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TitleHistamine, Serotonin and Ergot Alkaloids
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Histamine Receptor Antagonists

1. Sedation

- Resemble that of antimuscarinic drugs

- “sleep aids”

- Ordinary dosage: children manifest excitation rather than sedation

- Marked stimulation, agitation, convulsion at very high toxic levels

2. Antinausea and antiemetic actions

- Motion sickness

- doxylamine (in bendectin) as treatment in the past

3. Antiparkinsonism effect

- diphenhyramine

4. Anticholinoreceptor actions

- Fist generation agents i.e. ethonalamine & ethyldiamine

- Reported benefits for nonallergic rhinorrhea

- Causes urinary retention and blurred vision

H1 Receptor Antagonist: PHARMACODYNAMICS

Other actions of H1 receptor antagonist aside from blocking histamine

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