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__ 152. Which of the following is a good source of Vitamin A?
A. cod liver oil C. citrus fruits
B. carrots D. leafy vegetables

__ 153. The secondary structure of protein consist of
I. alpha helix II. Beta sheet III. Beta bend
A. I only C. II & III only
B. I & II only D. I, II & III

__ 154. The small and circular extrachromosomal DNA molecules that carry genetic information
for future generations in bacteria are known as
A. lysozymes C. mitochondria
B. plasmids D. cytoplasm

__ 155. Which of the following RNA types comprises 80% of RNA in the cell?
I. Ribosomal RA II. Transfer RNA III. Messenger RNA
A. I only C II & III only
B. I & II only D. I, II & III

__ 156. A reddish solution results after the addition to iodine TS to an unknown solution.
Subsequent addition of ammoniacal basic lead acetate to a portion of the unknown solution
results to the formation of a precipitate. The results of the tests confirm the presence of
A. glycogen C. starch
B. dextrin D. lactose

__ 157. D-threose and L-threose are examples of
A. Anomers C. diastereomers
B. enantiomers D. conformational isomers

__ 158. This test is used to confirm the presence of the phenolic ring of tyrosine
A. Ninhydrin test C. Schiff’s test
B. Anthrone test D. Millon-Nasse

__ 159. The energy producing reaction
A. metabolic C. anabolic
B. catabolic D. all of these

__ 160. Which of hydrolysis product of starch is responsible for forming a dark blue complex with
A. amylopectin C. maltose
B. amylase D. all of the above

__ 161. This is the main pathway for carbohydrate catabolism in all human tissues.
A. glycolysis C. fructose catabolism
B. glycogenolysis D. galactose catabolism

__ 162. These are esters of fatty acid and glycerol
A. fixed oil and fats C. sterols
B. waxes D. phospholipids

__ 163. The enzyme for glycolysis are found in the
A. mitochondrion C. ribosomes
B. cytosol D. nucleus

__ 164. What is the positive result for Fehling’s test?

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__286. Gangliosides, cerebrosides and cytolipins are collectively called __________.
A. phospholipids or phosphatide C. sulfolipids
B. glycolipids D. lipoproteins

__287. This is the deposition of lipid plaques on the lining of the arteries
A. atherosclerosis C. Tay Sach’s disease
B. Gaucher’s disease D. hyperlipoproteinemia

__288. The state of high serum levels of acetoacetic acid and beta-hydroxybutyric acid is called
A. ketonemia C. ketosis
B. ketonuria D. ketoacidosis

__289. The following are glycolipids except
A. globosides C. gangliosides
B. phosphatides D. cerebrosides

__290. The parent compound of phospholipids
A. glycerol C. ethanolamine
B. phosphatidic acid D. none of the above

__291. ID test to detect the presence of glycogen
A. phloroglucinol C. Iodine
B. Molisch D. Seliwanoff

__292. The only sugar readily forms insoluble aszone crystals
A. Lactose C. mannose
B. sucrose D. glucose

__293. Important structural material found in the exoskeletons of many lower animals
A. chondroitin C. hyaluronic acid
B. heparin D. chitin

__294. General term for a group of polysaccharides present on the primary cell wall
A. xanthan C. pectin
B. mucilage D. carrageenan

__ 295. Specific test for galactose, due to formation of highly insoluble crystals
A. phenylhydrazine test C. mucic test
B. fermentation D. Molisch

__296. Type of RNA which serves as a template for the amino acids sequence being synthesized
B. tRNA D. none of the above

__297. The steps of central state
A. replication, translation and transcription C. replication, transcription and translation
B. replication, transcription and transmission D. transcription, translation and replication

__298. Reverse transcription takes place in
A. bacteria C. algae
B. virus D. molds

__ 299. The following are enzymes found in the pancreatic juice, except:
A. papain C. chymotrypsin
B. trypsin D. carboxypolypeptidase

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