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1. Writer your job description for Halliburton job position, Halliburton interviewers may

ask you: how to do, how to control, what are common mistakes of each


2. Identify your job specs and attributes for Halliburton divisions then ask questions: How

to do, how to become, what are key skills, qualifications of …

3. List all common interview questions and answer them, you can ref: 74 interview

questions and answers.

4. You should know: What are the different types of interviews and how to face them?

Tell me about yourself? – Interview answers

This question is commonly asked by most interviewers. It is a simple question; however, as the

first one, it gains you more confidence and helps you create the first impression for the


1. Answer structure:

• Make a brief of your personal information: name, hometown, age and family status.

• Education: state your main diplomas and certificates in relation to the job.

• Experience: state 3 examples of your experience as you think the most suitable for the job.

• Point out your strengths and weaknesses: This will help the employer assess you more clearly

whether you are suitable to the position. Also, describe 3 – 7 strengths on education,

experiences, skills and abilities.

2. Answer tips

• Give brief and relevant information: Remember that you have a little time to answer and this

is the first question that impresses the employer. Therefore, try to give relevant information to

the position. You should practice with this question at home. Do not include any irrelevant

information in the question.

• Don’t make up the information: The employers have many ways to check the accuracy of the

information you provide. As this is the first question, it is easy for them to remember your


• Manage your time of answering within 2 – 3 minutes.

• Provide with more details and figures: This makes it easy for the employers to assess you and

may make them impressed. For example, instead of just “help increase the sales”, you can try

“help increase the sales by 24.7% within 3 months….

• Provide sufficient evidence: such as degrees, certificates or presentation attached to

your resume.

3. Sample answers

My name is Peter Ho and I am a project coordinator for ABC at present. I have had 06 years of

working with LAMP Technology.

For the past 06 years, I have worked full-time for 2 companies. In addition, I have also got 3

part-time jobs as a technical consultant and storyboard writer.

My current responsibility as a project coordinator is to communicate with clients on projects

(maintenance or hourly projects), assign tasks to team members, and work as a developer and

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I am a perfectionist, so I do not like to handle my work to others because they often get the

work done not as fast and qualified as I do.

This answer is only appropriate if you are a good employee, not a manager.

b. Turn your weakness into opportunity:

You can turn your weaknesses into opportunities for you to learn and overcome challenges, for


I am a perfectionist and I often require people to work as myself, but I realize that if I tolerate

then my employees cannot make any progress. Thus, I decide to handle my work so that my

employees have the chance to experience and face with difficulties.

2. Answer tips

Do not show that you are a perfect person, yet do not mention too specifically.

Assess the weakness

- List 3 – 5 your true weakness.

- Give solutions to your weakness.

- Consider whether these weaknesses are related to the job or not?

- Select some weaknesses to practice for the interview.

3. Answer samples

- Perfectionist: I can be described as a perfectionist; however, that could be my weakness. I

focus too much on details and this often gives much pressure on my subordinates; however, I

am trying to resolve this weakness. Stepping back and looking at a bigger scenario should be a

better way of moving on than going straightforward and focusing on smaller details.

- Not good with customers: I am not very good at communicating directly with customers; as a

result, I’d like to sit at back office. But don’t misunderstand. I like people, too, just not the best

salesman in the world, or even a good salesman. I feel it will be much better to take a

supportive role than an initiative one.

- Hate paperwork: Working with paperwork is really frustrating to me. I always have

difficulties dealing with this. I think it will be easier for me to do all my paperwork at a certain

time rather than complete each of them at different times. That’s too hard to keep up with.

How long would you expect to work for us if hired? – Interview answers

How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

1. Answer structure

The purpose of this question is to know how devoted you are to this company.

• Give out your long-term goals.

• Answer that you will work your best to achieve your career goals as well as contribute your

strength to the company.

2. Answer tips

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• Do not give a specific number, the interviewer do not prefer the candidate who plans to

work for this company in a certain amount of time.

• Do not answer too generally, such as: I’d like to work in long term. You should give out the

reasons for developing your career in sync with the future of the company.

3. Answer samples

Sample 1

I’d like to work for your company because I want to be part of a reputable company. I want to

develop my career by contributing my effort to the success of the company. For the moment, I

have no concern about how long I will stay, but rather focus on how I can improve my

performance and advance in career within your company.

Sample 2

You can believe that I’m a loyal employee. Unless there is no room for me in the company or

no opportunity of developing my career, there is no reason for me to leave my company.

Why do you want to work here? – Interview answers

Why do you want to work here/ for us/ for this organization?

This is a simple but very important question, which shows that whether you learn thoroughly

about this company or not. It can be an advantage if your expectation matches with the

current value available in the company.

1. Answer structure:

The answer extent of this question include:

• I just found out the job recruitment and I do not have much information about the company.

• I am interested in and impressed by the company so I apply for this position.

• Emphasize the strengths of the company, for example: is the number one brand in…; has the

technical level of….; is the number one in the field of …..

2. Answer tips:

Study thoroughly the company that you are going to apply in to see what advantages they

have for the customers and staff.

• Famous brand.

• High quality products.

• Is highly rated in the list of companies employees want to work for.

• Career promotion opportunities.

• Company’s development ability.

3. Answer samples

Sample 1: Your company is introducing, as I think, a new wind in ABC region. I am sure your

success in this region will be guaranteed and I’d like it very much to have an opportunity to

develop my career with the company in this region.

Sample 2: Working in your company is not only offering me the opportunity to work in a highly

professional environment, but also giving me the opportunity to work for one of the most

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successful and reputable firms. I wish to have such opportunity to help with the company goals

and sharing my broad experience with your experts as a team.

Do you know anyone who works for us? – Interview answers

Do you know anyone who works for us?

1. Answer structure

You can answer as follows:

• I am familiar with someone in this company.

• I am acquainted with Mr. A or Ms B who are working in the position of … in this company.

• I know Mr. A or I am closely related to Mr. B in this company. We work together sometimes

but we are clear in work.

2. Answer tips

Many companies have the policy which is not to recruit relatives and friends of employees.

Such policies can be in text or sometimes they are implicit policies which even employees do

not aware.

These policies are often widely used in small and medium companies.

You should only mention someone who is really familiar.

3. Answer samples

As far as I know, there is no relative or friend of mine working in your Company. I’ve known

that certain familiar relationship with a colleague or a customer sometimes affects negatively

on the performance of a company. Certain companies have their policy of preventing such

effect from happening. However, part of any employee’s duties is establishing relations with

other colleagues and more importantly, with potential customers. And such relationships may

lead to some businesses with the company as well. You can count on me that my relationship

shall be only for the benefit of the organization only and none shall be for personal interest. It

is essential to have a wide relationship, and I shall utilize such for the interest of the company.

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Why should we hire you? – Interview answers

Why should we hire you?

1. Answer structure

• List 3 – 5 abilities that you think are necessary for this job (from better to worse)

• Show your sense of responsibility, cooperation, progressiveness, and your readiness to face

with challenges, which can help you to develop the company.

2. Answer tips

You should prepare for this question in the following steps:

• Prepare 3 – 5 abilities that you think are necessary for your work, including: knowledge,

experience, skills and qualities.

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