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Table of Contents
Section One: Recruiting Talented Employees
	Try “Peer Interviewing” to Find the Perfect Candidate for Your Team
	Put Substance before Style during Hiring Interviews
		Did You Know?
	Focus on Career Progression to Find Win-Win Hires
		Discovering the Thinking behind a Candidate’s Career Choices
	Be Honest When Selling Potential Hires on Your Business
	How to Interview a Technical Candidate—when You’re Not a Techie
	It Takes More Than a Reference Check to Weed out Liars
	Quick Tips for Recruiting Talented Employees
Section Two: Managing Diversity
	Savvy Managers Tune in to Cultural Differences
	Cultural Differences Influence Expectations of Managers
		Understanding Culture’s Impact on Work Style
	Watch Out for the Minefield of Hidden Bias
		Did You Know?
	Showing Good Faith toward Muslim Employees
	Aim for Quality Relationships to Keep Young, Diverse Workers
	Quick Tips for Managing Diversity
Section Three: Motivating Workers to Excel
	Practice the Five R’s to Motivate Workers
		How Motivating Are You?
	You Don’t Need Cash to Show Appreciation to Your Employees
	Raise Expectations on Productivity—and Watch Your Workers Exceed Them
	Turn Your Disengaged Workers into “Bright-Eyed” Contributors
		Did You Know?
	Create an Environment Where Employees Choose to Be Accountable
	Create an Environment That Promotes Confidence, Trust, and Satisfaction to Motivate Employees
	Quick Tips for Motivating Your Team
Section Four: Strengthening Your People’s Skills
	Leave a Lasting Legacy: Be an Effective People Developer
	Training: Make It Stick—and Pay Off
	To Transfer Training to the Workplace: Use It or Lose It
	Hands-On Employee Development: A Good Bet to Retain Your Best Workers
	Learn What Motivates Your Employees to Help Them Develop
		Four Career Paths
	Quick Tips for Strengthening Your People’s Skills
Section Five: Assessing Workers’ Performance
	Make Performance Appraisals Part of Your Weekly Routine
	Fine-Tune Performance Appraisals to Make Them Effective— and Less Arduous
	Not-So-Difficult Solutions for Not-So-Easy Performance Appraisals
		Tips for Handling Tricky Performance Appraisals
	A Step-by-Step Guide to Performance Documents
		Your Performance-Document Checklist
		Sample Employee Performance-Document
	Watch What You Write When Documenting Employee Performance
	Quick Tips for Assessing Workers’ Performance
Section Six: Addressing Problem Behavior in Your Team
	Step in Quickly When an MVP Goes off Track
	Absenteeism: Enforce the Rules without Legal Hassles
		Your Absenteeism-Abuse Worksheet
	Missing in Action: Handling Job Abandonment
	Don’t Tolerate Outrageous Behavior
	Beware of Those Who Bully Bosses
	Cope Creatively with the Punctually Challenged
		Did You Know?
	Don’t Get Caught in the Legal Wringer When Dealing with Difficult-to-Manage Employees
	Quick Tips for Addressing Problem Behavior in Your Team
Section Seven: Managing Contingent Workers
	To Make the Most of Your Temps, Manage Them
	Job-Sharing: It Has Benefits for Employees—and Employers
		Your Job-Sharing Checklist
	A Few Rules for Successful Internships
	You May Want to Hire Older Workers as Interns
		Did You Know?
	Use Internship Programs to Groom Strong Job Candidates
		Did You Know?
	Quick Tips for Managing Contingent Workers
Section Eight: Communicating Effectively
	Focus on Five Key Strategies to Improve Communication Skills
		Choosing the Right Communication Skill
	Learn How to Listen Effectively to Enhance Employee Relationships
		How Effectively Do You Listen?
	Be the Bearer of Bad News—Without Getting Burned
	Seven Strategies for Being Seen as a Fair Boss
	Hone Your E-Mail Messaging Skills to Improve Communications
		Your E-Mail Checklist
	Quick Tips for Communicating Effectively
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