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TitleGuide to Healing Chronic Pain - A Holistic Approach
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Table of Contents
                            About the Author
1 How to Use this Book
Section A: Understanding Your Pain
	2 How People Experience Pain
	3 Causes of Pain - Eastern Perspective
	4 Causes of Pain – Western Perspective
	5 Causes of Pain- Spiritual Perspective
Section B: Your Mind - Harness Your Internal Healer
	6 Balance Your Brain
	7 Change Your Mind
	8 Harness the Law of Attraction
	9 Clear Emotional Baggage
	10 Meditation and Mindfulness
Section C: Your Body - Supporting Your Body’s Self-Healing Mechanism
	11 Acupuncture without Needles
	12 Get Grounded!
	13 Magnesium Miracles
	14 Food Sensitivities and Pain
	15 Healing Through Hydration
	16 Heal the Gut
	17 Reduce EMF Stress
	18 Eat Well. Feel Great.
	19 Move the Body – Move the Qi
	20 Sleep Well to Heal Well
Section D: Your Spirit: Healing Through Your Higher Self
	21 Why Reconnect with Spirit?
	22 Does Pain Serve a Purpose?
	23 Self-Acceptance
	24 The Gift of Being Present
	25 BodyWisdom
	26 Everything Happens for a Reason
	27 Forgiveness
	28 Intuition in Healing
Section E: Getting Support
	29 Assemble Your Support Team
	30 Other Healing Modalities
Final Words

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