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Table of Contents
Chapter 1. General
	1.1 General
	1.2 Connections
Chapter 2. Operation Overview
	2.1 Finishing and Starting Chart Radar
	2.2 Screen
	2.3 Basic Operations
	2.4 Box Menu for Chart Radar or Radar Mode
	2.5 ECDIS Mode Status Bar
Chapter 3. Menu Tree
	3.1 Summary of Menu
	3.2 Icon Box Menu on Radar and Chart Radar displays
	3.3 MAIN Menu of Radar and Chart Radar
	3.4 MAIN Menu on ECDIS display
Chapter 4. Radar Settings
	4.1 RPU-016 Settings
Chapter 5. Installation Parameter Settings
	5.1 Before Making Installation Parameter Settings
	5.2 Installation Parameter Backup
	5.3 LAN Adapter
	5.4 B-Adapter
	5.5 Installation Parameter Settings
Chapter 6. Installation of Charts
	6.1 Overview
	6.2 Installation of Public key and Permit key
	6.3 Installation of Charts
Chapter 7. RPU-016 Program Updating
	7.1 Outline of Updating
	7.2 Updating through Serial Port
	7.3 Program Updating with Mini-Program Card
	7.4 Updating through LAN Port
Chapter 8. EC-1000C Program Updating
	8.1 Overview
	8.2 Updating Procedure
	8.3 Registry File Check
	8.4 Contents of Program CD ROM
Chapter 9. LAN Adapter Settings
	9.1 LAN Adapter Settings
	9.2 Preparations
	9.3 Changing IP Address and Parameter Settings for LAN Adapter
	9.4 Updating LAN Adapter Program
	9.5 Updating LAN Adapter OS
Chapter 10. Network Settings for EC-1000C
	10.1 Outline of Network Settings
	10.2 Network Settings
Chapter 11. Location of Parts
	11.1 EC-1000C
	11.2 RCU-020
	11.3 LAN Adapter (EC-1010)
	11.4 B Adapter (EC-1020)
	11.5 HUB (HUB-100)
	11.6 Monitor (MU-201CE)
	11.7 RPU-016
	11.8 Scanner Unit
	11.9 Radar Console
Chapter 12. Maintenance
	12.1 Checking LAN Connections
	12.2 Checking LAN Adapter and B-Adapter
	12.3 Checking LAN Signal
	12.4 Selftest on EC-1000C
	12.5 Selftest on Radar Processor unit
	12.6 Replacing BIOS Battery on CPU Board of EC-1000C
	12.7 BIOS Setting
	12.8 Replacing HDD of EC-1000C
Chapter 13. Installation of Windows XP
Chapter 14. Q & A
Appendix 1) List of Alarms
	Description of the Alarm Priority System
	AP1.1 List of Navigation Alarms
	AP1.2 Additional Navigation Alarms
	AP1.3 List of Chart Alarms
	AP1.4 ARPA Alarms
Appendix 2) NMEA and IEC Sentences
	AP2.1 List of Talker name
	AP2.2 Configuration of the Sentence from ARPA to ECDIS
	AP2.3 Configuration of the Sentence from ECDIS to ARPA
	AP2.4 FEA-2107 Interfaces
	AP2.5 Sensor Data
Appendix 3) Specifications
Ref-1) Installation of C-Map
Ref-2) Installation of PP-510 Driver
Ref-3) Updating of HDD Firmware
Electrical Parts List
Contents of Drawings
Document Text Contents
Page 1


FCR-2107/2807 series



Page 2


Page 278

9.4 Updating LAN Adapter Program


4. The LAN adapter program is deleted. Therefore, only the message “Command not
supported !” will appear when “sercotr” is typed after the i7188E> prompt.

5. Type “load” and press [Enter] key after the i7188E> prompt appear.
The message “Press ALT_E to down load File !” will appear.

6. Press the [E] key while press the [Alt] key. The item “Input filename:” will appear.

Then type “autoexec.bat” and press the [Enter] key.

7. Type “load” and press the [Enter] key after the i7188E> prompt appear.

The message “Press ALT_E to down load File !” will appear.

8. Press the [E] key while pressing the [Alt] key. The item “Input filename:” will

appear. Then type “sercotr.exe” and press the [Enter] key.

Type "autoexec.bat" after
the item "Input filename:"
on the screen.


Page 279

9.4 Updating LAN Adapter Program


9. The last line “Block xx” is counted up. The procedure is finished when “i7188E>” is


If “i7188E>**” is displayed, it means an error occurred. Repeat from step 5.


A timeout error will result unless the command is input in and after step 5.
The error message “…. NOT enough space to store” will be displayed. Repeat
from step 5.

"Block xx" is counted up and
"i7188E>" appears.

If "i7188E>**" is displayed,
repeat from step 5.

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