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Kongsberg Gruppen ASA (KONGSBERG) is an international
technology corporation that delivers advanced and reliable
solutions that improve safety, security and performance in
complex operations and during extreme conditions.

KONGSBERG is a customer focused organization with a
worldwide performance culture. KONGSBERG works
with demanding customers in the global defence,
maritime, oil and gas and aerospace industries.

World class
- through people, technology and dedication

C O N T E N T s
KO N G S B E R G A E R O S t R u c t u R E S

A E R O S t R u c t u R E S
center of Excel lence - composites and Al loys

KO N G S B E R G vA lu E S

A E R O S pAc E & d E f E N c E

i N d u S t R y - f i R S t c A pA B i l i t i E S

B R E A K t h R O u G h m i S S i l E t E c h N O lO G y

O f f S h O R E A N d S u B S E A

p R O d u c t i O N

N E w, m O d E R N fAc i l i t y
Bui l t to suppor t f-35 ful l - rate produc t ion

S t R At E G i c f O c u S

E N G i N E E R i N G

E N G i N E E R i N G
world- c lass exper t ise

S t E p By S t E p

cO m p O S i t E S

A d vA N c E d m E c h A N i c A l m A N u fAc t u R i N G

R E pA i R A N d O v E R h Au l O f R OtO R c R A f t

tOtA l q uA l i t y m A N AG E m E N t

S tAt E - O f - t h E - A R t m A N u fAc t u R i N G

m E t R i c A N d p E R f O R m A N c E - B A S E d c u lt u R E

cO m p E t E N t m A N AG E R S , p R O G R A m
- A N d p R O d u c t i O N t E A m S

B u S i N E S S cO N d u c t

w h At w E S tA R t, w E f i N i S h . w E d O N Ot G i v E i N

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//: iN-hOuSE SpEciAl
full cONtROl

L i s T O f C u s TO m E R A p p R O v E d p R O C E s s E s

NAS 410 certification & qualification of Nondestructive test personnel
mil-dtl-5002 degreasing of aluminium
lmA-pG001 pre-penetrant Etch, titanium
mil-f-18264 prime/paint
AmS 2801/AmS 2750 heat treatment of titanium Alloy parts
lmA-pE007 Electron Beam welding
lmA-pc001 ultrasonic inspection
AStm E1742 Radiographic Examination
lmA-pc201 fluorescent penetrant inspection
lmA-pc301 Radiographic inspection
NS-EN 3834/ASmE ix/
NAcE- NR175/
NORSOK standards welding standards

- w O R l d - c l A S S E x p E R t i S E

KONGSBERG is the premier aerospace engineering environ-
ment in Norway. KONGSBERG is a prime contractor in cruise
missile development and manufacturer of aerostructures.
Additionally KONGSBERG design, develop and qualify
complex space subsystem for launchers and satellites.

m E c h A N i c A l d E S i G N & d E v E lO p m E N t
• computer Aided design –
catia v5, fiberSim™, Solidworks
• finite Element Analysis – mSc.Software
tooling suite, cAtiA v5
• computational fluid dynamics – cobalt
• thermodynamics – mSc.Software, cf design

m A N u fAc t u R i N G E N G i N E E R i N G

• computer Aided manufacturing –
mastercam, cAtiA and vericut
• manufacturing Execution System – SAp-mE
• design and manufacturing of tools, fixtures,
assembly jigs
• lean and Six Sigma implementation

t E S t i N G
• material testing, including establishing
design allowables
• Static and dynamics structural testing
• flight testing
• Environmental testing
• Emc testing

i N - h O u S E S p E c i A l p R O c E S S
c A pA B i l i t y A N d c E R t i f i c At i O N

• composite (Epoxy, Bmi, monolithic, sandwich,
bonding, potting, riveting, clickBond)
• chemical Etching
• heat treatment
• Electron Beam welding
• hard Surface welding
• prime and paint
• Grit Blasting
• Ndt (x-ray, ultrasonic and fpi)

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typically a plastic film is placed over
the composite component, edges
sealed, and air is extracted to prevent
entrapping volatiles/air before the
mold is placed in the autoclave.

B AG G i N G3

in order to environmentally seal the
composite part/assembly, various types
of paints are sprayed onto the part.
this can be done manually or using a
robot. KONGSBERG uses a cNc Robot
ABB with a painting area of 2100 x 4400
mm. to enhance bonding properties
primers are also sprayed onto the details.

p R i m E A N d pA i N T9

AuTOCLAvE / dEmOuLd 4
parts can be integrated into assemblies.
ingoing details can be composite
laminates, various metallic details
(steel, aluminium, titanium) or metallic/
non-metallic honeycomb core
materials. in most cases the assembly
operation is done using various types
of adhesives. the preparations prior to
adhesive application is of paramount
importance and consists typically of
chemical cleaning and light sanding/
abrasion to remove any traces of dust,
grease or any other contamination
which may affect the bonding quality.
the bonded assemblies are usually
cured in ovens at elevated tempera-
tures to reduce cure cycle times.

