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Page 39

(by Kevin Perrine)

It is a nice day—a bit overcast but nice nonetheless—when a blast of crackling energy
nearly parts the characters’ hair. Whether they are in costume or civilian clothes, the first
and last thing they see is some costumed creep scooping up a kid from the crowd and
running away from the heroes. The chase is on, but it doesn’t last long. The maniac is fast
and makes corners so quick as to allow just a glimpse before he is out of sight. Just when
the group thinks they’ve cornered the assailant, the last bend is turned and they see the
boy standing alone, holding a phone from a phone booth. The street isn’t overly crowded
and bystanders haven’t taken notice until the heroes round the corner. The young boy,
smudged with dirt and missing a shoe holds the phone out shaking. “He . . . he . . . says
it’s for you” he says as he hands the phone to the closest hero. “He says he’ll kill me if you
don’t answer.” he whispers as a tear rolls down his pudgy little cheek.


8 The costumed creep and his gang are in the middle of a heist. He’s the lookout
and didn’t plan to start a chase, but seeing the heroes (or thinking he saw an
undercover copper) he was shocked and did what he does best. He blasted
away then ran. The boy was his cover. Lucky for him, his cronies saw the chase
and caught up to him, teleporting him back to the job site. The last thing he did
was tell the boy to stall the heroes or he’d hunt him down. Now if they play it
right and the boy stalls long enough the job will get done.

8 The costumed creep is testing his newfound abilities, and why not do it on a
crowded street?! The trick is that his powers have nothing to do with energy
blasts or super speed. Illusion is his game. The heroes got only quick glances
of the blasts of energy, the speeding escape, and the swept up (illusionary)
boy. Now the final trick is to fool them long enough as the boy to sneak away
while the heroes are none the wiser. Perhaps to test them for bigger bounty in
the future.

8 Some assassins are cold and calculated; some are madmen hunters looking to
challenge their prey. . . . This villain is both. The blast, the boy, the chase—all
small tricks to draw his mark out. He considers it a form of mind control, and he
is looking to exercise his talents. The costumed creep is a sure-shot assassin
with the ability to teleport. He plotted this mark, noting every detail about the
street on which that phone booth sits. And now he waits with crosshairs on the
young boy as the heroes catch up. He has all manner of tests for the heroes
now, but in the end he plans on earning his money with a kill shot. From not
letting the heroes leave the five-foot square around the booth to killing an inno-
cent to bring the police—all the heroes need to know is that they aren’t allowed
to spill their little game to those around. And telepathy won’t escape him, just
try it . . . .



Page 40

(by James R. Stilipec)

One night, a bright flash is seen high above the city. Moments later, a massive
explosion lights the sky and rocks the land. Investigation reveals a large crater in
the middle of nearby farmlands.


8 At the center of the crater is an unconscious humanoid form. When the indi-
vidual awakes, it claims to have no memory. However, whenever the individual
sees the moon, it is deathly frightened. Is this person a friend or a foe, and what
danger could the moon hold?

8 The crater is empty, but witnesses say there was a streak of light that came
down from the sky. Try as they may, no one can find the source of the flash. The
following night, another flash strikes closer to the city. The heroes must find the
source of these blasts and stop it before more people are killed.

Albert Edison used the money from his first lemonade stand to buy a bike which he used for a paper route. The money from that
paper route allowed him to buy his first stocks. By the time Albert reached High School his portfolio was generating more money in

dividends than his parent’s combined annual income.
Albert finished College in three years with an honorary doctorate awarded after he raised 25 millions dollars
for the campus alumni foundation. Albert started business in real estate and auto sales but after generating

sufficient capital he diversified into technological research.
Albert manages the volatile tech market not by understanding the technology his firm develops but

by recognizing what technologies are needed and after breaking ground abandoning the project before
competition starts making knockoffs. His firm “Human Inc.” holds thousands of patents but has rarely

manufactured more than prototypes Instead Human Inc sells manufacturing rights to the technologies it

As wealth and power knelt at Albert’s feet he grew hungry for a challenge and started testing his companies
prototypes. He was poorly qualified as a pilot and lacked the technical skills to suggest improvements but he
had enough money it didn’t really matter if the first prototype got totaled as long as the lab boys got enough

data to make another one. Albert’s biggest accomplishment was a manned mission to Mars to prove the
viability of a faster than light propulsion drive.

Albert has fallen in love with the E-Alpha power armor he tested. Dispite excellent performance, he has refused to okay the
publication of the patent or sale of any of the research data. The power armor is his and he is not willing to share that technology




Hero or Villain ?? - YOU decide !!

Page 78

and why then immediately power down. Do the heroes help the robot
that’s supposedly designed to replace them?

Woman-Girl, Archon,
Lady Keen & Lodestar

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