses for fishing the flats? In fresh water?
		795. In bonefishing, opportunities do exist for anglers to wade the flats alone. What flies do you recommend they carry? What would be your first fly tied on?
		796. When a bonefish seems to be near your fly, do you see anything special that makes the fish strike?
		797. What’s your “go-to” snook fly?
		798. What’s your choice fly to get a permit to strike?
		799. Describe the “Stu Apte Method” of presenting a fly or lure to a tarpon.
		800. Do you keep stripping, or do you stop sometimes?
		801. What about a fly in front of the bonefish? What are the key things to remember for success?
		802. What else do you do to get a bonefish strike?
		803. You’ve now caught 200 or more sailfish on a fly. Any special tips on presenting the fly or playing them?
		804. Is the presentation like that on any other fish?
		805. Then, when he hits it, when do you make your strike?
		806. Are streamers better than popping bugs?
		807. What kind of popping bugs are those? They must be very special.
		808. Do you sell them on the marketplace?
		809. In regard to the sailfish tips we discussed, do the lure presentations and other info apply to using spinning gear?
		810. What are some of the best destinations for sailfish on a fly?
		811. Is it true tarpon live to be thirty or forty years old? If that’s so, there are tarpon still swimming around now that you hooked back at Big Pine in your early guiding days. It’s hard to imagine.
		812. If I have the means (read, money) to fish anywhere I want, but had a problem with time, what would be the best time to go for big tarpon with a good guide?
		813. You wouldn’t go during the worm hatch in May?
		814. When would be the best time to go fish the backcountry and get a mixed bag—snook, redfish, and small tarpon? And get a lot of action?
		815. So here at Thanksgiving, the big tarpon are in the backcountry?
		816. Can you tell us something about tarpon migration habits?
		817. Is it a temperature thing?
		818. Do the tarpon go from the Gulf side to the ocean side, back and forth?
		819. What if I can only go to the Keys in July and August? What are my chances for good fishing?
		820. Are some sharks worse than others about getting after your fish?
		821. What do you do when a shark is after your bonefish?
		822. What was Joe Brooks like? In my magazine editing years, I never had the chance to meet him before he passed on. I’ve read everything he wrote and I’ve seen him in the video you guys did way back.
		823. I wanted to talk about tipping. What do you tip flats guides these days?
		824. Can you describe a particularly good guide?
		825. When you go out at daybreak, do you come in earlier in the afternoon? Well before 5 o’clock?
		826. Even in the long, long days of daylight in midsummer, you stay out all day?
		827. Do the guides bring lunch?
		828. Are there any important differences between fishing the Keys and the Bahamas that you can point out?
		829. Where were you?
		830. Where are the biggest bonefish in the Bahamas?
		831. What’s your favorite way to go after redfish?
		832. What happened with your partner to make you feel bad?
		833. You’ve done a lot of redfishing through Louisiana and the Gulf States, haven’t you?
		834. Are fly lines so good today that you don’t have to dress them anymore?
		835. How do you make sure your backing is up to the job?
		836. What determines your fly rod and line choices?
		837. You’ve done quite a bit of light-tackle striper fishing in the Northeast. What were some of your impressions of the fish and the fishing?
		838. Generally speaking, if we head for a tarpon pass where you expect prime action, and we stake out and not much happens, how long do you give it before we go to your first backup spot?
		839. Setting the drag is something many anglers wonder about getting right. What’s your advice on setting drag for different fish?
		840. In trout fishing, when you’re out in the high country on rivers like the Missouri or Yellowstone, what’s your favorite fly and rig when there are no rises to help you decide? And . . . do you ever use any of the nymph dropper lines, tied to a big dry fly or strike indicator?
		841. What’s your favorite forms of freshwater fishing?
		842. Any special tips?
		843. There are some big bonefish down there in the Keys. Just how big do you think they might go?
		844. With a good guide, can a complete novice catch bonefish on spinning gear and baits, like shrimp?
		845. Is it possible to catch bonefish without a guide in the Keys and the Bahamas?
		846. In that regard, can you give me a for-instance place in the Keys where I could go bonefishing on my own?
		847. If you went out with unlimited funds to find new, undiscovered waters for giant tarpon, where are the areas you would likely want to search?
