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Table of Contents
Advanced Epicor Service Connect 9.05 for Epicor ERP Course
Before You Begin
	Environment Setup
		Workshop Constraints
	Epicor Service Connect Solutions
	Epicor Service Connect Installation
		IIS Server Status
		Licensed Functionalities
		Task Service Properties
		Document Tracking Properties
		DES Service Properties
		.NET Call Performance
		Communication Manager Property
		Mass Update of Workflows
		Web Methods to .NET Calls Converter
	Test .NET References
		Workshop - Test a .NET Reference
			Import a .NET Reference
			Test a .NET Method
	Web Service Enhancements 3.0 Server Policy
		Workshop - Apply WSE 3.0 Server Policy
			Install Services
			Create a Configuration File
			Apply WSE 3.0 Server Policy
			Test the Part Service
	Database Operations
		Workshop - Create a Workflow
			Create a CSV File
			Add a Sender
			Add a Message Type
			Add an Input Channel
			Generate a Schema
			Create a Workflow
			Define the Conversion
			Edit the Conversion
			Define a .NET Call
			Add a Message Map
			Run the Workflow
			Verify the Results
		Workshop - Use a Database Operation
			Add an Output Channel
			Modify the Workflow
			Define the DBOperation
			Build the Statement
			Define the Poster
			Modify the CSV File
			Run the Workflow
			Verify the Results
		Workshop - Use the Database Lookup Functoid
			Modify the Conversion Element
			Create a Query
			Create a Where Expression
			Run the Workflow
			Verify the Results
	Channel Info Tag
		Workshop - Expose the Channel Info Tag
			Create a Message Extension
			Modify the Conversion Element
			Modify the Output Channel
			Run the Workflow
			Verify the Results
	Batch Execution
		Workshop - Test Batch Execution of Sub-Workflows
			Download Files
			Restore Connectivity Settings
			Re-import the Service Reference
			Prepare the Workflow
			Enable Channels
			Trigger the Workflow
			Verify the Results
			Enable a Batch Execution
			Trigger the Workflow
			Verify the Results
	Break Cycle
		Workshop - Break a Cycled Sub-Workflow
			Disable Batch Execution
			Modify a Sub-Workflow
			Edit the Choice Item
			Configure the First Connection
			Configure the Second Connection
			Run the Workflow
			Edit the Break Cycle Conversion
			Run the Workflow
	Service Connect and Business Process Management
		Workshop - Create Demand
			Create a Demand Contract
			Create New Demand
			Explore Business Objects
		Workshop - Create the Workflow
			Add a Service Reference
			Create the Workflow
			Edit the First Conversion
			Edit the First Web Method
			Edit the Second Conversion
			Modify the Demand Record
			Edit the Second Web Method
		Workshop - Create a Method Directive
			Add a Method Code
			Add a Pre-Processing Directive
			Add a Condition
			Add an Action
		Workshop - Test BPM Execution
			Modify Part Information
			Test the Result
	Customized View
		Workshop - Create a Customized View
			Create a View
			Apply a Filter

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