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Title2015 UVic Student Technology Survey
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                            1. What kind of mobile phone do you own?  (Please choose the best answer)
2. What mobile phone carrier do you use?
3. What other mobile devices do you own? (Please select all that apply)
4. Please tell us how you have used your mobile device(s) for research, learning, campus directions, etc.:
5. What is your primary e-mail account?
6. If you use your UVic email at all, how do you check it? (select all that apply)
7. How often do you check your primary email? (please choose the best option)
8. Which of these tools for collaborative document editing do you use?  (please choose all that apply)
9. Which of the following real-time audio-video collaboration tools do you use (please select all that apply):
12. If you own a laptop, how often do you typically bring it to school? (Please select the best answer)
13. If you have a tablet, what course-related activities would you use the tablet for? Please select all that apply:
14. What tools do you use to take class notes / participate in class? (Please select all that apply)
15. At home or in residence, do you have, or plan to have in the near future, any of the following types of internet access? (Please select all that apply)
16. Do you back up the files on your laptop and/or desktop computer? (Please select the best answer)
17. If you back the files on your laptop or computer, tell us how you are making the backups. (Please select all that apply)
18. How do you print material? Please select all that apply:
19. What social media do you use?  (Please select all that apply)
20. If you use Facebook (or other social media), did you use it to connect with other students / student unions / clubs? Please select the best answer.
21. Do you use social media to assist you with class assignments, homework, or group projects? If yes, which did you use? Please select all that apply.
22. What Faculty are you in? Please choose only one of the following:
23. What year did you start at UVic?
24. Do you have any comments or suggestions about technology on campus?

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