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TitleDK - Advanced Photography Guide
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Total Pages194
Table of Contents
	Introduction 8
	About This Book 10
		Introducing Equipment 14
		Explaining Cameras
			From Capture to Storage 16
			Single Lens Reflex Cameras 18
			Compact System Cameras 20
		Explaining Lenses
			Which Lenses? 22
		Explaining Lighting
			Lighting 24
			Light Modifiers 26
		Explaining Accessories
			Camera Support 28
		Explaining File Formats
			JPEG vs. Raw 30
		Introducing Composition 34
		Explaining the Rules of Composition
			Composition Guidelines 36
		Explaining Color
			Color Harmonies 40
		Applying Color
			Using Complementary Colors 42
		Explaining Color
			Color Temperature 44
		Applying White Balance
			Setting White Balance for Creative Effect 46
		Introducing Exposure 50
		Explaining Exposure Modes
			Exposure Modes 52
		Applying Program Mode
			Fine-Tuning Exposure 54
		Applying Aperture Priority Mode
			Achieving Depth of Field in Landscapes 56
			Simplifying Composition with Selective Focus 58
		Applying Shutter Priority Mode
			Action Shots 60
			Intentional Camera Movement 62
		Applying Manual Mode
			Creating a Stitched-Together Panoramic Image 64
		Applying Bulb Mode
			Shooting Star Trails 66
		Explaining Metering
			Exposure Metering 68
		Applying Spot Metering
			Shooting at a Concert 70
		Explaining Creative Exposure
			Creative Exposure 72
		Applying Multiple Exposure
			Blending Multiple Photos 74
		Introducing Focusing 78
		Explaining Autofocus
			Autofocus Modes 80
		Autofocus Points 82
			Applying Continuous Autofocus
		Back-Button Focusing 84
			Explaining Manual Focus
		How to Focus Manually 86
			Applying Manual Focus
		Focusing in Advance 88
			Maximizing Depth of Field 90
	5. LENSES 92
		Introducing Lenses 94
		Explaining Focal Length
			Focal Length 96
		Applying Wide-Angle Lenses
			Shooting Interior Spaces 100
		Applying Standard Lenses
			Shooting Street Photography 102
		Applying Telephoto Lenses
			The Brenizer Method 104
		Explaining Speciality Lenses
			Speciality Lenses 106
		Applying Adapted Lenses
			Using Adapted Lenses 108
		Applying Tilt-Shift Lenses
			Shooting Tall Buildings 110
		Explaining Macro Lenses
			Shooting in Macro 112
		Applying Extension Tubes
			Focusing Closer 114
		Applying Focus Stacking
			Perfecting Focus 116
	6. FILTERS 118
		Introducing Filters 120
		Explaining Exposure Control Filters
			Exposure Control Filters 122
		Applying 10-Stop Filters
			Creating Extreme Blur 124
		Applying Graduated ND Filters
			Balancing Different Amounts of Light in a Landscape 126
		Explaining Effects Filters
			Using Effects Filters 128
		Applying Polarizing Filters
			Improving Visibility 130
	7. FLASH 132
		Introducing Flash 134
		Explaining Built-In Flash
			What is Built-In Flash? 136
		Applying Slow Sync Flash
			Using Flash in Low Light 138
		Explaining External Flash
			Flash Effects 140
		Applying High-Speed Sync Flash
			Using High-Speed Sync Flash 142
		Explaining Manual Flash
			Using Manual Exposure Flash 144
		Applying Manual Flash
			Manually Setting Flash Power 146
		Explaining Wireless Flash
			Using Wireless Flash 148
		Applying Multiple Flashes
			Using Multiple Flashes 150
		Applying Gels
			Altering Flash Color 152
		Introducing Image Enhancement 156
		Explaining Editing Software
			Using Editing Software 158
		Applying Dodging and Burning
			Lightening and Darkening 160
		Applying Lens Correction
			Correcting Subtle Flaws 162
		Applying Sharpening
			Adjusting Sharpness 164
		Explaining Monochrome Techniques
			Black-and-White Photography 166
		Applying Monochrome Techniques
			Changing Tones 168
		Applying the Brenizer Effect
			Stitching Together Standard Photos and Panoramas 170
		Explaining Layers
			Working with Layers 172
		Applying Layer Masks
			Selective Adjustments 174
		Applying Cross Processing
			Adjusting Color 176
		Explaining Data Asset Management
			Cataloging Images 178
		Applying Prints
			Preparing to Print 180
	Glossary 182
	Index 186
	Acknowledgments 192

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