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Legal Glossary
Translated from English into Romanian by George Fögy, Esq.
Reviewed by Anca Popescu, Associate Instructor, French and Italian Department,
University of California, Davis
Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento
720 9th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 874-6867 � Fax: (916) 874-8229
The Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento ("Court"), has prepared this
Legal Glossary. The Court cannot guarantee that the translations contained therein are
completely accurate, although reasonable attempts were made to achieve this goal. This
glossary is to be used for general reference purposes only, should be considered a "workin-
progress," and is not intended to provide legal advice. This glossary is not intended to
be used as a study guide for purposes of passing California court interpreter certification
examinations, as some terminology might differ when used in specific context.
Neither the Administrative Office of the Courts, nor the Superior Court of California,
Sacramento County, nor any of its officials or employees assumes any legal liability or
responsibility for the accuracy of these translations. For more information or comments,
please contact Ms. Elaine Flores, Administrative Services Officer II of the Court, at (916)
874-8663 or via e-mail at [email protected]
English/Romanian Legal Glossary
Revised 03/07/07 1

English/Romanian Legal Glossary
1203.03 PC MOTION – Request to cancel, modify, change or terminate probation.
MOTIUNEA PC 1203.03 – Cererea de anulare, modificare, schimbare sau incheiere a unei perioade de
1203.4 PC MOTION – Request to take back guilty plea or set aside a guilty verdict, and dismiss the
accusations or information. (Made after probation has either terminated or defendant was discharged from
probation prior to termination.)
MOTIUNEA PC 1203.4 – Cererea de retragere a pledoariei de vinovatie sau ridicarea sentintei de
vinovatie si anularea acuzatiilor si a informatiilor. (Facuta, sau dupa terminarea probei, sau cind acuzatul a
iesit de sub perioada de proba, inainte de terminarea ei).
170.6 PC MOTION – Request to disqualify the assigned judge from hearing a matter.
MOTIUNEA PC 170.6- Cerere de descalificare a unui Judecator de a judeca un caz.
995 PC MOTION – Request made by a defendant to dismiss a count of information.
MOTIUNEA PC 995 – Cererea facuta de catre un acuzat de anulare a unei anumite acuzatii.
ABANDONMENT – When a parent leaves a child without enough care, supervision, support, or parental
contact for an excessive period of time.
ABANDON – Lasarea unui copil de catre parinte, fara ingrijire sau supraveghere, fara suport ori contact,
pentru o perioada indelungata de timp.

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ABATE – To put an end to; to cancel out.
ANULARE - A sfirsi ceva; a anula.
ABATEMENT OF ACTION – A suit which has been set aside and ended.
INCHEIARE A ACTIUNII - Un proces care a fost lasat deoparte si incheiat.
ABDUCTION – The offense of taking away a wife, child, or ward, by deceitful persuasion, force, or
RAPIRE – Luarea prin inselaciune , forta sau violenta a unei sotii, copil sau a unui minor care se afla in
grija tribunalului si nu a parintilor.
English/Romanian Legal Glossary
Revised 03/07/07 2
ABROGATE – To repeal or cancel an old law using another law or constitutional power.
ABROGARE – A retrage sau anula o lege veche prin folosirea unei alte legi sau puteri constitutionale.
ABSTRACT – A summary of what a court or government agency does. In Traffic, document that is sent to
the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to update driving record.
REZUMAT - Rezumatul a ceea ce face un tribunal sau o agentie de guvern. In Trafic, un document trimis
la DMV pentru a reactualiza datele.
ABSTRACT OF JUDGEMENT- Summary of the court's final decision. Can be used as a lien if you file
it with the county recorder.
REZUMATUL JUDECATII - Rezumatul deciziei finale a Tribunalului. Poate fi folosit ca “lien” (vezi
lien), daca este inregistrat la arhiva, de County.
ABSTRACT OF RECORD - Short form of the case.
REZUMATUL CAZULUI - Rezumatul sau forma scurta a cazului.
ABUSE – (1) immoderate or improper use; (2) to do physical, sexual, or psychological harm to someone.
ABUZ – (1) Folosirea improprie sau excesiva; (2) vatamarea fizica, sexuala sau psihica a cuiva.
ABUSE OF PROCESS – Misuse of the power of the court.
ABUZ DE PROCES – Folosirea abuziva a puterii legislative.
ACCESSORY - A person who helps someone else commit a crime, either before or after the crime.
COMPLICE- O persoana care participa la comiterea unei ilegalitati, inainte sau dupa comiterea ei.
ACCIDENT OR MISFORTUNE – An unintentional event; unforeseen event causing misfortune.
ACCIDENT SAU NENOROCIRE – Un eveniment neintentionat; intimplare neprevazuta care cauzeaza o
ACCOMPLICE – A person that helps someone else commit a crime. Can be on purpose or not.
COMPLICE – O persoana care ajuta la comiterea unei infractiuni; Poate sa fie intentionata sau
English/Romanian Legal Glossary
Revised 03/07/07 3
ACCORD – A satisfaction agreed upon between the parties in a lawsuit, which prevents further actions
after the claim.
ACORD – Ajungerea la o intelegere satisfacatoare, intre partile implicate intr-un proces, aceasta prevenind
continuarea procesului.
ACCORD AND SATISFACTION – Agreement by the parties to settle a claim or dispute in which the
parties typically agree to give or accept something.
ACORD SI MULTUMIRE – O intelegere intre parti de a incheia un proces sau o disputa, (cearta sau
neintelegere), in care, de obicei, partile accepta sa dea sau sa primeasca ceva.
ACCRUAL – The total amount of child support payments that are owed or that are late.
(----) - Suma totala a pensiei alimentare datorate.
ACCUSATION – A formal charge against a person.
ACUZATIE – Invinuirea unei persoane.
ACCUSED – The person that is charged with a crime and has to go to criminal court. (See
ACUZATUL – Persoana acuzata de violarea legii si, care trebuie sa se infatiseze la Triunal.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Saying, testifying, or assuring that something is true.
RECUNOASTERE – A declara, marturisi sau confirma un adevar.
wins the case must fill out, sign, and file with the court when the judgment is fully paid. If there are no

