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                            Chinese Medicine in Fertility Disorders
Title Page
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1 Introduction
	1 Fertility Treatment—Its Social and Cultural Context
		Reduced Fertility—Epidemiology-Causes
		Reproduction and Sexuality
			In the West—Christianity, Enlightenment, and the “Pill”
			In the East—Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Modern China
			Integration: TCM
	2 Ethics
		Human Dignity
			Circumstances of Conception—Criteria
		Instrumentalization—Intervention in Fertility Treatment
		Love, Sex, and Reproduction
	3 Guanyin—Goddess of Fertility
		Starting a Family in China
			Legend—Who is Guanyin and Where Does She Come From?
		Goddess of Compassion
		Guanyin—A Mother Goddess
		Song Zi Niang Niang—The Woman Who Can Bestow Children
		Times of Prayer
		Willingness and Openness
		Transmitting Symbolism to the West
	4 The Wish for Sons—Woman and Family in Imperial China-Qiu Zi (求子)
		The Status of Women
			The Family
			Transition to Patriarchy
			Legitimization by the Philosophers
			Rules for Women
			Physically Tied by Bound Feet
			The Life of a Girl
			Continuation of the Family in the Afterlife
			The Economic Aspect
			Who Would Want Girls?
			Men’s Special Privileges
			No Escape for the Woman
		Causes of Childlessness
			Conception and Sexuality
		Couldn’t It Have Been Different?
	5 Advice on Successful Sexual Intercourse from the Medical Classics
		How Often is the Man Allowed? Containing the Damage in Spite of “Jing Loss”
		“The Soldier is not Ready for Action”
		When She Can’t Do as She Wants
		The When and Where Must be Heeded as Well
		No Offspring Even Though Everything Was Done Correctly?
		Pregnant at Last—Now How to Avoid Mistakes?
2 Fertility Treatment and Pregnancy—Reproductive Medicine and TCM in Meaningful Cooperation
	6 Fertility Treatment and Pregnancy—Reproductive Medicine and TCM in Meaningful Cooperation
			Requirements for a Successful Pregnancy
		Causes of Subfertility and Infertility in Women and Men
			The Four Phases of the Menstrual Cycle from the Western and TCM Perspective
			Probabilities of Pregnancy
			Causes of Subfertility and Infertility in Women and Men
			Diagnosis of Subfertility, Infertility, and Sterility
			Symptothermal Method of Natural Family Planning
		Biomedical Methods for the Treatment of Infertility and Sterility
			Hormone Therapy for Cycle Optimization
			Intrauterine Insemination
			In Vitro Fertilization
			Intracytoplasmatic Sperm Injection
			Methods to Complement IVF and ICSI
		Risks of Treatment with Reproductive Medicine
			Risks to the Woman in the Stimulation Phase
			Risks to the Woman during Punction
			Risks to the Woman after the Embryo Transfer
			Multiple Pregnancies
			Risks to Children Born after Assisted Reproduction
			Summary of the Risks
			Options of TCM in the Treatment of Infertility and Sterility
			Special Characteristics of TCM Diagnosis and Therapy
			Diagnostic Procedures in TCM
			Therapeutic Options of TCM when Assisting Reproductive Medicine
		Cooperation between TCM and Biomedicine
		Case Histories
			Case History 1: Female patient, 38 years (IUI)
			Case History 2: Female patient, 42 years (IUI)
			Case History 3: Female patient, 38 years (IUI)
			Case History 4: Female patient, 39 years (IVF)
			Case History 5: Female patient, 38 years (ICSI)
3 Fertility Treatment and Pregnancy—Foundations of TCM
	7 Physiology and Pathology of Fertility and Reproduction from the TCM Perspective
		The Energies Jing, Qi, and Xue
		The Extraordinary Vessels
			The Energetic Interplay of the Extraordinary Vessels
		The Viscera and Bowels
			Physiology and Pathology of the Kidney
			Physiology and Pathology of the Liver
			Physiology and Pathology of the Spleen
			Physiology and Pathology of the Heart
			Physiology and Pathology of the Lung
		The Physiology of Menstruation from the TCM Perspective
			Key Patterns of Female Infertility
			Causes for a Miscarriage
		The Pathology of Infertility from the TCM Perspective
		Summary of Infertility in Tables
	8 Worth a Thousand in Gold—The Quest for Perfect Children in Early China
		Sun Simiao and the Bei Ji Qian Jin Yao Fang
		Fertility Treatments in the Qian Jin Fang
		Pregnancy Treatments in the Qian Jin Fang
4 Options and Methods in Fertility Treatment
	9 Qi Gong
		Qi Gong and its Medical Applications
		Qi Gong for Fertility Treatment in China
			The Exercises
			Exercise and Therapy Plan
		Qi Gong as Treatment by the Practitioner
		Qi Gong as Self-treatment
	10 Tui Na Therapy
		Effect and Application in Infertility
