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Program Notes
The Firebird ballet was first performed in Paris in 1910. It brought overnight success to the
young composer. These excerpts from the “Infernal Dance and Finale” are two sections of
the ballet.

Perform the "Infernal Dance" with a steady, unrelenting tempo taking care with the great
variation in dynamics and articulation. From m. 75 there should be a slight "accelerando"
to m. 117 when a ritard. leads into the Finale. Begin the Finale quietly and build gradually
to a full, dramatic ending.

About the Arranger

Andrew Balent is a leading composer and arranger of educational music with over 500
published compositions and arrangements for band, orchestra, chorus and instrumental
ensembles. Having received over twenty-five ASCAP Special Awards for composition, his
published works are written for all levels, but he has specialized in music for young musi-
cians. Mr. Balent taught elementary through high-school levels for thirty years in Michigan
and received both his Bachelor and Masters degrees from the University of Michigan. Mr.
Balent has been a clinician and guest conductor in forty-five states, as well as in Canada,
Europe and South America.

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