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IMUNITATE - Dreptul de a fi exceptat de la o datorie sau pedeapsa.
IMPANEL - To seat a jury. When voir dire is finished and both sides have exercised their challenges, the
jury is impaneled. The jurors are sworn in and the trial is ready to proceed.
EMPANEL – A ruga juriul sa se aseze. Cand juramantul martorilor este terminat si amandoua partile au
exercitat atributiile lor, uriul este empalat. Juratii depun juramant si judecata urmeaza sa inceapa.
IMPEACHMENT OF WITNESS - To call into question the truthfulness of a witness.
DISCREDITAREA UNUI MARTOR - A chestiona veridicitatea unei marturii.
IMPLIED – Where intention is not manifested by explicit words, but is gathered by implication.
IMPLICAT - Unde intentia nu este manifestata prin cuvinte explicite, dar este inteleasa prin implicare.
IMPLIED CONTRACT - A contract in which the promise made by on party is not expressed, but inferred
by that party's conduct or is implied in law.
CONTRACT SUBAINTELES - Un contract in care promisiunea facuta de catre o parte nu este
exprimata , ci insinuata de conduita partii, sau este insinuata prin lege.
IMPOUND - To take and keep an animal or an object in custody.
A INCHIDE - A lua si a tine un animal sau un obiect in custodie.
English/Romanian Legal Glossary
Revised 03/07/07 75

IMPRISONMENT – The act of putting or confining a man in prison, or the restraint of a man’s personal
INTEMNITARE - Actul de a pune sau a inchide o persoana in inchisoare, sau restringerea libertatii
personale a unui om.
INADMISSIBLE - Cannot be admitted as evidence in a trial or hearing.
INADMISIBIL - Nu poate fi admis ca evidenta intr-un process sau o audiere.
IN CAMERA - A hearing held in the judge's chambers or in a court with all spectators (including the jury)
excluded. From the Latin that means "in chamber.”
IN CAMERA - O audiere tinuta in camerele unui judecator sau in tribunal excluzand tot publicul (inclusiv
juriul). De la semnificatia din limba Latina “in camera.”
INCAPACITY - The lack of power or the legal ability to act.
INCAPACITATEA - Absenta puterii sau abilitatii legale de a actiona.
INCARCERATE - To put in jail or prison.
INCARCERARE - A trimite la temnita sau la inchisoare.
INCEST - Sexual intercourse between persons so closely related that marriage between them would be
INCEST - Relatia sexuala intre personae atat de mult inrudite incat casatoria dintre el ear fi ilegala.
INCOMPETENCY - Lack of capacity to understand the nature and object of the proceedings, to consult
with counsel, and to assist in preparing a defense.
INCOMPETENTA - Incapacitatea de a intelege natura si obiectul procedurii, de a se sfatui cu un consilier
si de asista la pregatirea apararii.
INCRIMINATE - To hold yourself or another person responsible for criminal actions.
INCRIMINARE - A se acuza pe sine sau o alta persoana de actiuni infractionale.
INDECENT EXPOSURE - Showing private body parts in a lewd or indecent manner in a public place.
EXPUNERE INDECENTA - Expunere a partilor intime ale corpului intr-un mod desfranat sau indecent,
intr-un loc public.
English/Romanian Legal Glossary
Revised 03/07/07 76

