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TitleHead First PHP & MySQL (A Brain-Friendly Guide)
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Table of Contents
                            Head First PHP & MySQL
Author(s) of Head First PHP & MySQL
Chapter 1. Add Life to Your Static Pages
Chapter 2. Connecting to MySQL
Chapter 3. Create and Populate a Database
Chapter 4. Realistic and Practical Applications
Chapter 5. Working With Data Stored in Files
Chapter 6. Securing Your Application
Chapter 7. Building Personalized Web Apps
Chapter 7.5 Eliminate Duplicate Code
Chapter 8. Control Your Data, Control Your World
Chapter 9. String and Custom Functions
Chapter 10. Regular Expressions
Chapter 11. Visualizing Your Data... and More!
Chapter 12. Syndication and Web Services
Appendix I. The Top Ten Topics (We Didn't Cover): Leftovers
Appendix II. A Place to Play: Set Up a Development Environment
Appendix III. Get Even More: Extend Your PHP

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