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—HST’s private physician

“Uproarious fun . . . E. Jean Carroll’s wacko-wanton biography
is the only way to throw a net over the cavorting career of
Doctor Thompson . . . Carroll . . . out-gonzos the master.”


“Crisply edited reminiscences of his friends. . . .”

“Carroll’s approach is novel . . . it’s gonzo biography.”
���� ���������

“A hilarious version of Sade’s ������� . . . Echoes her wild
subject well, while framing some serious interviews with drug
dealers, politicians, childhood friends and, notably, Thompson’s


“Her style is as outrageously entertaining as Dr. Gonzo
himself. . . .”


“Carroll’s interviewees—including Thompson’s brother, mother,
ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, colleagues, even George McGovern—
offer many interesting observations on her subject’s alienated
youth, writing style, celebrityhood, behavior and journalistic


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WRITERS SHOULD READ . . . ����������������������

��������� ��� ���������›����� �����written by his friend
(and hot-tub companion) E. Jean Carroll.”


“Author E. Jean Carroll tracked down Thompson’s friends,
relatives, and enemies, and got them to talk about the mad
doctor. . . . Though hilariously funny, this book has substance.
Fans of Hunter S. Thompson will find Carroll’s biography


“A highly imaginative biography that is a smooth, fast-paced
look at an American icon. So read the damn thing. It’s
worth it.”


“Extremely well-researched and loaded with media gossip.”
��� ��������

“For Thompson’s fans . . . nothing is going to top E. Jean
Carroll’s �������. . . excellent . . . flashy and well-sustained.”


������� ought to contend for every non-fiction writing award
given. . . .”


Page 364

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the queen’s lady-in-waiting.

A New Voyage Round the World by William Dampier
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earliest and most eloquent accounts of discovery and piracy on
the high seas.

The Impenetrable Forest by Thor Hanson
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endangered mountain gorilla. Winner of the USA Book News Award.

Foreign Devil by Richard Hughes
Inspiration for Ian Fleming and John LeCarré, the memoirs of a Far East
reporter during the tumultuous 1940s and ’50s.

Thirty Years a Detective by Allan Pinkerton
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their mindsets, and their most famous schemes.

Memoirs of Duc de Saint-Simon
Sex and politics meet head on in this often hilarious tell-all brimming
with gossip from the royal court of The Sun King, Louix XIV.

“Saint-Simon is one of the most vivid—and witty—writers from history.”
—Antonia Fraser
“. . . the rich sensation of being back at Versailles. . .”
—New York Review of Books

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