INDEMNIFY - Liability for loss is shifted from one person held legally responsible to another.
COMPENSATIE - Responsabilitatea pierderii este transferata de la persoana legal responsabila la alta
INDEMNITY - An obligation to provide compensation (usually money) for a loss, hurt or damage.
INDEMNITATE - O obligatie de a oferi compensatie (in general bani) pentru o pierdere, vatamare sau
INDEPENDENT EXECUTOR - A special kind of executor, permitted by the laws of certain states, who
performs the duties of an executor without intervention by the court.
EXECUTOR INDEPENDENT - Un anume tip de executor, acceptat de legile unor anumite state, care
indeplineste indatoririle unui executor fara o interventie de la tribunal.

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WARRANT, SEARCH - A written order directing a law enforcement officer to conduct a search of a
specified place and to seize any evidence directly related to the criminal offense.
MANDAT DE CERCETARE - Un ordin scris cerind ofiterului legii sa conduca o anumita cercetare a
unui loc anume sis a adune orice evidenta direct legata de delictul infractional.
WEAPON - An instrument used or designed to be used to threaten, injure or kill someone.
ARMA - Un instrument folosit sau desemnat sa fie folosi pentru a ameninta, vatama, sau a omori pe
WEAPON, CONCEALED - A weapon that is carried by a person, but that is not visible by ordinary
ARMA ASCUNSA - O arma detinuta de o persoana care nu este vizibila sau la vedere.
English/Romanian Legal Glossary
Revised 03/07/07 151
WEAPON, DEADLY - A weapon, device, instrument, material or substance, whether animate or
inanimate, which if used as it is used or intended to be used is known to be capable of producing death or
serious bodily injury.
ARMA FATALA - O arma, un aparat, instrument, material sau substanta, fie animate sau neanimata, care
daca este folosita sau se intentioneaza sa fie folosita, se stie ca este capabila de a produce moartea sau
vatamarea serioasa trupeasca.
WEIGHT OF THE EVIDENCE - The persuasiveness of certain evidence when compared with other
evidence that is presented.
GREUTATEA EVIDENTEI - Puterea de convingere a unei anumite evidente cind este comparata cu
alta evidente prezentate.
WHEELER MOTION - A motion to dismiss a jury panel due to the prosecution’s exclusion of a
particular class of people (i.e. black jurors, women, etc.).
(----) - O motiune de a dizolva lista juratilor datorita excluderii de catre acuzare, a unei clase de oameni in
particular (jurati negri, femei, etc.).
WILL - A legal paper that says what a person wants to happen to his or her personal property after the
person dies. A will can be changed or cancelled at any time before a person dies. (See TESTAMENT.)
TESTAMENT - Un document legal care spune ce vrea o persoana sa se intimple cu proprietatea
personala dupa moarte. Un testament poate sa fie schimbat sau anulat oricind inainte de moartea persoanei.
(Vezi Testament).
WILLFUL - A “willful” act is one done intentionally, as distinguished from an act done carelessly or
VOIT - Un act “voit” este unul facut intentionat si se deosebeste deun act facut din neglijenta sau
WITH PREJUDICE - Applied to orders of judgment dismissing a case, meaning that the plaintiff is
forever barred from bringing a lawsuit on the same claim or cause.
CU PREJUDICIU - Aplicate la ordinele de judecata care dizolva un caz, isemnind ca reclamantului I se
interzice sa mai deschida vreun proces bazat pe aceiasi plingere sau cauza.
English/Romanian Legal Glossary
Revised 03/07/07 152

