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TitleComplete Portrait Manual
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                            Front Cover
Title Page
	001 Meet Your DSLR
	002 Get to Know Your Camera Functions
	003 Understand the Basics of Exposure
	004 Meter Your Light to Determine Exposure
	005 Choose the Best Aperture Size
	006 Pick an Appropriate ISO
	007 Set Shutter Speed
	008 Better Your Exposure
	009 Wrap Your Head Around Focal Length
	010 Comprehend Lens Speed
	011 Match Your Lens to Your Camera’s Sensor Size
	012 See Hard and Soft Light
	013 Keep Lighting Natural
	014 Master the Flash
	015 Know When to Go with Strobe or Continuous Lighting
	016 Communicate with Color
	017 Go Black and White
	018 Work Your White Balance
	019 Fill the Frame for Dramatic Composition
	020 Ace the Rule of Thirds
	021 Make the Most of Leading Lines
	022 Give Images Depth
	023 Shift Your Point of View
	024 See the Beauty in Repetition
	025 Learn About Basic Software Tools
	026 Put Subjects at Ease
	027 Establish Control
	028 Work Around Insecurities
	029 Get Familiar with Standard Portrait Types
	030 Get on a Subject’s Good Side
	031 Experiment with Camera Angles
	032 Pose to Conceal So-Called Flaws
	033 Encourage Amazing Expressions
	034 Advise on Wardrobe Choices
	035 Coordinate Colors
	036 Layer Patterns for Intrigue
	037 Consider Hair and Makeup
	038 Bring in Simple Props
	039 Gather Inspiration from the World Around You
	040 Set off a Smoke Bomb
	041 Surprise with Props
	042 Choose a Good Standing Pose for Male Subjects
	043 Pick Appealing Standing Poses for Women
	044 Relax into Reclining Positions
	045 Hit the Deck with Kneeling Poses
	046 Watch Weight Distribution
	047 Flatter with Seated Poses for Women
	048 Pick Seated Poses that Work for Males
	049 Get the Drop on Backdrops
	050 Scout for Locations
	051 Reveal with a Cutaway Set
	052 Curate a Human Wall Display
	053 Direct Some Dynamic Duos
	054 Embrace Awkward Kid Candids
	055 Keep Shooting During In-Between Moments
	056 Convince Couples to Cozy Up for the Camera
	057 Pose Lone Rangers
	058 Beat the Blink
	059 Line Them up Right
	060 Arrange Kids in a Triangle
	061 Compose a Crowd
	062 Show Some Shoes
	063 Capture a Rear View
	064 Make a Pocket Portrait
	065 Shoot Festivities in the Street
	066 Shake up Urban Scenes
	067 Make Portraits of Buskers
	068 Use a Series to Tell the Masses’ Story
	069 Sneak a Smartphone Snap
	070 Look in from the Outside
	071 Crowdsource a Portrait
	072 Cover the Bases in a Kid’s Life
	073 Keep a Child Subject Happy
	074 Make Kid Shots Take Flight
	075 Take a New Angle on Children
	076 Work with Too-Cool Teens
	077 Coax Seniors Before the Lens
	078 Frame the Fam in Candid Snapshots
	079 Capture Global Celebrations
	080 Create a Clever Holiday Card
	081 Keep Your Gear Safe on the Road
	082 See Vanishing Ways of Life
	083 Shoot Like a Local
	084 Join the Working Class
	085 Honor an Everyday Hero in the Field
	086 Portray an Artist in the Studio
	087 Relax Subjects with the Spa Treatment
	088 Highlight Class at the Pool
	089 Catch a Frosty Candid
	090 Pose a Classics-Inspired Nude
	091 Build Rapport for a Nude Shoot
	092 Craft a Model Release
	093 Create a Sensual Boudoir Portrait
	094 Step into the Picture
	095 Take Self-Portraits to the Next Level
	096 Document the Selfie Craze
	097 Plan a Wedding Shoot
	098 Go Behind the Scenes at Nuptials
	099 Wrangle at Weddings
	100 Pose a Bridal Party
	101 Shoot Engaged Lovers
	102 Celebrate an Ethnic Wedding
	103 Keep Your Cool at Ceremonies
	104 Pose a Pooch Portrait
	105 Photograph Dogs with Their Humans
	106 Snap Beauty with the Beasts
	107 Finesse Exposure for Portraits
	108 Bracket for Ideal Exposure
	109 Experiment with Depth of Field
	110 Blur a Background into a Dream Scene
	111 Shoot from Afar
