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TitleBusiness Innovation For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance))
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Table of Contents
                            Business Innovation For Dummies®
	About the Author
	Author’s Acknowledgments
	Contents at a Glance
	Table of Contents
		About This Book
		Conventions Used in This Book
		Foolish Assumptions
		How This Book Is Organized
		Icons Used in This Book
		Where to Go from Here
	Part I: Making Your Mark as an Innovator
		Chapter 1: Taking an Innovative Approach to Work
			Tapping Into Your Own Creative Force
			Constructing Your Creative Place
			Introducing Creative Practices to Your Daily Routine
			Seeking Broader Experience
			Becoming a Leading Innovator
		Chapter 2: Creating an Innovative Career Path
			Seeing Your Career as an Adventure
			Counting Up Your Transferable Skills and Experiences
			Seeking Opportunities to Innovate
			Moving Toward Growth
			Inventing Your Next Job
		Chapter 3: Leading with Creative Vision
			Visualizing the Possibilities for Innovative Leadership
			Getting to Know Yourself as a Leader
			Developing Your Leadership Skills
			Projecting a Positive Attitude
			Putting All Your Leadership Skills Together
		Chapter 4: Innovating in Sales and Marketing
			Making an Inconspicuous but Powerful Impact
			Assessing (And Violating) the Norms
			Committing to a Creative Approach
			Narrowing Your Focus to Find Sources of Creative Advantage
		Chapter 5: Being an Innovative Strategist
			Thinking Big by Planning to Re-create Your Business
			Ensuring a Healthy Strategic Cycle
			Investing in a Family of Innovations
			Managing Your Product Portfolio
			Seeking Strategic Partnerships
			Mastering the Art of Change Management
	Part II: Stimulating Your Creative Side: Thinking in New and Different Ways
		Chapter 6: Getting Juices Flowing in Brainstorming Sessions
			Identifying Opportunities for Group Creativity
			In or Out?: Issuing Invites to the Brainstorming Session
			Planning the Creative Process
			Preparing for Your Role as Facilitator
			Mastering the Core Brainstorming Methods
			Being a Brilliant Participant
		Chapter 7: Mastering Advanced Brainstorming
			Going the Distance to Cash In on Creativity
			Focusing Your Brainstorming in Creative Ways
			Visualizing for Creative Success
			Maximizing the Power of Team Thinking
		Chapter 8: Going Beyond Brainstorming
			Using Customer Input for Inspiration
			Redesigning Processes
			Taking Advantage of E-Mail
			Crowdsourcing for New Ideas
			Going Deep for Intuitive Insight
		Chapter 9: Turning Problems into Opportunities for Innovation
			Seeing Problems with a Fresh Eye
			Applying Analytical Problem-Solving
			Engaging Your Creative Dissatisfaction
		Chapter 10: Going Shopping for Innovations
			Exploring Your Industry’s Trade Shows
			Crossing Boundaries for Good Ideas
			Benchmarking Industry Innovators
			Sourcing from Innovative Suppliers
			Going to the Experts for Help
		Chapter 11: Coming Up with Creative Combinations
			Finding Inspiration in Successful Creative Combinations
			Finding Innovative Combinations of Your Own
			Combining Problems with Solutions
			Getting Resourceful in Your Search for Combinations
			Seeking Unusual Information
			Trying Unusual Forms
	Part III: Applying Creativity and Innovation to Daily Challenges
		Chapter 12: Delivering Fresh Presentations and Proposals
			Building the Credibility You Need to Be Creative
			Finding Your Unique Insight
			Making Your Point with the Five Tools of Creative Presentation
			Branding Your Message with an Appropriate Look and Style
		Chapter 13: Negotiating Creative Win–Wins
			Turning Conflicts into Creative Opportunities
			Assessing Everyone’s Conflict Styles
			Bridging the Gaps to Form an Ad Hoc Problem-Solving Team
			Transitioning to Solution Brainstorming
			Identifying and Refining Win–Win Ideas
		Chapter 14: Innovating to Save Costs
			Avoiding the Creative Frost Effect
			Focusing on the Biggest Cost Categories
			Learning from Others
			Using Savings-Creation Methods from Idea to Implementation
	Part IV: Implementing a Major Innovation
		Chapter 15: Managing the Development of an Innovative Idea
			Planning the Innovation Process
			Innovating in Teams
			Building Development and Implementation Networks
			Launching the Innovation
		Chapter 16: Spreading the Word to Diffuse Your Innovation
			Strategizing to Spread Your Innovation
			Designing Your Media Mix for Maximum Diffusion
			Priming the Pump with Freebies
		Chapter 17: Protecting Intellectual Property
			Determining and Keeping Track of Your Intellectual Property Assets
			Copyrighting As Much As You Can
			Protecting Your Brands through Trademark
			Pursuing Patent Protection
			Protecting Trade Secrets
			Keeping Your Records, Writings, Plans, and Designs Secure
		Chapter 18: Building a Business Around Your Innovation
			Doing Your Development Homework
			Writing a Winning Business Plan
			Funding Your Innovative Venture
			Selling Your Inventions
	Part V: The Part of Tens
		Chapter 19: Ten Creative Ways to Boost Your Career
			Look for Opportunities to Stand Out
			Share Your Enthusiasm for Innovative Ideas
			Look for Emerging Problems You Can Help Solve
			Look for Emerging Opportunities You Can Surf
			Do Something You Really Enjoy
			Consider Working on Commission
			Build Two Careers at the Same Time
			Champion Someone Else’s Good Idea
		Chapter 20: Ten Tips for More Innovative Meetings
			Ask for Original Information and Ideas
			Reorganize Your Meetings, Not Your Staff
			Re-solve Old Problems
			Use a “Sideways Thoughts” Board
			Pay Close Attention to Body Language
			Control Routine Topics Tightly
			Control or Exclude Spoilers
			Brainstorm at Least Once a Month
			Ask for Multiple Alternatives
			Meet Somewhere New and Different
		Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Stimulate Your Creative Genius
			Persist, Persist, Persist
			Work on BIG Problems
			Eat Ideas for Lunch
			Work on Your Self-Talk
			Correct Your Mental Biases
			Nurture a Secret Project
			Cross-Train in Art
			Do Art Projects with Your Kids
			Start or Join an Inventors’ Club
		Chapter 22: Ten Tips for Better Implementation of Your Ideas
			Develop Your Team First
			Plan for the Worst
			Account for Each Project Separately
			Document Failures
			Differentiate Owners from Workers
			Avoid Burnout
			Resolve Conflicts (Don’t Avoid Them)
			Know When to Persevere
			Know When to Quit

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