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TitleA DIY Guide for All Things Natural Hair: Discover Homemade Conditioner and Hair Rinse Recipes for Your Crowning Glory
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Table of Contents
Commonly Known Hair Conditioners
	Instant/Rinse Out conditioners
	Leave In Conditioners
	Deep Conditioners
Complimentary Hair Treatments
	Acid Rinses
		1. Apple Cider Vinegar
		2. Lemon Juice
		3. Coca-Cola
	Herbal Rinses
		1. Peppermint Tea
		2. Black Tea
		3. Roboois Tea
		4. Green Tea
	Beer and Alcohol Rinses
		1. Beer Rinse
		2. Champagne
	Oil Conditioners
		1. Coconut Oil
		2. Olive Oil
		3. Almond Oil
		4. Jojoba Oil
	Essential Oils + Carrier Oils
		1. Chamomile Oil + Olive Oil
		2. Clary Sage Oil + Jojoba Oil
		3. Lavender Oil + Olive Oil
		4. Rosemary Oil + Sweet Almond Oil
		5. Lemongrass Essential Oil + Jojoba Oil
DIY Hair Conditioner Recipes
	Deep Conditioners
		Banana Conditioner
		Shea Butter and Avocado
		Classic Egg Yolk Conditioner
		DIY Coconut Oil Conditioner
		DIY Yogurt Hair Conditioner
		Yogurt and Aloe Vera Conditioner
		Egg and Olive Oil Mask
		Vinegar and Mayonnaise Invigorating Conditioner
	Oil Conditioners
		Lavender and Chocolate Conditioner
		Hair Growth Rinse
		Clary Sage, Aloe Vera, and Tea Tree Oil Mix
		Juniper Berry Oil Rinse
	Herbal Rinse
		Black Tea Rinse
		Green Tea Herbal Mix
		Black Tea and Raspberry Mix
		Roobois Tea and Parsley Mix
		Green Tea Anti-Dandruff Rinse
	Acid Rinse
		Apple Cider and Lavender Hair Rinse
		Lavender Oil and Apple Cider Acid Rinse
		Apple Cider and Cayenne Pepper Rinse
		Apple Cider Vinegar and Chamomile Mix
	Beer Rinses
		Beer and Honey
		Apple Cider Vinegar and Beer
		Avocado, Egg, and Beer Mix
		Strawberry and Beer Mix
	Instant/Rinse-out Conditioners
		Olive Oil Homemade Instant Conditioner
		Honey and Olive Oil Mix
		Coconut Oil Instant Conditioner
		Cedarwood Moisturizing Conditioner
		Clary Sage Anti-Balding and Moisturizing Conditioner
		Lemon Instant Conditioner
	Leave In Conditioner
		Coconut and Avocado Oil Conditioner
		Jojoba Oil Leave-In Conditioner
		Lavender Leave-In Conditioner
		Tea Tree Oil Leave-In Conditioner
		Rosemary and Avocado Leave-In Conditioner
Hair Conditioning Treatment
	Summary and Recommendations
	Benefits of Ingredients Found in Recipes
		Apple Cider Vinegar
		Aloe Vera
		Baking Soda
		Black Tea
		Burdock Root
		Cayenne Pepper
		Chamomile Tea
		Cocoa Powder
		Coconut Milk
		Coconut oil
		Cedarwood Oil
		Clary Sage Oil
		Comfrey Root
		Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
		Geranium Oil
		Grapeseed Oil
		Green Tea
		Jojoba Oil
		Juniper Berry Oil
		Lavender Oil
		Lemon Grass Essential Oil
		Olive Oil
		Peppermint Oil and Leaves
		Rooibois Tea
		Raspberry Leaves
		Rose Essential Oil
		Rosehip Oil
		Rosemary Essential Oil
		Sandalwood Oil
		Shea butter
		Sweet Almond Oil
		Tea Tree Oil
		Vanilla Essential Oil
		Vegetable Glycerin
		Virgin Coconut Oil
		Witch Hazel
		Ylang ylang Oil

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