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TitleBPSD - Handbook for Family Physicians
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Table of Contents
                            Chapter 8 - BPSD and the Use of Psychotropic Medications
	Chapter 8 - Index
	Introduction to Pharmacological Treatment of BPSD
	Key Questions Related to the Use of Psychotropics in BPSD
	Main Indications for the Use of Psychotropics
	Important Basic Principles to Consider when Prescribing Medications for BPSD
		Behaviours NOT (Usually) Responsive to Medication
		Behaviours that May be Responsive to Medication
	Selecting the Right Medication
		Classes of medications commonly used in BPSD
	Treatment of Depressive and Anxiety Disorders/Symptom Clusters
	Duration of Antidepressant Treatment
		Trazodone for agitation in patients with dementia
	A Word about Benzodiazepines in the Treatment of Depressive & Anxiety Disorders
	Treatment of Persistent Psychotic Symptoms and Severe Agitation
	The Newer Atypicals: Potential Concerns
	Treatment of Dementia: Cognitive Enhancers and Glutaminergic Agents
	Treatment of Severe Agitation Likely Due to Delirium
	Treatment of Behavioural Problems Due to Lewy Body Dementia
	Treatment of Inappropriate Sexual Behaviour
	Treatment of Sleep Disturbances
	High-Risk Situations: Capacity is an Issue and Psychotropics are Required

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