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The ENGLISH FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS editions help Spanish-speaking learners overcome the difficulties they face
when learning Engl ish . This is achieved by integrating our expert knowledge of Spanish speakers with information
taken from the unique Cambridge Learner Corpus.

Our in-depth understanding of Spanish-speaking learners is the result of extensive research carried out by our
locally-based editorial team and is clearly evident in our ENGLISH FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS editi ons. This guarantees
that the topics and activity types are relevan! to Spanish-speaking learners of English, with a focus on areas of
language which are typical ly problematic. Extra support is al so provided for teachers of Spanish speakers through
deta iled teaching notes and specifical ly-designed ideas for the classroom.

The Cambridge Learner Corpus is a unique collection of over 35 mi Ilion words written by students taking
Cambridge ESOL exams. lt has been developed by Cambridge Univers ity Press and Cambridge ESOL, and its
unique 'error coding' system highl ights the mistakes made by candidates. We use this system to identify which
words, grammar patterns or language structures cause the most problems for Spanish-speaking students learning
English. As a result, ENGLISH FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS editions are able to confidently address the common mistakes
that Spanish-speaking learners make, and give extra practice and tips to avoid these typ ical errors.


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First published 20 11
8th printing 2016

Printed in Spain by Marbán Libros
D. L.: S-383-20 11

ISBN 978-84-8323-743-4 Student's Book (with answers with CD-ROM) (ENGLJSH FOR SPANJSH SPEAKERS edition)
ISBN 978-84-8323-739-7 Student's Book (without answers with CD-ROM) (ENGLISH FOR SPANJSH SPEAKERS edition)
ISBN 978-84-8323-745-8 Workbook (with answers with Audio CD) (ENGLISH FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS edition)
ISBN 978-84-8323-744-1 Workbook (without answers with Audio CD) (ENGLISH FOR SPANJSH SPEAKERS edition)
ISBN 978-84-8323-746-5 Teacher's Book (ENGLISH FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS edition)
ISBN 978-84-8323-747-2 Class Audio CDs (ENGLISH FOR SPANJSH SPEAKERS edition)

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