WITHOUT PREJUDICE - When rights or privileges are not waived or lost. If your case is dismissed
without prejudice it means that there can be a new case about the same thing.
FARA PREJUDICIU - Cind nu se renunta la drepturi sau la privilegii si acestea nu sunt pierdute. Cind
procesul tau este dizolvat fara prejudiciu inseamna ca poate sa existe un alt caz referitor la acelasi lucru.
WITNESS - 1. A person called testify about what he or she saw, heard, or knows. 2. To sign your name
to a document for the purpose of authenticity.
MARTOR - 1) O persoana chemata sa depuna marturie despre ceea ce a vazut, auzit, sau cunoaste. 2) A
semna numele pe un document cu scopul de autenticitate.
WITNESS STAND - The space in the courtroom occupied by a witness while testifying.
BOXA MARTORULUI - Spatiul din sala de judecata ocupat de un martor in timpul depunerii marturiei.
WITNESS, DEFENSE - A non-hostile witness that is called by the defense counsel to assist in proving
the defense’s case.
MARTORUL APARARII - Un martor neostil care este chemat de catre avocatul apararii ca sa ajute la
dovedirea cazului apararii.

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WITNESS, EXPERT - Qualified by knowledge, skill, experience, training or education to provide a
scientific, technical or specialized opinion of the subject about which he or she is to testify. That knowledge
must not be generally possessed by the average person.
MARTOR EXPERT - Calificat prin cunostinta, aptitudine, experienta, instruire si educatie de a oferi o
opinie stiintifica, tehnica sau specializata legata de subiectul despre care va trebui s marturiseasca. Aceasta
cunostinta nu trebuie sa fie posedata in general de o persoana obisnuita.
WITNESS, HOSTILE - An uncooperative witness.
MARTOR OSTIL - Un martor care nu coopereaza.
WITNESS, MATERIAL - A witness who can give testimony relating to a particular matter that very
few others, if any, can give.
MARTOR MATERIAL - Un martor care depune marturie legata de o animta problema pe care foarte
putini sau poate nimeni altcineva nu poate sa o ofere.
English/Romanian Legal Glossary
Revised 03/07/07 153
WITNESS, PROSECUTION - The person whose complaint begins a criminal prosecution and whose
testimony is mainly relied on to secure a conviction at the trial.
MARTORUL ACUZARII - Persoana a carei plingere incepe o acuzare infractionala sip e a carei
marturie se bazeaza pentru a se asigua condamnarea la judecata.
WOBBLER - A felony which provides either a county jail sentence or a state prison commitment and
which can be held to answer as a felony or a misdemeanor.
PERSOANA SOVAIELNICA - Un delict care atrage dupa sine o sentinta in inchisoarea de judet sau o
condamnare la inchisoarea de stat, si care poate fi detinut pentru a raspunde ca delict sau crima.
WORK FURLOUGH - A correctional program which allows inmates, primarily one’s being readied for
discharge, to leave the institution for the purpose of continuing regular employment during the daytime but
reporting back on nights and weekends.
PERMISIUNE DE LUCRU - Un program correctional care le permite detinutilor in primul rind celor
care sunt gata pentru eliberare, de a parasi institutia cu scopul d a continua o slujba obisnuita in timpul zilei,
dar care trebuie sa raporteze serile si sfirsiturie de saptamina.
WORK PROJECT - Program allowing sentenced person the option of performing labor instead of jail
PROIECT DE LUCRU - Program permitind persoanei condamnate sa munceasca in loc sa serveasca
timp in inchisoare.
WRAP AROUND SERVICES - Specialized and intensive social and health services for families with
children concurrently residing in a group home or at risk of entering a group home, designed to reduce the
level of foster care or facilitate the placement of a child with his/her parent instead of foster care.
(----) - Servicii specializate si intensive, sociale si de sanatate pentru familii care au copii care locuiesc intro
comunitate sau in rescind sa intre intr-o astfel de comunitate, desemnta sa reduca nivelul de ingrijire sau
sa usureze plasamentul unui copil cu parintii sai, in loc de adoptiune.
WRIT - A court order that says certain action must be taken.
MANDAT - Un ordin de tribunal care spune ca trebuie luata o anumita actiune.
WRIT OF EXECUTION - A court order that tells the sheriff to enforce a judgment.
MANDAT DE EXECUTIE - Un ordin al tribunalului care cere serifului sa impuna o anumita sentinta.
English/Romanian Legal Glossary
Revised 03/07/07 154
WRIT OF MANDATE - A petition used to compel the court, officer, or agency to perform a duty
required by law or to compel a court to assume jurisdiction and exercise its discretion after its refusal to act.
MANDAT OBLIGATORIU - O petitie folosita pentru a obliga tribunalul, ofiterul sau agentia de a
indeplini o datorie ceruta de lege sau sa oblige tribunalul sa-si assume jurisdictia si sa-si exercite abilitatea,
dupa ce a refuzat sa actioneze.

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