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TitleA Course in Light Speed Reading - Motivational Magic
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Table of Contents
                            Table of Contents
	Rapid Eye Technology
	Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
	Home Schooling
	Some Fundamental Philosophies
The Course
	Basic Premises
	Some Challenges with Intuitive Reading
	What Is Reading?
	The Visual Reading Process
General Supporting Processes
	How to Eye Patch
	Emotional First Aid
	RET \(Rapid Eye Technology\)®
	Emotional Freedom Technique \(EFT\)®
	Mind Machines
	Reading the Signs
	Trusting Myself
	Making Up Stories
	New Point of Awareness
	Journaling Dreams
	Imaging Modes and Goal Setting
A Course in Light Speed Reading
	Course Outline
Daily Schedule of Events
	Week 1
	Day 1
	Week II
How to Read
	Reading Technical Material
	Teaching Children to Read
	(age 1 to 8)
Baseline And Forecast
	Baseline Scores
	End Results Forecast
Testing Form

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