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TitleAnabolic Steroids Ultimate Research Guide Vol. 1
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Total Pages396
Table of Contents
                            Anabolic Steroids Ultimate Research Guide Vol. 1
		Front Cover of Book
		Table of Contents
		Preface & Dedication
		Chapter 1
			Why Anabolic Steroids?
		Chapter 2
			How to read this book
		Chapter 3
			An Introduction to your Endocrine System
		Chapter 4
			How Anabolic Steroids Work
		Chapter 5
			The game as it's played...
		Chapter 6
			Injection Technique
		Chapter 7
			Designing your own Cycle and Sample Cycles
		Chapter 8
			Remove Steroids in 5 Days
		Chapter 9
			Drug Profiles
			Testosterone Derived Steroids
			19-nortestosterone Derived Steroids
			Dihydrotestosterone Derived Steroids
		Chapter 10
			Ancillary Compounds
		Chapter 11
			Sympathomimetics ( Fat Burners )
		Chapter 12
			Thyroid Drugs
		Chapter 13
		Chapter 14
		Chapter 15
			Legal Interview
		Steroid Listings by Generic Name
		Steroid Listings by Trade Name
		Back Cover of Book

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