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TitleBig Ideas for Curious Minds: An Introduction to Philosophy
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Table of Contents
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Introduction: What Is Philosophy?
Know Yourself with Socrates
Learn to Say What’s on Your Mind with Ludwig Wittgenstein
It’s Hard to Know What We Really Want with Simone de Beauvoir
When Someone Is Angry, Maybe It’s Not You Who Is Responsible with Ibn Sina
People Are Unhappy, Not Mean with Zera Yacob
Don’t Expect Too Much with Seneca
Maybe You Are Just Tired with Matsuo Basho
What Is Normal Isn’t Normal with Albert Camus
No One Knows…with René Descartes
Politeness Matters with Confucius
Why We Procrastinate with Hypatia of Alexandria
Why It’s Hard to Know What You Want to Do with Your Life with Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Good Things Are (Unexpectedly) Hard with Friedrich Nietzsche
Weakness of Strength Theory with Ralph Waldo Emerson
Kintsugi with Buddha
The Need to Teach Rather than Nag with Immanuel Kant
The Mind-Body Problem with Jean-Paul Sartre
Why You Feel Lonely with Michel de Montaigne
The Meaning of Life with Aristotle
Why We Hate Cheap Things with Mary Wollstonecraft
The News Doesn’t Always Tell The Whole Story with Jacques Derrida
Art Is Advertising for What We Really Need with Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Why Do Some People Get Paid More than Others?
What’s Fair? with John Rawls
Shyness: How to Overcome It with Maimonides
Why Grown-up Life Is Hard with... Philosophy
List of Thinkers

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