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NIJ initiated a research program to investigate development of a lightweight body armor that on-duty policemen
could wear full time. The investigation readily identified new materials that could be woven into a lightweight
fabric with excellent ballistic resistant properties. Performance standards were set that defined ballistic resistant
requirements for police body armor.

Ballistic Protective Materials

The purpose of the ballistic protective materials is not
to just stop the speeding bullets but to protect the
individual from fragmenting devices as well, i.e. from
grenades, mortars, artillery shells, and improvised
explosive devices. We should note that the injury
caused to the civilians is mainly due to two factors.

• High velocity bullets from rifles, machine guns
which are mainly shot from a long range.

• Low velocity bullets from hand guns which are
shot from close range.

But when it comes to military personnel, there are
three main factors:

• Fragments

• Bullets

• Others

The percentage of casualties caused by the afore-mentioned factors is given below:

The technical people who are working on the protective textiles should understand that the velocities of the
bullets possess more weightage than the kinetic energy, bullet shape and the composition of the bullet.

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