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                            Types of validity
	Construct validity
	Content validity
	Internal validity
	Conclusion validity
	External validity
	Criterion-related validity
	Face validity
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By inviting community members to join in school festivities, the school administration
can improve the overall satisfaction of the student body, increase the effectiveness of the
education and raise the likelihood that the school will continue to be supported by the
community. School events that include community members, both parents and non-parents,
benefit both the students and the community at large.

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source: my analysis 1. what has a table of specifications (tos) to do with the
content validity of tests?2. if validity as a characteristic of test me?

For your first question, a Table of Specification (TOS) is very important in the content
for validity of test as it puts the one who gave the test and the candidate on the same
footing. This meas that both are thinking of the same question, item, specification and other
details. This is very important when giving tests that has tendencies of multiple

For the second question, a multiple type of question may be a good way to
determine to know a person`s quality of learning but may not be very applicable to a set of
manipulative skills. The best way to test a person`s manipulative skill is to do an actual
demonstration. The same type of demo is required for other manipulative test like getting a
driver`s license. In your case,if you want to know a person`s skills on the microscope, have
an actual test. Give him or her a microscope with a subject on it, then give him or her
instructions and let him or her write what are his observation for every instruction.

source: If validity as a characteristics of test means that a test must measure
what is supposed to measure,is a multiple choice type of valid to determine le?

With your question "Is a multiple choice type of test valid to determine learning assessment
strategies?", the answer is dependent.

Validity means that a test must measure what is supposed to be measured. That`s
right. In order for a test to be valid, the purpose should be achieved. What is the purpose?
The purpose is your objectives. If your objective is to determine learning assessment
strategies, you should first know what level of cognitive domain you want. The levels of
cognitive domain of Bloom`s taxonomy are Knowledge, Comprehension, Analysis,
Application, Synthesis, and Evaluation. If the objective is under the knowledge level, the test
should also be under the knowledge level. Each test item should be analyzed in order to
determine if the right level of cognitive domain is achieved. Multiple Choice, True or False,
Matching Type are best for Knowledge, Comprehension, Analysis, and Apllication levels.

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Validity as concluded is not always accepted by others and perhaps rightly so. Typical reasons

why it may not be accepted include:

 Inappropriate selection of constructs or measures.

 Insufficient data collected to make valid conclusions.

 Measurement done in too few contexts.

 Measurement done with too few measurement variables.

 Too great a variation in data (can't see the wood for the trees).

 Inadequate selection of target subjects.

 Complex interaction across constructs.

 Subjects giving biased answers or trying to guess what they should say.

 Experimental method not valid.

 Operation of experiment not rigorous.

source: Write down what you learned on what to do to ensure validity of tests.
did you ever experience taking a test which was very difficult because the i..?

The school prioritize assessment as an important component of learning. Our school
first empower the teachers to ensure validity in their periodic examinations through 1. Using
of item analysis to check which item is valid or not. 2. Bank the items that are valid. 3.
Conduct pre test 4. Conduct post test The valid periodic exam results should be on a
normal curve where items of easy and difficult falls on the median or middle.

As a teacher, validity of your test scientifically determines whether you measure what you
are supposed to measure. Let us say, you discuss about Techniques in Technical writing,
then you cover the lessons well. When you make a test the learning outcomes are clearly
measured because of high validity of the items. What I have learned is that a poor validity of
the test means that the scores of students are not too high, which indicates exam is not
easy nor too low which indicates exam is too difficult. In order to ensure validity, when you
analyzed the items the class performance is in the normal curve. Did you ever experience
taking a test which was very difficult because the items were not at all covered in class?
How did it affect you? Yes it happened to me as a student. And if a teacher doesn’t know
the importance of assessment as a component of learning; sometimes he will test items
which were given lesser emphasis and it really affects the grades or the performance of the
students. It creates a domino effect, wrong teaching, wrong assessment equals wrong
grades. How will you prevent your future pupils / students from experiencing the same? You
have to aim validity as the most important criteria of a test. You have to make sure that your
test items reflect the objectives of the curriculum. The following questions will help you

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