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TitleIslam and Modernity: Transformation of an Intellectual Tradition
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Table of Contents
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Prefatory Note
1. The Heritage
	The Qur'an and the Prophet
	Development of Islamic Disciplines
	Institutional Change in Medieval Islam
	Education in Medieval Islam
	Islamic Education in the Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent
2. Classical Islamic Modernism and Education
	Theoretical Considerations
	Practical Modernist Reforms
		School Education
		Higher Education
3. Contemporary Modernism
	The New Situation
	Islam and Educational Reform: Turkey and Egypt
	The Case of Iran
	What Happened to Pakistan?
	Some Remarks on Indonesia
4. Prospects and Some Suggestions
	Statement of the Problem
	Some Considerations toward a Solution
		Reconstruction of the Islamic Sciences
			The Historical Period
			Systematic Reconstruction
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