		848. As a kid, you went fishing with sewing thread and a pin. After many casts, many fish, and almost eighty years, does the idea of going fishing still excite you?
	CHAPTER 20 - Catching the Saltwater Superstars: Techniques for Striped Bass, Bluefish, Weakfish, Redfish, and Flounder
		849. The Saltwater Challenge
		850. Head Boats Can Be Great Fun
		851. Seasickness Can Hit Anybody
		852. Saltwater Savage: The Bluefish
		853. The Bluefish Frenzy: You’ve Got to Be There
		854. Chumming: The Saltwater Action Creator
		855. Keep It Quiet!
		856. You Know the Fishing’s Really Lousy When . . .
		857. If It Ain’t Chartreuse . . .
		858. Great Easy-Chair Fishing
		859. More Great Easy-Chair Fishing
		860. Focus on Saltwater Fly Fishing
		861. Storing Leaders and Pre-Tied Fly Rigs
		862. Bluefish Seeing Red
		863. When the Blues Are Running
		864. An Extra Bluefish Danger
		865. Great Autumn Surf Fishing
		866. When the Mackerel Run
		867. Surf Fishing’s Scouting Report
		868. Fish the Ebb-Tide at Night
		869. Two Critical Rules for Stripers in the Surf
		870. The Joys of Full-Moon Fishing
		871. Heed the Call of the Surf
		872. Lefty Kreh’s “Miracle” Saltwater Fly
		873. The Standard Fly Casting Method Doesn’t Work
		874. The Lefty Kreh Fly Casting Technique
		875. Lefty Kreh’s Fly Casting Revolution
		876. The Importance of Casting Lefty’s Way
		877. Mystery of the Galloping Bass
		878. A Pocket Full of Good Fishing Luck
		879. Bluefish: Power X Two
		880. Fantastic on the Table
		881. Why Focus on Snook?
		882. Fighting Qualities of Snook
		883. Those Special Boat Shoes
		884. Beware Those Teeth!
		885. Hit Those Points—Hard
		886. Surf’s Up, Fly Fishing’s Down
		887. Favorite Place to Fish
		888. Fishing the Right Place at the Wrong Time
		889. Striper Book Destined to Become a Classic
		890. Summer Stripers Are Night Feeders
		891. Go Slow for Stripers at Night
		892. Bluefish and Striper Migration Differences
		893. The Fall Striper Migration Run
		894. Misjudging Late-Fall Fishing
		895. The Good Old Chum Line
		896. You’ll Need a Gaff on the Jetties
		897. Sand Fleas: The Kind You Like
		898. Great Surf Fishing Starts Right Here
		899. Rigging Up to Bottom Fish Live Bait
		900. Spring Means Mackerel
		901. Stripers in the Surf: Six Top Lure Choices
		902. Give Sea Trout Your Best Shot
		903. The Tides Are the Key
		904. Gulls and Terns Taking It Easy
	CHAPTER 21 - Fishing the Big Deep: Experiences with Monster Fish
		905. Fishing with Zane Grey
		906. Beyond Crunch and Des
		907. Hemingway’s Best Marlin
		908. A Big Marlin Remembered
		909. Hemingway Movie Marlin
		910. IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum
		911. Don’t Miss S. Kip Farrington, Jr.
		912. Hemingway on Using the Boat
		913. For Those Dull Days Offshore
		914. Don’t Miss the IGFA’s Web Site
		915. Your Friendly Flying Fish
	CHAPTER 22 - Flat-Out Great: Tips for Taking Tarpon and Bonefish on the Flats
		916. Flats Fishing: Seeing Is Believing
		917. A Fly So Secret . . .
		918. When Tarpon Strike
		919. The Bahamas Everything Fishing Book
		920. Florida Keys Fishing Guide
		921. Nothing Wrong with Teamwork
		922. Good Casts Are the Key to Success
		923. Sun Protection: It’s Critical on the Flats
