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                            2.1  REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE
	The Crescent Point Cottages
		High season rates are: $855 per week for up to four persons.
The daily rate is $150 for up to four persons. Additional guests are $30 per night or $120 per week.
	Floor plans
	Summer Cottage Floor plans
	Dad's House
		Floor plan
	Resort plan:
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“Farm Resort”

Farm Resorts are farms that offer accommodation and dining

services, for the purpose of participating in or enjoying interactive on-

farm activities and other attractions offered to enrich the tourists’ farm

life experience.1

Agri-tourism - or also referred to as “farm tourism” is a form of

tourism activity conducted in a rural farm area which may include

tending to farm animals, planting, harvesting and processing of farm

products. It covers attractions, activities, services and amenities as

well as other resources of the area to promote an appreciation of the

local culture, heritage and traditions through personal contact with the

local people.


The project calls for a plan upon 2.5 hectares (25,000 sq. meters)

of land that will bring together a private house, machinery zone,

animal grounds, agricultural fields and resort accommodations such as

conference center, food and beverage outlets, suites, swimming pool

and basketball court.



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The project proponent is Dr. Emiliana S. Velasco. She is the

owner of the 2.5 hectare lot that will be the site of the project. She is a

retired Doctor of Dentistry, widow, and an active member of her


The target market for this project is the general public, especially

people who frequently visit the bus terminals and rest areas of Sison as

they travel to and from Baguio and Manila.


The proposed project site is located within an arid region of

Sison, Pangasinan.

The lot is declared in the name of Emiliana Velasco, through Tax

Declaration No. 009-00020, with an area of twenty-five thousand

(25,000) square meters. The Declaration of Real Property is currently

filed under RA 7160.

The site consists of alluvial clay soil and igneous rocks,

originating from the sedimentation of the Cordillera mountain range,

covered with brush vegetation and various trees on its parameters.2


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The lobby’s area computation will be based on DPWH

Architectural Design Guidelines, which are 0.25 m.2 per person

for lobby and 0.28 m.2 per person for standing waiting area.

The hotel lobby establishes the mood for the hotel. The

furnishing, size, decorations, color, finishing and lighting are

elegantly designed to create the proper ambience regardless of

the hotel size.

Administration Area

The managing staffs of the hotel are designed together with

business transaction areas, safety time deposits, foreign

exchange counter, communication facilities, etc. are also

incorporated in it.


All single and double rooms have a floor area of not less

than 18 sq. m. inclusive of bathrooms.

Souvenir Shop

The shop should accommodate all necessary crafts. The

size depends on the bulk of the souvenirs to be featured.



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The function hall was designed to accommodate 100 people.

The area will include a 0.60 m high stage and a storage room for tables

and chairs.


The conference room was designed to accommodate 50 people.

It is located on the second floor to give good views to the surrounding



There are no special requirements for the bar and restaurant

which are in a way different from the standard requirements for such a



The dining area accommodates customers for both the bar

and restaurant. It was designed so that the areas achieve

sensory comfort by means of cross ventilation and day lighting

from the north.


The kitchen, pantry and storage are professionally

designed to ensure the efficiency of operation and shall be equipped,

easily maintained, and adequately ventilated and lighted.


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Some undesirable economic aspects of tourism are higher prices

and economic instability. Because of the additional demand and/or

increased imports, tourist purchases may result in higher prices in a

destination area. This would mean that local residents, too, would

have to pay more for products and services.


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