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TitleCambridge International AS and A Level Geography: Revision Guide
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Table of Contents
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Paper 1 Core Geography
	Physical Core
	1 Hydrology and fluvial geomorphology
		1.1 The drainage basin system
		1.2 Rainfall–discharge relationships within drainage basins
		1.3 River channel processes and landforms
		1.4 The human impact
	2 Atmosphere and weather
		2.1 Local energy budgets
		2.2 The global energy budget
		2.3 Weather processes and phenomena
		2.4 The human impact
	3 Rocks and weathering
		3.1 Elementary plate tectonics
		3.2 Weathering and rocks
		3.3 Slope processes and development
		3.4 The human impact
	Human Core
	4 Population
		4.1 Natural increase as a component of population change
		4.2 Demographic transition
		4.3 Population–resource relationships
		4.4 The management of natural increase
	5 Migration
		5.1 Migration as a component of population change
		5.2 Internal migration
		5.3 International migration
		5.4 A case study of international migration
	6 Settlement dynamics
		6.1 Changes in rural settlements
		6.2 Urban trends and issues of urbanisation
		6.3 The changing structure of urban settlements
		6.4 The management of urban settlements
Paper 2 Advanced Physical Geography Options
	7 Tropical environments
		7.1 Tropical climates
		7.2 Tropical ecosystems
		7.3 Tropical landforms
		7.4 Sustainable management of tropical environments
	8 Coastal environments
		8.1 Waves, marine and sub-aerial processes
		8.2 Coastal landforms of cliffed and constructive coasts
		8.3 Coral reefs
		8.4 Sustainable development of coasts
	9 Hazardous environments
		9.1 Hazardous environments resulting from crustal (tectonic) movement
		9.2 Hazardous environments resulting from mass movements
		9.3 Hazards resulting from atmospheric disturbances
		9.4 Sustainable management in hazardous environments
	10 Arid and semi-arid environments
		10.1 The distribution and climatic characteristics of hot arid and semi-arid environments
		10.2 Processes producing desert landforms
		10.3 Soils and vegetation
		10.4 Sustainable management of arid and semi-arid environments
Paper 3 Advanced Human Geography Options
	11 Production, location and change
		11.1 Agricultural systems and food production
		11.2 The management of agricultural change: Jamaica
		11.3 Manufacturing and related service industry
		11.4 The management of industrial change: India
	12 Environmental management
		12.1 Sustainable energy supplies
		12.2 The management of energy supply
		12.3 Environmental degradation
		12.4 The management of a degraded environment
	13 Global interdependence
		13.1 Trade flows and trading patterns
		13.2 Debt and aid and their management
		13.3 The development of international tourism
		13.4 The management of a tourist destination: Jamaica
	14 Economic transition
		14.1 National development
		14.2 The globalisation of industrial activity
		14.3 Regional development
		14.4 The management of development

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