		924. You Can Count on Shrimp for Bonefish
		925. Fish the Muds for Bonefish Action
		926. Destination: Small Tarpon, Big Action
		927. Spinning for Bonefish
		928. Sorting Out the Bonefish Pods
		929. Bow to the King!
		930. You Play Fish, but You Jump Tarpon
		931. The Biggest Bonefish Are Loners
		932. Bonefish Over 10 Pounds Are Loners
		933. Targeting That Bonefish Pod
		934. Fish On! Rod Up!
		935. Another Florida Flats-Fishing Guide
		936. Where to Catch the Biggest Bonefish
		937. Chico’s Bonefishing Book
		938. Florida Keys Kayak Fishing
	CHAPTER 23 - Wilderness Fishing That Calls to the Bold: Tips for Canoe-, Backpack-, and Float-Trip Success
		939. Wilderness Canoe Fishing’s Top Information Source
		940. Backcountry Trout in the High Rockies
		941. Canoe Trip Fishing: Base Camps Are Better
		942. How to Shorten Canoe-Trip Portages
		943. Boundary Waters/Quetico: Wilderness Canoe Fishing at Its Finest
		944. Mapping Out Your Wilderness River Trip
		945. Three Best Maps for the B.W.C.A./Quetico
		946. Those Very Special Mountain Brookies
		947. Beaver Pond Brook Trout
		948. Finding Backcountry Hot spots
		949. Your Secret Backcountry Treasure
		950. Low Water Can Mean Canoe-Trip Nightmares
		951. Canoe Trip’s “Necessary” Extra
		952. Trolling for Your Supper
		953. Those Great Duluth Packs: Still With Us
		954. Trout Along the Appalachian Backbone
		955. Brook Trout Salvation
		956. Brook Trout Salvation: Part Two
		957. The Smallmouth Transition
		958. Don’t Let the Bugs Win the Fight
		959. Fly Rod Posturing
		960. Sweet Dreams Guaranteed!
		961. Curly-Tailed Grubs: The Backcountry Go-To Lure
		962. Don’t Forget Alaska’s Grayling
		963. Where the Salmon and Halibut Play Together
		964. An Instant Fishing Guide
		965. The Coho: Alaska’s Super Salmon
		966. Those Big Alaska Rainbows
		967. Chum Salmon Get No Respect
		968. Where Alaska Gets Crowded
		969. Semi-Wild Smallmouth Fishing
		970. Semi-Wild Smallmouth Fishing, Part Two
		971. Wilderness Police and Fire-Starter Paper
		972. The Perfect Base Camp
		973. The Burlap Bag Fish Cooler
		974. On-Target Wilderness Casting
		975. When The Plane Does Not Come
		976. Last Cast . . .
	CHAPTER 24 - Surefire Hard-Water Tactics: Fishing the Ice for Fun and Food
		977. The Truth About Ice Fishing
		978. Where the Fish Are
		979. Ice Fishing’s Biggest Mistake
		980. When Panfish Move Deeper
		981. Keeping Those Precious Smelt Alive
		982. Modern Ice-Fishing Gear: The Key to Having Fun
		983. Check Those Traps Frequently
		984. The Key to Taking Landlocks
		985. Catching Lake Trout Through the Ice
		986. Setting Drag on Ice-Fishing Reels
		987. Best Ice-Fishing Rigs
		988. Using Smelt as Bait
		989. Better Lure Action Under the Ice
		990. Early-Ice Walleye Spots to Set Up
		991. Working the Jig
		992. Making Your Jig Even More Deadly
		993. Better Way to Fish Jigging Spoons
		994. Don’t Let Those Fish Freeze
		995. Tackle for Hard-Water Bluegills
		996. Lures and Rig for Hard-Water Bluegills
		997. Moving On to Better Things
		998. Ice Fishing with Gander Mountain
		999. Find the Fish with Sonar
		1000. The Yellow Perch Challenge
		1001. Yellow Perch Lures of an Expert

Similer Documents