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TitleEmily Post's Etiquette: The Definitive Guide to Manners, Completely Revised and Updated
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Table of Contents
A Note to Readers
Part One. Everyday Etiquette
Chapter One. Guidelines for Living
Chapter Two. Greetings and Introductions
Chapter Three. When Out and About
Chapter Four. Dealing with Rudeness
Chapter Five. Dress and Grooming
Part Two. Relationships
Chapter Six. Dating
Chapter Seven. Separation and Divorce
Chapter Eight. Today’s Families
Chapter Nine. The Thoughtful Family Member
Chapter Ten. The Good Neighbor
Chapter Eleven. Illnesses and Disabilities
Chapter Twelve. People Who Workin Your Home
Part Three. Children and Teens
Chapter Thirteen. Teaching Everyday Manners
Chapter Fourteen. Table and Party Manners
Chapter Fifteen. Young Communicators
Chapter Sixteen. Teen Dates and Special Occasions
Part Four. Communication and Protocol
Chapter Seventeen. Correspondence
Chapter Eighteen. Invitations and Announcements
Chapter Nineteen. The Good Conversationalist
Chapter Twenty. E-mail Etcetera
Chapter Twenty-one. Telephone Manners
Chapter Twenty-two. Names,Titles, and Official Protocol
Part Five. Dining and Entertaining
Chapter Twenty-three. Table Manners
Chapter Twenty-four. Eating Out
Chapter Twenty-five. The Dinner Party
Chapter Twenty-six. Hosts and Houseguests
Chapter Twenty-seven. Parties Galore
Chapter Twenty-eight. Toasts and Toasting
Part Six. Celebrations and Ceremonies
Chapter Twenty-nine. Celebrating Life’s Stages
Chapter Thirty. Giving and Receiving Gifts
Chapter Thirty-one. Grieving and Condolences
Chapter Thirty-two. Attending Religious Services
Part Seven. Weddings
Chapter Forty-three. Life in the Workplace
Chapter Forty-four. The Social Side
Chapter Thirty-three. The Engagement
Chapter Thirty-four. Planning the Big Event
Chapter Thirty-five. The Nuts and Bolts of Preparation
Chapter Thirty-six. Wedding Invitations and Announcements
Chapter Thirty-seven. Wedding Attire
Chapter Thirty-eight. Wedding Gifts
Chapter Thirty-nine. Your Day
Chapter Forty. A Guide for Wedding Guests
Chapter Forty-one. Remarriage
Chapter Forty-two. New Times, New Traditions
Part Eight. You and Your Job
Part Nine. Travel and Leisure
Chapter Forty-five. Traveling Near and Far
Chapter Forty-six. The Finer Points of Tipping
Chapter Forty-seven. Performances in Public Places
Chapter Forty-eight. Sports and Recreation
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