		Description of a Tui Na Technique and its Effect
		Self-massage in Infertility
	11 Moxibustion
		General Effect
			Forms of Moxibustion
			Range of Applications for Moxibustion
			Treatment Principles of Moxibustion
		The Use of Moxibustion in Fertility Treatment
			Cold Stagnating in the Lower Abdomen (“Cold Lower Abdomen”) in Women
		Localization and Application
			The Most Important Points in the Treatment of Infertility
		Problems in the Application of Moxa Therapy
			Application in the Hospital or Clinic
			Application at Home
	12 Acupuncture
		Points on the Pubic Line 5 Cun below the Navel
		Points on the Line 4 Cun below the Navel
		Points on the Line 3 Cun below the Navel
		Points on the Line 2 Cun below the Navel
		Points on the Line 1 Cun below the Navel
		Important Points on the Liver Channel
	13 Chinese Dietetics
		Food Culture and Dietetics
		To Preserve and Protect Jing
		Certified Organic Food and its Preparation
		Chinese Dietetics
			Thermal Nature
		Yang, Warmth, and Food
			Recommended Diet for Boosting Kidney Yang
			Yin, Blood, Fluids, and Food
			Recommended Diet for Boosting Kidney Yin
			Recommended Diet for Building Blood
		Dampness, Phlegm, and Food
			Recommended Diet for Transforming Dampness and Phlegm
		Blood Stasis and Food
			Recommended Diet for Blood Stasis
	14 Chinese Medicinal Therapy in Threatened or Recurrent Miscarriage and in Pregnancy
		Miscarriage and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss from the Perspective of Western Medicine
			Threatened Abortion
			Missed Abortion
			Incomplete Abortion
			Incipient Abortion
			Septic Abortion
			Habitual Abortion
		Miscarriage and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss from the TCM Perspective
			Threatened Abortion
			Missed, Septic, or Incomplete Abortion
			Habitual Abortion
			Concluding Remarks
		Chinese Medicinal Therapy during Pregnancy
			Contraindications for Chinese Medicinals
			Concluding Remarks
			To be Used with Caution During Pregnancy
			Contraindicated during Pregnancy
	15 Formula Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang—Decoction for Treating Infertility
		The Traditional Formula Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang
		Formula Analysis
			Acrid and Hot Substances
		The Application of Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang in Modern Clinical Practice
			The Treatment of 41 Female Infertility Patients
			The Treatment of Infertility Caused by Blocked Fallopian Tubes
			The Treatment of 40 Female Infertility Patients
			The Treatment of 12 Female Infertility Patients
			The Treatment of Immune Infertility Caused by Endometriosis
			The Treatment of 20 Patients with Semen Liquefaction Problems
		Case Studies
			Case Study 1: Infertility with Dysmenorrhea
			Case Study 2: Infertility
			Case Study 3: Infertility
			Case Study 4: Male Infertility
			Case Study 5: Infertility with Amenorrhea
5 Fertility Disorders and Treatment Concepts
	16 Menstrual Disorders—Yue Jing Bing
		Physiology of the Menstrual Cycle
			The Female Menstrual Cycle from the Biomedical Perspective
			Female Physiology from the TCM Perspective
		Distinctive Features in Diagnosis and Treatment
			Distinctive Features in Diagnosis
			Distinctive Features in Therapy
			General Pathology
		Excessive Bleeding
			Abbreviated Cycle—Yue Jing Xian Qi (月经先期)
			Profuse Menstruation—Yue Jing Guo Duo (月经过多)
		Dysfunctional Bleeding
			Acyclic Bleeding—Beng Lou (崩漏, Flooding and Spotting)
			Intermenstrual Bleeding—Jing Jian Qi Chu Xue (经间期出血)
		Insufficient Bleeding
			Delayed Menstruation—Yue Jing Hou Qi (月经后期)
			Scant Menstruation—Yue Jing Guo Shao (月经过少)
			Amenorrhea—Bi Jing (闭经)
		Menstruation at Irregular Intervals
			Liver Qi Stagnation—Gan Qi Yu (肝气郁)
			Menstrual Pain from Qi Stagnation—Qi Zhi (气滞)
			Blood Stasis—Xue Yu (血瘀)
		Commonly Used Acupuncture Points and their Combinations in Modern TCM
		Case Studies
			Case Study 1: Female Patient, Age 24 (Amenorrhea)
			Case Study 2: Female Patient, Age 36 (Infertility with Dysmenorrhea and Tendency to Miscarriage)
	17 Early Menopause
			Western Diagnosis
			Differentiation from the TCM Perspective
		Vacuity Patterns
			Insufficiency of Blood (and Qi)
			Insufficiency of Kidney Yang
			Insufficiency of Essence
		Repletion Patterns
			Liver Qi Stagnation
			Blood Stasis
			Damp-heat in the Lower Burner
			Phlegm Accumulation
	18 Infertility and Sexual Disorders
		The Three Dimensions of Sexuality
		Disorders of Male Fertility—Exhaustion of Water (Kidney) and Wood (Liver)
		Disorders in the Sexuality of Men and Women
			Always under Pressure—Liver Qi Congestion
