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Reliability:  A reliable method is one that will produce consistent results when

repeated in similar situations. Like a validated test, a reliable test may fail to

predict job performance with precision.

Pressure: Pressure is brought on the selectors by politicians, bureaucrats,

relatives, friends and peers to select particular candidates. Candidates selected

because of compulsions are obviously not the rights ones. Appointments to public

sector undertakings generally take place under such pressures.


The selection procedure is concerned with securing relevant information about an

applicant. This information is secured in a number of steps and stages. The

objective of selection process is to determine whether an applicant needs the

qualification for a specific job and to choose the applicant who is most likely to

perform in that job.

The hiring procedures not a single acts but it is essentially a series of methods

or steps or stages by which additional information is secured about the applicant.

At each stage, facts may come to light, which lead to the rejection of the

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applicant. A procedure may be considered to a series of successive hurdles or

barriers, which an applicant must cross.

These are indented as screens and they are designed to eliminate an

unqualified applicant at any point in this process. That technique is known as the

successive hurdle technique. Not all selection process includes all these hurdles.

The complexity of process usually increases with the level and responsibility of

the position to be fulfilled.

A well-organized selection procedure should be designed to select

sustainable candidates for various jobs. Each step in the selection process should

help in getting more and more information about the candidate. There is no idle

selection procedure appropriate for all cases. in the selection process:

 Preliminary Screening

 Application Blank

 Employment Tests

 Selection Interview

 Medical or Physical Examination

 Checking Reference

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