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TitleHolistic Anatomy: An Integrative Guide to the Human Body
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
Section 1. How the Body Works
	Chapter 1. An Orientation to the Human Body
	Chapter 2. The Chemistry of Life
	Chapter 3. Cells and Tissues—Histology
	Chapter 4. Between Within and Without—The Skin or Integumentary System
	Chapter 5. Them Bones, Them Bones,… Them Dry Bones—The Skeletal System
	Chapter 6. Movement—The Muscular System
	Chapter 7. Transport—Circulation and Blood in the Cardiovascular System
	Chapter 8. Drainage—The Lymphatic System
	Chapter 9. The Army and the Cleaners—The Immune System
	Chapter 10. Breathing—The Respiratory System
	Chapter 11. Eating and Food Processing—The Digestive System and Diet
	Chapter 12. The Liver
	Chapter 13. Water Works—The Urinary System
	Chapter 14. Wiring—The Nervous System
	Chapter 15. Glands and Hormones—The Endocrine System
	Chapter 16. The Birds and the Bees—The Reproductive System
	Chapter 17. Experiencing the Outside World—The Special Senses and Touch
	Chapter 18. From Newborn to Elder—Development and Aging
	Chapter 19. Interrelationships—How the Systems (and Everything) Interconnect
	Chapter 20. Dropping the Robe—Death and Dying
Section 2. Health and Disease
	Chapter 21. A Brief Introduction to Western Pathology
	Chapter 22. Toward a Holistic Paradigm
	Chapter 23. Emotional Health—Mind-Body Connections
Appendix A. A Brief Introduction to Five Element Traditional Chinese Medicine—A Complete Holistic System
Appendix B. Spiritual Cause of Disease—The Shamanic Perspective
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