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Story by KK
Illustrations by Fraylim
A Crossed Fiction Story

Page 51

“That’s what’s so wonderful! A quick shot and you feel nothing, see nothing!
Jou wake up a new woman!”
That phrase hit all of Sidney’s panic buttons simultaneously and he started to

look around for the escape. After taking a few deep breaths for courage, he
made up his mind. He had nothing to lose. He grabbed for the door and sprang
it open, only to discover the car had already stopped and the chauffeur was
there to help him out of the car.
“So eager!” Ms. Vasquez said with a victorious smile. “I can only imagine how

excited jou must feel!” She grabbed Sidney by the arm and led him into the
medical office building. “Jou are trembling with happiness!” She observed.
At that point, Sidney decided on a new tactic. He’d just wait until it was him

and the doctor, and he’d talk him out of it. A doctor just wouldn't forcibly oper-
ate on someone without their consent. That was illegal, wasn't it? No, he’d wait
until then and talk his way out of the operation. Worst case scenario, he’d re-
veal his big secret and hopefully the doc would keep it just between them.
“Jou will love

these wonderful
people at the
clinic!” Ms.
Vasquez en-
thused. “They
are so nice. I
have all my
work done
They were

quickly buzzed
through into the
office and past
the reception
desk, directly
into the exam
rooms. He was
asked by the
nurse to take off
his top and bra
and be ready for
the doctor. He
tried to do so,
but his hands
were shaking so
badly that he

Hand Me Downs by KK


Page 52

couldn't keep them steady enough to even do that simple task.
“Poor thing! Jou is too anxious for your beautiful gift!” Ms. Vasquez turned to

the nurse. “Something to help the poor girl relax?”
“Here we go,” the nurse said, plunging a string into Sidney’s arm before he

even knew what was happening. Then, the room started to fall away before the
light dimmed and he was asleep. “Goodnight, sweetie.”


When he arrived home that evening, still a little drowsy from the anesthetic
and swathed in bandages and a support garment, Ms. Vasquez came inside with
him to head off the inevitable mix-up with his dad. Sidney stumbled his way up
the stairs to Ellie’s room, which was now pretty much his room, and collapsed
onto the sheets. He could hear some raised voices, but when Ms. Vasquez fol-
lowed him in about ten minutes later, she looked perfectly composed.
“I explained everything, darling, don’t worry,” she smiled, plumping a pillow

and helping Sidney into a more comfortable position. “What a nice little room
you have! Very... cozy. And small. I’ll send Mia over in the morning to baby you,
okay? The swelling should be gone in a week or two, but you may feel a little
sluggish, the doctor said. As for your father, he was very... understanding. Sleep
well, darling!” She planted a kiss on Sidney’s forehead, first brushing his long
red hair out of the way – the extensions had turned out beautifully – and then
slipped away, leaving Sidney to rest.
“Are you, um, feeling alright?” came his dad’s awkward voice from the door-

way. Sidney opened one eye and saw his dad standing there with his hands
stuffed in his pockets, and unless he was very much mistaken, a smear of lip-
stick around his mouth the very same shade as that which had smudged slightly
onto his forehead from Ms. Vasquez’s kiss.
“What do you think?” Sidney groaned. “I’m a 36-C now.”
“I can’t believe she sprang this without running it by me!” Sidney’s dad said,

shaking his head. “I mean, even if, you know, you were a girl...” He trailed off,
and there was a hint of a soppy smile on his face. “But she does have your best
interests at heart,” he admitted. “She’s just impulsive. Wild. Passionate...”
“Jeez, you’re not going to try to marry her, are you?” Sidney croaked. “Just go

away and let me sleep, dad.”
“Right,” his dad said. “Sorry. About, you know, your... uh...”
“Boobs,” Sidney sighed.
“Yeah,” his dad muttered, blushing. He needed anything else to talk about and

got off this subject as fast as he could. “Oh, uh, hey! Good news! Your sister’s
coming home early. She’ll be here next Sunday, just over a week from today. I

Hand Me Downs by KK


Page 102

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