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TitleFaith vs Fact : Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible
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Table of Contents
                            Also by Jerry A. Coyne
Title Page
Preface: The Genesis of This Book
CHAPTER 1: The Problem
CHAPTER 2: What’s Incompatible?
	What Is Science?
	What Is Religion?
	The Incompatibility
	Conflicts of Method
	Conflicts of Outcome
	Conflicts of Philosophy
CHAPTER 3: Why Accommodationism Fails
	The Varieties of Accommodationism
	Science Versus the Supernatural
	What About Miracles?
	Three Test Cases
	Was the Evolution of Humans Inevitable?
	Theological Problems with Theistic Evolution
CHAPTER 4: Faith Strikes Back
	The New Natural Theology
	Is Science the Only “Way of Knowing”?
	The Scientism Canard
CHAPTER 5: Why Does It Matter?
	Child Abuse: Faith as Substitute for Medicine
	Suppression of Research and Vaccination
	Opposition to Assisted Dying
	Global-Warming Denialism
	Does Faith Have Any Value?
	Can There Be Dialogue Between Science and Faith?

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