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                            What have we been learning: From Person Centered Planning to Person Centered ThinkingtoA Person Centered System
We want a system where -
But,  while demand is increasing in all states funding is decreasing (in many states)
When we look at the next decade
Demographics: The Adult Population is Aging
Demographic Shift  = America’s Care Gap
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Just when you thought it was bleak enough…
What needs to change?
Leadership’s challenge
Leadership’s challenge (2)
Every state has 5 stories
Sequential Shared Delusional Disorder
The Evolution of Some of the Efforts
If you want to change values, start with behaviorBurke
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Discontent is the engine of change
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The importance of the environment
Helping people move and stay in the community
Helping people move and stay in the community
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The Basic Approach:
The structure of the effort -
What is Person Centered Thinking?
Introduce and apply person centered thinking skills
Skills for Learning/Tools for Implementing
The core concept: important to and important for
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Ask Yourself  “What do we know?” Before asking  “What do we do?”
Important To/Important For
Discovery/listening tools
Good Day/Bad Day
Good Day/Bad Day
Rituals and Routines
Ed and a cup of coffee
Rituals and Routines
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Communication Chart
Management tools
Matching staff with those who use services
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Defining  Roles and Responsibilities –using the “Donut”
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Mindful Learning Tools
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Working/Not Working
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Mindful Learning:Learning Log
4 + 1 Questions
4 + 1 Questions
Sally’s One Page Profile
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But there has to be more than training
There has to be an effort that takes the skills from training to habit
Those who take skills from training to habit are coaches, person centered thinking coaches
Coaches help the skills become habits
Leaders listen and act on what they hear
Leaders develop a change strategy
Leaders use  “quality management” techniques
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What changes do we see in each level?
Transactional vs. Transformative*
Transformative Change
Transformative Change
What have states changed?
What have private agencies changed?
How did they make the changes?
How did they make the changes? (2)
From the system we need
From the system (2)
To help people move to better lives
From advocates we need
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From agencies
From professionals
From the universities we need
We are in this together
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