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Although families and society have changed, and despite the desire of the

profession to eliminate the stereotypical image of “cooking and sewing,” sewing, from a

technical perspective, continues to be a predominant part of home economics

classrooms. It is essential, therefore, to reflect upon how learning experiences such as

sewing support educational goals and the enduring understanding of concepts

important to individual, family, and community life

II. Background of the Study

The type and amount of clothing and textiles instruction being offered in

secondary classrooms is an important issue in the re-evaluation of home economics

curriculum. This is not a new concern. However, in recent years, persons both within

and outside the educational community have questioned the value of clothing

construction education. The study of clothing and textiles has traditionally been an

important part of the home economics curriculum. The majority of the classroom time

devoted to clothing has generally been spent on the other areas of the Technology and

Home Economics program.

As a TLE teacher of many years, it has always been the goal of the researcher to

impart practical knowledge to her students that can be actually used in their everyday

lives. However, teaching the skills to students who are reluctant to learn is an everyday

challenge that the proponent has to overcome. The somewhat “instant” mentality and

the ever changing needs and attitudes of the students contribute to the difficulty of

teaching practical skills.

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