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TitleDo What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
Read This First
Part One: Unlocking the Secrets of Personality Type
	Chapter 1: Suit Yourself
		The Secret of Career Satisfaction
	Chapter 2: Just Who Do You Think You Are?
		Discovering Your Personality Type
	Chapter 3: Mirror, Mirror
		Verifying Your Personality Type
Part Two: The “Fourmula” for Career Satisfaction
	Chapter 4: What a Character!
	Chapter 5: Who’s on First?
		Identifying Your Innate Strengths
	Chapter 6: The Way You Do the Things You Do
		Which Strengths You Share and Which You Use Privately
	Chapter 7: Aged to Perfection
		Developing Your Abilities Over Time
Part Three: Getting to Work
	Chapter 8: ENFJ
		“The Public Relations Specialists”
	Chapter 9: INFJ
		“Catalysts for Positive Change”
	Chapter 10: ENFP
		“Anything’s Possible”
	Chapter 11: INFP
		“Still Waters Run Deep”
	Chapter 12: ENTJ
		“Everything’s Fine—I’m in Charge”
	Chapter 13: INTJ
		“Competence + Independence = Perfection”
	Chapter 14: ENTP
		“Life’s Entrepreneurs”
	Chapter 15: INTP
		“Ingenious Problem Solvers”
	Chapter 16: ESTJ
		“Taking Care of Business”
	Chapter 17: ISTJ
		“Take Your Time and Do It Right”
	Chapter 18: ESFJ
		“What Can I Do for You?”
	Chapter 19: ISFJ
		“On My Honor, to Do My Duty…”
	Chapter 20: ESTP
		“Let’s Get Busy!”
	Chapter 21: ISTP
		“Doing the Best I Can with What I’ve Got”
	Chapter 22: ESFP
		“Don’t Worry—Be Happy!”
	Chapter 23: ISFP
		“It’s the Thought That Counts”
	Chapter 24: Putting It All Together
		Creating Your Personal Career Plan
	Chapter 25: Encore! Encore!
		Success Stories of Baby Boomers Finding Satisfying Second Careers
	Chapter 26: For Career Professionals Only
Some Final Thoughts and Resources
About the Authors
Other Books by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron
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Table of Contents

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