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TitleComplete Guide to Chess. Master: Chess Tactics, Chess Openings and Chess Strategies
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
Table of Contents
History of Chess
	Travel to Persia
	Chess in Europe
	Chessboard And Chess Pieces
	Chess Notation
Chapter 1: Major Chess Openings
	Ruy Lopez
	Italian Game
	Sicilian Defense
	French Defense
	Caro-Kann Defense
	Pirc Defense
	English Opening
	Alekhine’s Defense
	Queen’s Gambit
	Modern Defense
	King’s Indian Defense
	King’s Indian Attack
	The Dutch Defense
	What’s Next?
Chapter 2: General Guidelines for Strategy
	Target Development
	Territorial Domination
	Making Your Advantages Relevant
	Helpful Strategic Guidelines
	Owning Your Last Stand
Chapter 3: Endgame Strategies
	14 Tips For The End Game
Chapter 4: Key Principles Behind Chess Strategies
	Piece quality and development
	Center control
	King safety
	Duality of the Queen
	Rook - The Enforcer
	The Wily Knight
	Color-blind Bishops
	Bishop versus Knight Dynamics
	Pawn structure
Chapter 5: Chess Tactics
	En Passant
	Knight Fork
	Queen fork
	Bishop fork
	Rook fork
	Arranging a pin
Chapter 6: Quick Checkmate Strategies
	Fool’s mate
	Smothered mate (king’s pawn)
	Scholars mate
	Hippopotamus mate
	Legal’s mate
Chapter 7: Draws In Chess
	Draw by agreement
	Threefold repetition
	The fifty move rule
	Insufficient mating material
	Etiquettes for drawing
Chapter 8: Tournament Rules
	When in doubt, ask
	You have to move the piece you touch
	Recording the moves
	Do not interfere with a game
	Remember to turn off your cell phone
	Learn to use the chess clock
	Record your result
Chapter 9: Lets Play Chess
Chapter 10: Chess Puzzles
Chapter 11: Tips To Get Started
	Memorize openings
	Assess your opponent’s move
	Make the best move
	Have a plan in place
	Know your pieces’ worth
	Develop soon and well
	Know when to trade
	Stay alert at all times
	Never take unnecessary risks
	Refrain from giving unnecessary checks
The dos and don’ts of chess
Key take aways

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