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TitleA Course in Classical Physics 4 - Waves and Light
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Table of Contents
	Symbols for the Principal Quantities
	Base Units in the SI
	Decimal Multiples and Submultiples of the Units
	Fundamental Constants
	Greek Alphabet
1 Oscillations of Systems with One Degree of Freedom
	1.1 Free Harmonic Oscillations
	1.2 Damped Oscillations
	1.3 Forced Oscillations
	1.4 Resonance Curves
	1.5 Resonance in Nature and in Technology
	1.6 Superposition Principle
2 Oscillations of Systems with Several Degrees of Freedom
	2.1 Free Oscillators with Several Degrees of Freedom
	2.2 Forced Oscillators with Several Degrees of Freedom
	2.3 Transverse Oscillations of a String
	2.4 The Harmonic Analysis
	2.5 Harmonic Analysis of a Periodic Phenomena
	2.6 Harmonic Analysis of a Non-periodic Phenomena
	2.7 Harmonic Analysis in Space
3 Waves
	3.1 Progressive Waves
	3.2 Production of a Progressive Wave
	3.3 Reflection of a Wave
	3.4 Sound Waves
	3.5 Plane Harmonic Plane Waves in Space
	3.6 Electromagnetic Waves
	3.7 The Discovery of Electromagnetic Waves
	3.8 Sources and Detectors of Electromagnetic Waves
	3.9 Impedance of Free Space
	3.10 Intensity of the Sound Waves
	3.11 Intensity of Electromagnetic Waves
	3.12 Electromagnetic Waves in a Coaxial Cable
	3.13 Doppler Effect
4 Dispersion
	4.1 Propagation in a Dispersive Medium. Wave Velocities
	4.2 Measurement of the Speed of Light
	4.3 Refraction, Reflection and Dispersion of Light
	4.4 Rainbow
	4.5 Wave Interpretation of Reflection and Refraction
	4.6 Reflected and Transmitted Amplitudes
	4.7 Origin of the Refractive Index
	4.8 Electromagnetic Waves in Transparent Dielectric Media
5 Diffraction, Interference, Coherence
	5.1 Huygens-Fresnel Principle
	5.2 Light Interference
	5.3 Spatial and Temporal Coherence
	5.4 Interference with Non-coherent Light
	5.5 Diffraction
	5.6 Diffraction by a Slit
	5.7 Diffraction by a Circular Aperture
	5.8 Diffraction by Random Distributed Centers
	5.9 Diffraction by Periodically Distributed Centers
	5.10 Diffraction as Spatial Fourier Transform
6 Polarization
	6.1 Polarization States of Light
	6.2 Unpolarized Light
	6.3 Dichroism
	6.4 Analyzers
	6.5 Polarization by Scattering
	6.6 Polarization by Reflection
	6.7 Birefringence
	6.8 Phase Shifters
	6.9 Optical Activity
7 Optical Images
	7.1 Preliminaries
	7.2 Plane Mirrors and Prisms
	7.3 Parabolic Mirror
	7.4 Spherical Mirror
	7.5 Thin Lenses
	7.6 Thin Lenses in Contact
	7.7 Images of Extended Objects
	7.8 Aberrations
	7.9 Irregularities
	7.10 Depth of Field and Depth of Focus
	7.11 Resolving Power
	7.12 Nature of the Lens Action
	7.13 Magnifying Glass
	7.14 Telescope
	7.15 Microscope
	7.16 Photometric Quantities
	7.17 Properties of Images
8 Images and Diffraction
	8.1 Abbe Theory of Image Formation
	8.2 Phase Contrast Microscope
	8.3 Sine Grating
	8.4 Fresnel Zones
	8.5 Zone Plate
	8.6 Action of the Zone Plate on a Spherical Wave
	8.7 Camera Obscura
	8.8 Gabor Grating
	8.9 Holograms

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