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TitleHR for Small Business, 2E: An Essential Guide for Managers, Human Resources Professionals, and Small Business Owners (Quick Start Your Business)
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Table of Contents
                            Title Page
Chapter 1: The Employment Relationship
	Employees, Independent Contractors, and Agents
	Statutory Employees and Nonemployees
	The Employment At-Will Doctrine
	Employment Contracts
	Arbitration Agreements
	Business Owners’ Employment Status
Chapter 2: The Hiring Process
	Steps in the Hiring Process
	New Employee Procedures
	Employee Handbooks
	Personnel Files
Chapter 3: Evaluating Performance
	Reasons for Evaluating
	Legal Considerations
	Disciplinary Actions
Chapter 4: Termination
	Exit Interviews
	Termination for Cause
	Constructive Discharge
	Whistleblower Regulations
	Abusive Discharge
	Defamation Liability
	Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
	Corporate Ethics and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
	Employee Due Process
	Downsizing and Mass Layoffs
Chapter 5: Wage-and-Hour Requirements
	Minimum Wages
	Alternatives to Overtime
	Exemptions from Overtime Requirements
	Settling FLSA Wage Disputes
	Other Wage Regulations
	Child Labor
	Priority of Wages and Benefits in Bankruptcy
	Antitrust Considerations
Chapter 6: Wage Attachments and Assignments
	Withholding Orders
	Tax Levies
	Debtors in Bankruptcy
	Department of Education Garnishments
	Wage Assignments
Chapter 7: Tax Considerations
	Deductibility of Wages and Benefits
	Limitations on Deductibility
	Independent Contractors
	Federal Withholding Requirements
	Other Taxable Payments
	State Withholding Requirements
	Earned Income Credit
	Deposit and Reporting Requirements
Chapter 8: Leave Policies
	Vacation and Sick Leave
	FMLA Coverage and Eligibility
	FMLA Benefits
	Military Leave
	Other Types of Leave
	Paid Time Off
Chapter 9: Deferred Compensation and ERISA
	Deferred Compensation
	Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
	Spousal Rights to Pension Benefits
	Top Hat and Excess Benefit Plans
Chapter 10: Group Health and Other Voluntary Plans
	Mandated Benefits
	Qualified Medical Child Support Orders
	Claims Administration
	Gender-Specific Coverage
	Stock Options
	Employee Stock Ownership Plans
	Other Plans
	Domestic Partners
Chapter 11: Workers’ Compensation
	Course and Scope of Employment
	Claim Procedure
	Second Injury Fund
	Rights against Third Parties
Chapter 12: Unemployment Insurance
	Employer Contributions
	Coverage and Eligibility
	Misconduct and Quitting for Cause
	Claim Procedure
Chatper 13: Workplace Safety
	Overview of OSHA
	Safety and Health Standards
	Inspections and Citations
	FDA’s Food Code
	Retaliation and Refusal to Work
	State Requirements
	Violence in the Workplace
	Disaster Planning
Chapter 14: Discrimination in General
	Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
	Covered Employers
	Religious Discrimination under Title VII
	Other Antidiscrimination Laws
	State and Local Prohibitions
	Professional Codes of Ethics
	Discrimination Based on Genetics
	Contingent Workers
	Employment Practices Liability Insurance
Chapter 15: Gender Discrimination
	Equal Pay Act
	Harassment in General
	Employer Liability for Harassment
	Sexual Orientation
	Other Issues
Chapter 16: Age Discrimination
	Covered Employers
	Benefit Plans
	Proving Age Discrimination
	Release of ADEA Claims
Chapter 17: Persons with Disabilities
	Definition of Disability
	Medical Examinations
	Duty of Reasonable Accommodation
	Other Prohibited Conduct
	Direct-Threat Defense
Chapter 18: Employee Privacy
	Private Places
	Sensitive Records
	Electronic Monitoring
	Lie Detectors
	Drug Testing and Drug-Free Workplaces
	Employee Mail
	Consumer Reports
	Criminal Records
	Driving Records
	Identity Theft
Chapter 19: Employee Loyalty
	Competing with an Employer
	Trade Secrets
	Computer Fraud
	Loyalty by Contract
	Remedies for Breach of Contract
	Employee Dishonesty
Chapter 20: Alternative Work Arrangements
	Contingent Workers
Chapter 21: Foreign Workers
	I-9 Requirements
	Work Visas Generally
	High Tech H-1B Visas
	H-2B Visas
	TN Visas under NAFTA
	Workplace Protections
	Remedies Available to Undocumented Workers
Chapter 22: Government Contractors
	Statutory Framework
	Executive Orders
	Rehabilitation Act
	Drug-Free Workplace
	State and Local Government Contractors
Chapter 23: Nonprofit Organizations
	Tax-Exempt Status
	Employee Compensation and Withholding
	Benefit Plans
	Unemployment Insurance
	Religious Organizations
Chapter 24: Unions and Labor Relations
	NLRA Coverage
	Concerted Activities
	Representation Elections
	Duty to Bargain
	Other Unfair Labor Practices
	Union Security and the Right to Work
	Strikes and Lockouts
Appendix A: Federal Statutory Thresholds
Appendix B: Internet Resources
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