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TitleFourier Transform Light Scattering of Tissues
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Table of Contents
                            7 Fourier Transform Light Scattering of Tissues
	7.1 Introduction to Tissue Scattering
		7.1.1 Optical Window of Tissues
		7.1.2 Light Scattering Basics
		7.1.3 The Born Approximation Diffraction Tomography Single Particle Under the Born Approximation Ensemble of Particles Under the Born Approximation
		7.1.4 Multiple Scattering
	7.2 Traditional Scattering Methods
		7.2.1 Polarized Light Scattering
		7.2.2 Single Scattering Angular Scattering Light Scattering Spectroscopy
		7.2.3 Diffusive Scattering Enhanced Backscattering Diffuse Reflectance
		7.2.4 Time-Resolved Scattering Optical Coherence Tomography Time-Resolved Reflectance
	7.3 Fourier Transform Light Scattering
		7.3.1 Quantitative Phase Imaging Methods Diffraction Phase Microscopy Spatial Light Interference Microscopy (SLIM)
		7.3.2 Scattering-Phase Theorem Proof of the ls-phi Relationship Proof of the g-phi Relationship
		7.3.3 Scattering Parameters of Prostate Tissue
		7.3.4 Simulation of Traditional Methods
	7.4 Summary

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