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TitleIndispensable: How To Become The Company That Your Customers Can't Live Without
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Table of Contents
	Chapter 1: The Default Choice
		Quick — Give Me a Name
		Best Pizza on the Block
		Price Plummets in Importance
		Master of One
		Customer Magnet
	Chapter 2: The Five Drivers
		Monotonous Success
		No Template
		What’s Your Version?
		The Five Drivers
	Chapter 3: Case Study: Deluxe
		Deluxe Makes Checks
		Getting beyond Commodity
		The Deluxe Knowledge Exchange Series
		Why Would You Do That? What’s in It for You?
		Creating Relevance to the Customer
		Full Accountability
		The Expos: Repositioning the Company
		Know What the Customer Really, Really Wants
		Getting Employee Buy-In
		Breaking the Inertia
		Courageous Decisions
		But Is It Working?
	Chapter 4: Back to the Six New Basics
		Radical Today — Basic Tomorrow
		New Basic 1: Say “Why Not?” Continuously
		New Basic 2: Get Back Inside the Box
		New Basic 3: You Will Partner
		New Basic 4: Selling Is Dead
		New Basic 5: Whatever Happens Is Normal
		New Basic 6: The Internet Didn’t Change Anything
	Chapter 5: Case Study: W Hotels
		Making My World a Better Place
		What Can I Learn?
		You’re a Customer — What Do You Want?
		You Might Be Wrong — Do It
		Everything Working for the Vibe
		Equals Cool
		Back to the Tour — Back to the Lesson
		Consistent Performance
		That’s What Everybody Says
		What Is Your Uniqueness?
		I Can’t Get It Anywhere Else
	Chapter 6: Create Community
		Los Lobos
		The Power of Community
		I Like You Because You’re Like Me
		Can Any Business Create Community?
		Shared Experiences — Good and Bad
		We Are What We Buy
		Stop Advertising and Start Hanging Out
		The Heart of Business
		An Inside Job
	Chapter 7: Case Study: Gitomer
		Gitomer Rocks
		Create Value, Then Give It Away
		They Don’t Do What I Do
		The World-Class Expert
		The Web Mistress and the Queen of Events
	Chapter 8: Obvious but Often Overlooked
		Obvious 1: You Had Me at Hello
		Why Cliches Become Cliches
		Obvious 2: Saying It Doesn’t Make It So
		A Job Well Done Exceeds Nobody’s Expectations
		This Is Very Cool
		It Wasn’t the Way He Wanted It
		Obvious 3: Tell the Truth
		Do We Really Have to Be Reminded?
	Chapter 9: Right Place — Right Time
		Eat Here Now
		It’s in the Right Place
		It Depends
		Open All Night
		Finding the Balance
		Nobody Does That in This Business
		Have You Lost Your Mind?
		What Rules Are You Going to Break?
		Can You See Me?
		We’ve Got a Lot of Things to Do
		I Can’t Go to the Doctor Today — I Have to Go to Target
	Chapter 10: Case Study: The Pancake Pantry
		Art — Magic — Voodoo
		It’s the Mix
		I Don’t Get It
		It’s a Mystery
		Not Everyone Will Like Your Product
		Service with a Smile — Or Not
		Pixie Dust
		Throwing Paint on a Canvas
	Chapter 11: Big Picture Outcome
		Andrea and the Walk to the Ballroom
		Creating a Big Picture Outcome
		Beyond Job Performance
		Simple and Extraordinary
		Creating a Mini-Friendship
		What’s the Point?
		Bring Jess to Me
		He Got It
		This Is about You
		Don’t Be the Coke Machine
		The View from 50,000 Feet
	Chapter 12: Twenty-Eight Indispensable Lessons
		Right under Your Nose
		Figure It Out!
		Lessons to Be Learned
		Short Subjects: Lessons One Bite at a Time
	Chapter 13: Case Study: Pinnacle Financial Partners
		If You Could Make It Up
		Beyond a Pound of Nails
		There’s Another Way to Play This Game
		The Differences
		People — People — People
		Bottom Line
	Chapter 14: Repeatable Process
		Is It in the Genes?
		Removing the Element of Chance
		You Don’t Want Superstars
		You Want Process
		So What’s the Big Mystery?
		What Gets Measured — And Other Things Obvious to All
		How Does Anything Happen Consistently?
		Hoping for a Different Person
		You Figure It Out
		Just Do What You Think Will Work
		Deciding in Advance
		Simple — Not Easy
	Chapter 15: Stop Apologizing — Start Doing Your Job
		Measure Twice — Cut Once
		Suit Yourself
		A Pretty Good Shuttle Driver
		Don’t Apologize — Do Your Job
		Competence Trumps Nice
		Tell Me Exactly What Happened
		The Lesson Is in Your Priorities
		It’s Like Shoes
	Chapter 16: Case Study: LawTalk
		They Have to Buy It from Somebody
		A Transferable Strategy
	Chapter 17: The Customer Decides
		Stories from the Front Lines
		Not Easy
		The Beer Guy
		Four Fundamental Lessons
		Duh: Identify Customer Need
		See the Big Picture Outcome
		Engage, Enchant, and Enthrall
		Give Away Some Baseballs
		The Follicle God
		Lemons to Lemonade
		What’s the Deal with Dry Cleaners?
		The Magic Touch
		It Takes a Village
		I Pay Extra
		Comfort Food
		Cheap Joe’s
		They Answer Their Phone
		Twenty-Four Years Later

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