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Title83 Stories from the Life of Imam Khomeini
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Table of Contents
                            Chapter 1
Part 1 - Imam and Home Life
Observance of the Rights of a Wife:
60 Years of Living Together and Not One Request for a Glass of Water:
Blessed am I That I Have Such a Wife:
He would Never Pass on His Work to Anyone Else:
Imam is Not Crying at All:
I Was Scared That I Would Cry for Other Than Allah:
Why is Hassan Dishevelled Like This?
I have Come to Wash the Dishes:
A Piece of Advice to Solve Family Issues:
Worn Away Bricks:
Part 2 - Imam and Children
I Want to Kiss Your Forehead:
Utmost Respect for Children:
Part 3 - Imam and Women
His Advice to Guard Hijab:
Raising a Child Cannot be Accomplished by a Man:
The Women Have Removed the Shah:
Young Ladies Should Cover Themselves More:
Part 4 - Imam and Youth
The Importance of Youth:
Service to the People in Youth:
Youth and Effort in Salaat-ul-Layl:
Whilst You are Young:
Have Some Recreation:
We Arranged Social Meetings:
Part 5 - Imam and the People
A Shortened Ziyarat and Serving Others:
It is the Nafs That is Inviting Me:
Imam’s Best Moments:
He Used to Live Like Everyone:
I Will Not Move From Here:
Until a Missile Hits My Forehead:
A Heart as Wide as This Universe:
Part 6 - Imam and Paris
There Are 10 Minutes Left Until Dinner Time:
A Strange Order:
Christmas Day in Paris:
Respect Towards the1000 Year old Ceremonies and Customs of Muslims:
But Do They Want to Make Cyrus[37] Enter Iran?
Part 7 - Imam and the Revolution
Exceptional Joy:
A Bag of Aajeel (Dried Nuts, Seeds or Fruits):
Attachment to The Families of Martyrs:
His Special Attention to Ayatullah Khamenei:
Part 8 - Imam and Knowledge of the Unseen
It is Not Advisable that I Take This Money From You:
Imam Was Aware of the Affair:
Part 9 - Imam and Imam Mahdi (aj)
At the Beck and Call of Imam Mahdi’s Orders:
Hazrat Baqiyatullah Has Commanded So:
Part 10 - Imam and Worship
He Was Reciting Ziyarat From on the Roof:
Recite Ziyarat-e-Rajabiye[51]:
Ziyarat-e-Ashura While Walking
Imam’s Mafatih was Bound Every Few Months:
He Requested a Mafatih While in Turkey:
I Understood Why Imam Was Upset:
Order in Ziyarat:
Part 11 - Imam and Prayers
He Used to Perform Wudu Facing Qibla:
You Are Going Towards the Mercy of Allah:
Prayers First:
He Prayed Salaat-ul-Layl Despite Breathing Tubes:
Part 12 - Imam and Islam
Oh Allah, Make us Turn to You:
The Issue is Nearing the Grave:
The Best Advice:
Try to Send Knowledge to Your Heart:
Shaytan Comes to a Person This Way:
Don’t Back-bite:
Do You Know How Much Sin Backbiting Has?
Luxurious Clothes:
‘Bismillah’ (In the Name of Allah), Rather Than ‘Befarmaid’[71]:
He Wasn’t Negligent on Even a Single Point of Akhlaaq:
This Sentence is More Exact:
I Will be Thankful to You Until the Day of Judgement:
Progress to Perfection is Human:
I Will Personally Kill Him:
This Ring is Haraam for Men:
The Importance of a Healthy Nafs:
I Never Heard Something That Even Had the Resemblance of Being Back-biting:
Have Some Lawful Recreations:
I Myself am the Nullifier of Witchcraft:
You Saw a Pointless Dream!:
Part 13 - The Setting of the Sun
I Have Seen a Good Dream:
Be Sure That I am Going From This World:
Don’t Bring Ali To Me:
Don’t Make Him a Promise:
If It’s for The People, Do Whatever You Want To do:
Dua-e-Ahad in the Last Days of Life:
Oh Allah, Accept Me:
The Last Recommendation of the Imam:
Thinking of Prayers at its Proper Time, Until The Last Moments:
He Went From this World While Reciting Dhikr:
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

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