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Principles of Framing of Charges Page XVI

6,i7 At the sta'e of Sections 99: and 99;/ the Court is re8uired to e,auate the materia and 

documents on record with a ,iew to find out if the facts emer'in' therefrom taken at their 

 face ,aue discoses the e0istence of a the in'redients constitutin' the ae'ed offence. <or 

this imited $ur$ose/ sift the e,idence as it cannot be e0$ected e,en at that initia sta'e to

acce$t a that the $rosecution states as 'os$e truth e,en if it is o$$osed to common sense or 

the broad $robabiities of the case.

6,ii7 4f two ,iews are $ossibe and one of them 'i,es rise to sus$icion ony/ as distin'uished 

 from 'ra,e sus$icion/ the tria (ud'e wi be em$owered to dischar'e the accused and at this

 sta'e/ he is not to see whether the tria wi end in con,iction or ac8uitta.



~Code of Criminal Procedure~

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