			Pondering and Reflection—Weakness of Spleen Qi
			Missing Clarity—Dampness and Dampheat
			Additional Blockages: Heat and Dampness in the Liver and Gallbladder
			The Source Dries Up—Kidney Vacuity
			Weakness of Kidney Yang with Cold and Dampness
			A Limp Lumbus—Weakness of Kidney Qi
			Strengthless—Weakness of Lung Qi
			Chilled—Weakness of Heart Yang
		Differentiation between Patterns
	19 The Treatment of Male Infertility with TCM
		Infertility—a Special Challenge
		Causes of Male Infertility
		Diagnostics and Diagnoses of Male Infertility
			Western Diagnostics and Diagnoses
			TCM Diagnostics and its Most Relevant Diagnoses
		Treatment of Male Infertility
			Biomedical Therapies
			TCM Therapies
			Combined TCM Therapy in Accordance with TCM Diagnoses
			TCM Therapy in Accordance with a Spermiogram
		Case Studies
			Case Study 1
			Case Study 2
			Case Study 3
			Case Study 4
		Practical Experiences
	20 Endometriosis—Nei Ji
		Causes and Pathogenesis from the Biomedical Perspective
		Endometriosis and Fertility
		Clinical Picture and Therapy from the TCM Perspective
			Treatment Prior to any Attempt to Become Pregnant
			Treatment by Means of Medicinal Enemas
		Important Disease Patterns
			Liver Qi Congestion and Blood Stasis
			Stasis due to External Cold
			Insufficiency of Kidney Yang with Internal Cold (Blood Stasis)
			Damp-heat in the Lower Burner (with Blood Stasis)
			Damp-heat in the Lower Burner (with Blood Heat)
		Treatment during Menstruation
		Case Study
			Infertility due to Endometriosis
	21 PCO Syndrome and Fertility
		How Does PCOS Arise?
		Treatment with Biomedicine
		Treatment with TCM
		Differential Diagnosis
			Kidney Vacuity
			Liver Fire
			Qi Stagnation with Blood Stasis
	22 Supplementary Chinese Medicinal Therapy in IVF/ET Treatments
		History of Fertility Treatment in TCM
		Preliminary Results
		When and For Which Patients is IVF/ET or ICSI/ET Treatment Appropriate?
			Complications in IVF/ET or ICSI/ET Treatments
			Which Method for an Infertile Couple?
			Who is an Appropriate Candidate for IVF/ET or ICSI/ET Treatments?
			How Can We Support IVF/ET Treatment?
		Case Studies
			Case Study 1: Thin Endometrium
			Case Study 2: Thin Endometrium, PCOS, OATS in the Partner
			Case Study 3: Weak Ovarian Reaction
			Case Study 4: Advanced Age and Infertility
			Case Study 5: Endometriosis and Adenomyomatosis
			Case Study 6: Five Failed IVF/ET Treatments, OHSS
			Case Study 7: Six Unresolved, Failed IVF/ET Treatments
			Case Study 8: Pronounced Endometriosis
		Why Can TCM Support In Vitro Fertilization?
			The Gonads are Supported to Improve the Number and Quality of Egg and Sperm Cells
			The Receptiveness of the Endometrium and the Embryo Implantation Rate are Improved
			Embryonal Development is Promoted Cooperation with Biomedicine Reduces the Side-effects of IVF/ET Treatment
			Miscarriages are Avoided and Pregnancy Rates Improved
6 Patient Support
	23 Inviting the “Heavenly Spark”—Shen in the Support of Couples in Fertility Treatment
		Shen as Consciousness and Mindfulness of the Practitioner
			Shen as Self-knowledge
			Shen as Clarity between Practitioner and Patient
			Shen in the Treatment Situation
		Shen as Power of the Heart and Spiritual Connection of the Couple
			Shen as Expression of a Shared Will
			The Shen Contact between the Partners during Treatment
		Shen as Heavenly Spark during Conception
			Correct Timing
			Internal Self-cultivation
			Acceptance of Natural Cycles and Laws
			Erotic Passion
			Shen and Jing
		Concluding Remarks
	24 Stress and Infertility
		What Causes Stress?
			Authenticity—How do we Achieve it?
			Ideas, Concepts, Feelings—Where Do They Come From?
			What is the Benchmark for our Actions and the Pursuit of Happiness?
		The Motor—Ming Men
		The End of Pushing
		Losing and Gaining Identity
		Strategies for Harmonizing Self-awareness
			The Wood Phase and the Liver
			The Fire Phase and the Heart
			The Earth Phase and the Spleen
			The Metal Phase and the Lung
			The Water Phase and the Kidney
	25 Supporting the Couple in Successful and Failed Fertility Treatment
		Supporting Pregnancy
			First and Second Month—The Wood Phase
			Third and Fourth Month—The Fire Phase
			Fifth and Sixth Month—The Earth Phase
			Seventh and Eighth Month—The Metal Phase
			Ninth and 10th Month—The Water Phase
		Support in Failed Fertility Treatment
			When Can the Woman Become Pregnant Again?
			Fertility Treatment and Couple Dynamics
			Alternatives—Adoption and Accepted Childlessness
7 Appendix
	List of Photos and Illustrations
	General Index
	Prescriptions Index

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