	112 Flatter with Different Focal Lengths
	113 Exaggerate Daredevils with a Fisheye
	114 Blur Planes with a Tilt-Shift Lens
	115 Go Long with a Panorama
	116 Pick a Prime or a Zoom
	117 Warp a Selfie with a Wide-Angle Lens
	118 Gear Up for Self-Portraits
	119 Set up a Mirror for Self-Portraits
	120 Blur with Bokeh
	121 Go for Total Defocus
	122 Develop a Flair for Flare
	123 Create Catchlights in the Eyes
	124 Let the Eyes Say It All
	125 Harness Sunlight with Found Modifiers
	126 Backlight for a Golden Glow
	127 Track the Sun with an App
	128 Go with the Sunny 16 Rule
	129 Boost Eyes with a Reflector
	130 Deal with Dappled Light
	131 White out with Avedon Lighting
	132 Know Your Lighting Ratios
	133 Mimic Dutch Masters with Window Light
	134 Capture Nightlife with Mixed Light
	135 Go with Broad or Short Lighting
	136 Shoot in Rave Light
	137 Work Image Stabilization
	138 Rock a Concert
	139 Maximize an Accessory Flash
	140 Understand Flash Falloff
	141 Wrap Around with a Ring Light
	142 Make Your Own Adjustable Snoot
	143 Use a Black Marble to Find Catchlights
	144 Rig a Flash Grid with Cardboard
	145 Assemble a DIY Reflector
	146 Decode Reflector Colors
	147 Shoot Through a Translucent Umbrella
	148 Try a Reflective Umbrella
	149 Make It an Even Split
	150 Superloop Your Subject
	151 Blow Hair Around
	152 Flatter Skin
	153 Craft a Brooding Low-Key Portrait
	154 Go Bright with High Key
	155 Diffuse with a Softbox
	156 Illuminate with a Beauty Dish
	157 Line up Your Beauty Dish
	158 Hack Together a Ring Light
	159 Make a Salad-Bowl Beauty Dish
	160 Power Lights with a Car Battery
	161 Take Rembrandt Lighting into the Field
	162 Compliment with a Clamshell
	163 Go Hollywood with Paramount Lighting
	164 Set off a Silhouette
	165 Make Ghostly Effects
	166 Create Drama with a Rim Light
	167 Wave a Black Flag
	168 Set Up a Photo Booth
	169 Focus Light with a Grid
	170 Add Atmosphere with a Cookie
	171 Amp It up with Three Lights
	172 Max out with Four Lights
	173 Highlight Tresses with a Hair Light
	174 Inject Color with a Gel
	175 Spill Light Artfully with a Snoot
	176 Hack a Kitchen Light
	177 Make It Rain Light
	178 Light a Portrait with Car Headlights
	179 Send a Kid on a Spaceman Odyssey
	180 Add Mood with Fog
	181 Re-Create a Magical Childhood Scene
	182 Rock a Pram Cam
	183 Photograph Newborns
	184 Pick Camera Settings for Kids
	185 Jumble Ads and Pedestrians
	186 Track Faces with Autofocus
	187 Gear up for Pet Shoots
	188 Snap a Cat
	189 Freeze the Catwalk
	190 Pan with Your Camera for Speedy Subjects
	191 Capture Sports Stars in Prep
	192 Freeze Fast Action with Flash
	193 Jostle the Peloton
	194 Smear Motion with Shutter Speed
	195 Go for Backward Blur with Trailing Sync
	196 Capture Edgy Sports with Gritty Light
	197 Make an Athlete Pop Off the Field
	198 Go Long with a Telephoto Lens
	199 Skip the Chimp
	200 Take a Compact for a Swim
	201 Outfit Your DSLR for Underwater Use
	202 Keep Your Underwater Housing in Top Shape
	203 Craft Artistic Underwater Views
	204 Ride a Wave with a Surfer
	205 Illuminate Underwater Portraits
	206 Scale Great Heights for a Portrait of a Climber
	207 Document a Wild Ride
	208 Fake a Rainstorm
	209 DIY a Lenshood
	210 Shoot Street Scenes in the Snow
	211 Gear Up for the Big Day
	212 Set Up a Fashion Studio
	213 Shoot Street Styles
	214 Find New Faces and Fresh Fashion
	215 Capture the Catwalk
	216 Get Runway Ready
	217 Shoot Backstage at a Fashion Show
	218 Try Hollywood’s “Horror Lighting”
	219 Retouch Wrinkles, Teeth, and Eyes
	220 Convert Portraits to B&W
	221 Harness Lightroom
	222 Pin Your Exposures
	223 Experiment with Film
	224 Make Lo-Fi Portraits
	225 Try a Light Gun for Stroboscopic Effects
	226 Lightpaint a Portrait
	227 Shoot Through a Prism
	228 Do a Double Take with Multiple-Exposure Mode
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