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Table of Contents
                            Installation Guide
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Basic Installation of OpenNMS
	1.1. Repositories for Releases
		1.1.1. Specific Release on RHEL-based system
		1.1.2. Specific Release on Debian-based system
	1.2. Installing on RHEL-based system
		1.2.1. Setup OpenNMS YUM repository
		1.2.2. Install OpenNMS package
		1.2.3. Prepare PostgreSQL
		1.2.4. Initialize OpenNMS
	1.3. Install on Debian-based systems
		1.3.1. Setup OpenNMS Debian repository
		1.3.2. Install OpenNMS package
		1.3.3. Prepare PostgreSQL
		1.3.4. Initialize OpenNMS
	1.4. Install on Microsoft Windows Systems
		1.4.1. Installation PostgreSQL
		1.4.2. Install OpenNMS with GUI installer
Chapter 2. Installing Oracle Java Environment
	2.1. Setup on RHEL-based systems
	2.2. Setup on Debian-based systems
	2.3. Setup on Windows Server
	2.4. Java Environment
		2.4.1. Set Java home in Linux
		2.4.2. Set Java home in Windows Server 2012
Chapter 3. RRDtool as Time Series Database
	3.1. RRDtool Installation
	3.2. Install jrrd2 Interface
	3.3. Configuration of OpenNMS
Chapter 4. Installing Time Series database Newts
	4.1. Setting up Cassandra
		4.1.1. Installing on RHEL-based systems
		4.1.2. Installing on Debian-based systems
		4.1.3. Installing on Windows Server systems
	4.2. Configure OpenNMS
Chapter 5. Installing R
	5.1. Installing on RHEL-based systems
	5.2. Installing on Debian-based systems

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