B O N d i N G 5

usually before a part is delivered to
the customer it goes into mechanical
assembly. After surface treatment/
painting, all mechanical details are
drilled/countersunk/deburred before
they are bolted/bonded in its correct
locations to the requirements.
A part is completed after surface
treatment. metals are then
mounted such as fasteners.

m E C h A N i C A L
A s s E m B Ly10

At final inspection the part’s
build-history is verified. An inspector
checks that all operations have been
signed off, and all applicable document
records have been collected and are
in line with both customer and
internal requirements.

f i N A L i N s p E C T i O N11

The following step-by-step process
describes manufacture of a simple
composite structure demonstrating
KONGSBERG’S manufacturing
process at large. There are countless
varieties of manufacturing some
of which require three autoclave
cures. Manufacturing Capabilities
and Capacities are found in detail
in our separate Manufacturing
Capabilities List

Rolls of prepreg
(resin impreg-
nated cfpR ) is
stored in our
freezer hadling-
system at appr.
-20°c to delay
curing and

ensure up to two years shelf-life. the
prepreg is cut into different sized
pieces based on design requirements.
A cutting machine with a vibrating
knife enhances cutting quality and ca-
pability. pre-cut kits are stored for large
production series.

m AT E R i A L h A N d L i N G,
C u T T i N G A N d K i T T i N G 1

the prepreg
is placed in
moulds, layer
by layer, to
build structure

and strength. the direction in every
layer is predefined, influencing strength
and stiffness. laser projectors project
the end-of-plies to facilitate its location
and sequence in complex structures.
clean Room of 2800 m² offers high
capacity for large simultaneous
production mixes.

L A m i N AT i N G/L Ay - u p
i N C L E A N R O O m2

Subsequent to the milling of the part,
it travels down into an automated
co-ordinate measuring machine. the
part’s dimensions are verified to the
requirements. All this happens with the
part still attached to its tool, vacuum or
mechanically clamped.

CO - O R d i N AT E m E A s u R -
i N G m AC h i N E ( C m m ) 7

Once a part has
been bought-off
in the cmm area,
it is inspected
using ultrason-
ics to check the
integrity of the
material; free
from pores,

other defects or foreign objects.
ultrasonic scanning of highly complex
curved surfaces is performed using a
midas 5+5 multi-axis scanner. further,
we are capable of conducting x-ray
inspection of thin composite panels
up to 250 mm steel or titanium.

i N - h O u s E u LT R A s O u N d
A N d x - R Ay i N s p E C T i O N 8

part surfaces are machined, the outer
edges trimmed, and the holes drilled.
Our zimmermann pmm provides the
high precision milling necessary for
large volumes of complex structures.
Offering high volumetric accuracy
better than 55 microns and large
dimensions on parts in an integrated
automated manufacturing cell.

h i G h p R E C i s i O N
m i L L i N G ( pm m ) 6

the autoclave cures the composite
material at a pressure typically up to 7
bars and 180°c. Autoclaving is used to
ensure high quality and level of
repeatability of the production.
in demould, the composite component
is taken off the mold and prepared for
next operation.

//: dESiGN, dEvElOpmENt
ANd pROductiON Of

cOmplEx cARBON fiBER
cOmpOSitE cOmpONENtS

- f O R A E R O S pAc E A N d Ot h E R h i G h p E R f O R m A N c E m A R K E t S

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/ / : n oT e s

KONGSBERG is an international corporation with strong
Norwegian roots. Collaboration with our customers, partners and
suppliers, and a commitment to understand the context where
our technology is applied, are important driving forces behind
the corporation’s international development and growth.


India (2)

St. John’s (Canada)



United Arab Emirates





Salt Lake City (USA)

Vancouver (Canada)

Lynwood (USA)

Dalian (China)

Zhenjiang (China)

Norway (15) *
Main O�ce in


* Kongsberg , Asker, Bergen, Billingstad, Horten,
Kjeller, Kristiansand, Oslo, Sande�ord, Sandvika,
Stavanger, Stjørdal, Svalbard, Tromsø, Trondheim.

Pocasset (USA)




Washington (USA)
Mount Arlington (USA)

West Mystic (USA)

Long Island (USA)


United Kingdom (8)

South Africa




New Orleans (USA)

Houston (USA)

London (Canada) Poland (2)

Germany Hungary




Halifax (Canada)
Ottawa (Canada)

Shanghai (China)

South Korea (5)

Guangzhou (China)

Singapore (2)

Saudi Arabia


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Pictures & text: F-35 Information Approved for Public Release: JSF12-707, 13 July 2012




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y an





y A

i Service p


t A
S. D


y A



r - sep

t-2012 .

World class
- through people, technology and dedication


Kirkegaardsveien 45
P.O.Box 1003
N-3601 Kongsberg
+47 32 28 82 00

Site Address:

Bergmannsveien 241
N-3615 Kongsberg
+47 920 600 22

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