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Looking from far observing and deciding when to take action. Rainforest often has an invisible guardian that keep an eye on all that pass through them. They

hold much treasure and would do much to keep it a secret from the public. Jia Chen is one such people with hidden potential obscure from public view. Jia in

Chinese means Armor and hence Gamera the giant turtle while Chen is a dense forest … so Gamera hiding in forest. (grew up watching too much Japanese


Jia is the proud and noble wood. They stood tall and firm on their ground and budging is not their option. They usually stay humble and quiet just to observe

their surrounding. Giving is what they do best as tree has no ability to say no to other that seek its help. They provide shade, fruits, oxygen (if they give WiFi

then they won’t be cut down) and even sacrifice to become firewood. Its an element that on its own quite easy to exploit.

Jia here is seated on Chen (Dragon) which carry the main Qi of Wu earth (Indirect Wealth) and sub Qi of Yi wood (Rob Wealth) and Gui water (Direct

Resource). IW provide them with the ability to spot future opportunity and being a tall tree they can virtually see your potential from miles away. Combine this

with the natural ability of RW to be able to lead (used) people, their main weapon of defense is spotting looming cloud of doom from afar and dispatch their

minions to deal with it. The resource star give them the ability to amass a large database of potential “helper” in their master plan.

Chen combine with You (Rooster) that has the Xin metal (Direct Officer) element. This is the element of husband star. The female Jia Chen is well suited for

marriage as they have the quality of the traditional strategic wife. They keep to themselves and only act via proxy and never launch a direct attack toward their


Chen clash with Xu (Dog) that carry the energy of Wu earth (Indirect Wealth), Ding fire (Hurting Officer) and Xin metal (Direct Officer). Here you can see the

husband star is push away along with the HO star. The female Jia Chen will seldom place much importance in their husband present, what they actually want

from them may not be companionship but other much useful trait.

Overall they are rather strategic player in society. Being humble and unthreatening is their main weapon by directing danger and trouble away from them. on

one hand they are advert helper but at the same time they will keep a record of your favor and draw on it when necessary. Love is not such a big theme for them

as long as you have your used in the relationship.

Notable Jia Chen 甲辰 public figure James Cameron


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The north star has long been used by sailor to find their way in the unforgiving sea. Its easily recognized and always appear at the same spot. The availability of

the star allow sailor in any part of the world to calculate their own relative position from the star and reach their intended destination. Ding You (丁酉) has the

same ability to guide people and act as a natural magnet if you need guidance.

Ding fire is the element of enlightenment. It provide vision in the darkest condition and provide warm in the coldest environment. It is often describe as life

changing. You see, Ding fire is the only element that can change all other element, it scorcher earth, turn wood to ash, turn water to steam, melt metal and of

course devour itself. Its prime function is to get you the necessary drive to move ahead. Transformation process is often painful and can take a long time,

however the result might take your breath away.

Ding is sitting on top of You (Rooster) which carry a singular energy of Xin metal. Xin often represent precision and clarity. We often used precious metal like

gold silver and even diamond to speak of Xin. It is indeed a rather rare element with the uncanny ability to attract attention. This setup make them naturally

talkative and like to draw limelight.

Xin metal here represent Indirect Wealth when translated into 10 gods. IW is the star of the future. They have this penchant like to see far ahead and wait for the

right moment to leap. Their ability to assess the big picture is sometimes overwhelming. They make conscious decision to abandon unnecessary action and just

conserve their energy for that one big moment in life.

You (Rooster) will attract Chen (Dragon) which carry the energy of Hurting Officer (Wu) couple with 7 Killing (Gui) and Indirect Resource (IR). In term of

romance the appearance of HO and 7K does not favor the female side. You (rooster) is also a peach blossom star which make a lady rather attractive, risky and

unable to follow society doctrine. You just can’t seems to ever reach her heart.

You (Rooster) will clash Mao (Rabbit) that carry the element of Yi wood (Indirect Resource). Its neutral for both gender when it come to relationship. IR is

often the yardstick of health as IR produce the DayMaster. Having repel the IR, it is indicate the willingness to put personal health at the backseat. self-

sacrificing or reckless living ?

They have a mission in their life which is to make you move. They want to show you that your current spot is not good enough and you deserve a better result.

They are equip with the skill to attract and lure you with peach blossom (You), enlightenment (Ding) and future (IW). To achieve this, they are prepared to hurl

themselves into the fire pit and burn together toward the future glory.

Prominent Ding You (丁酉) public figure Mr Jack Ma

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Jia wood sitting on Gui water the Direct Resource. Jia being a progressive element, the person has a natural tendency to peruse growth. They will find way to

survive as long as resource is available. Water being the representation of wisdom and direct resource are knowledge. This person is wonderfully brilliant. They

have this not to give up attitude, ever waiting for opportunity to progress and grow.

They are loner because their environment are lonely. In their intellectual world, they may not be able to see other eye to eye. This isolation make them cold.

They have a strong tendency to be reliant to their mother the proverbial “momie boy”. They love and cherish friend and family visiting their home, this is their

primary method in gaining knowledge (may be true before Google time).

Zi form a combination with Chou that consist of Xin (DO), Ji (DW) & Gui (DR). For both male and female, relationship with partner is good, but need to

accommodate the mother coming along with the ride. Wealth and power come to them as well, they make good manager and earn stable income.

Zi form a clash with Wu and repel Ding (HO) & Ji (DW). For male the relationship turn a little distance. Female will be very loyal to the partner. Career is a

little unstable because they put intellectual value above monetary value. Sometimes they don’t want to give up their knowledge as they see the receiver as


Overall the male counterpart is more confuse, on one hand whan wealth on the other think it’s unworthy of the fortune. They can make ends meet but don’t

progress to far, it’s a low ambition person and bosses usually love them, since they are low threat to a corporate politic game.

To be effective, their chart need to have a Bing (EG) present to move their knowledge into something more concrete. Generous sharing and a little warm in their


Notable public figure Jia Zi Charlie Young (Film actress)



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60 Pillars is all the possible combination of Heaven Stems and Earthly Branches can possibly form. They are actually the revolution of Planet Jupiter over the

sun, so it take 60 earth years for Saturn to make a full spin over the sun. Ancient people called Jupiter as Grand Duke and hence has attache actual generals

persona to each 60 of them. BaZi do not per-say used the grand duke in their reading but your pillar does made out of one of these 60 pillars. People has found

way to summarized the different characteristic of the 60 pillars and actually make reading a little convenience. You can now actually look at a pillar and give out

some fairly valid reading, but provided your brain can remember the 60 different persona and how they react when fall into different pillar (Year, Month, Day,


Following are the 60 pairs it begin with Jia Zi and end with Gui Chou. We would usually split them into the 6 army of Jia. Each row downward is the

representation of the King (Jia) and his subject. So anyone with a pillar that is in the same group will naturally work better together. This is actually a method

used to find compatibility. If you are looking for a working partner and let say your month pillar (Work/Business) is Ji Hai and your partner happen to be Ren

Yin, then both of you are in the same group and hence can work together.

Recently (2015), this 60 pillars method is gaining popularity over the conventional 10 gods method of reading since it give instant gratification. One look and

you get the reading almost amazingly done. They have also made this 60 pillars into pictorial form to even strengthen the speed as a picture show a thousand

word. Personally i used this as party trick, since its quick and dirty and provided enough information to deliver a WOW ! factor. Then again, you really need to

have a good memory to commit all the 60 pillars reading into your brain.

Over time i’ll write on each of the pillars. Since, you should notice that i only write during public holiday, this may take me over 1 year to finish. Have patience,

i will eventually reach your pillars.

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