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TitleInstrumentation Reference Book, Fourth Edition
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Table of Contents
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Part I. The Automation Knowledge Base
	Chapter 1. The Automation Practicum
	Chapter 2. Basic Principles of Industrial Automation
	Chapter 3. Measurement Methods and Control Strategies
	Chapter 4. Simulation and Design Software
	Chapter 5. Security for Industrial Automation
Part II. Mechanical Measurements
	Chapter 6. Measurement of Flow
	Chapter 7. Measurement of Viscosity
	Chapter 8. Measurement of Length
	Chapter 9. Measurement of Strain
	Chapter 10. Measurement of Level and Volume
	Chapter 11. Vibration
	Chapter 12. Measurement of Force
	Chapter 13. Measurement of Density
	Chapter 14. Measurement of Pressure
	Chapter 15. Measurement of Vacuum
	Chapter 16. Particle Sizing
	Chapter 17. Fiber Optics in Sensor Instrumentation
	Chapter 18. Nanotechnology for Sensors
	Chapter 19. Microprocessor-Based and Intelligent Transmitters
	Chapter 20. Industrial Wireless Technology and Planning
Part III. Measurement of Temperature and Chemical Composition
	Chapter 21. Temperature Measurement
	Chapter 22. Chemical Analysis: Introduction
	Chapter 23. Chemical Analysis: Spectroscopy
	Chapter 24. Chemical Analysis: Electrochemical Techniques
	Chapter 25. Chemical Analysis: Gas Analysis
	Chapter 26. Chemical Analysis: Moisture Measurement
Part IV. Electrical and Radiation Measurements
	Chapter 27. Electrical Measurements
	Chapter 28. Optical Measurements
	Chapter 29. Nuclear Instrumentation Technology
	Chapter 30. Measurements Employing Nuclear Techniques
	Chapter 31. Non-Destructive Testing
	Chapter 32. Noise Measurement
Part V. Controllers, Actuators, and Final Control Elements
	Chapter 33. Field Controllers, Hardware and Software
	Chapter 34. Advanced Control for the Plant Floor
	Chapter 35. Batch Process Control
	Chapter 36. Applying Control Valves
Part.VI. Automation and Control Systems
	Chapter 37. Design and Construction of Instruments
	Chapter 38. Instrument Installation and Commissioning
	Chapter 39. Sampling
	Chapter 40. Telemetry
	Chapter 41. Display and Recording
	Chapter 42. Pneumatic Instrumentation
	Chapter 43. Reliability in Instrumentation and Control
	Chapter 44. Safety
	Chapter 45. EMC
Appendix A. General Instrumentation Books
Appendix B. Professional Societies and Associations
Appendix C. The Institute of Measurement and Control
Appendix D. International Society of Automation, Formerly Instrument Society of America

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