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Table of Contents
	1.1 Aims of the research
	2.1 The research team
		2.1.1 Researchers who use services
		2.1.2 Advisory group
	2.2 Overall structure of the research
	2.3 Recruitment of the case study local authorities
	2.4 Fieldwork in the case study local authorities
		2.4.1 Personal budget holders and carers
		2.4.2 Local authority/trust managers and practitioners
		2.4.3 Provider organisations
	2.5 Analysis and development of findings
	2.6 Ethical approval and research governance
	3.1 How people heard about personal budgets
	3.2 Deciding on a personal budget
		3.2.1 Information about personal budgets
		3.1.2 Sources of information
		3.2.3 Expectations and concerns
	4.1 Being assessed for a personal budget
		4.1.1 Assessment and self-assessment
		4.1.2 Assessing risk
		4.1.3 Carers’ assessments and carers’ grants
	4.2 Staff perspectives on assessment
	1.3 Resource allocation and the level of personal budgets
		4.3.1 Resource allocation systems
		4.3.2 Understanding how personal budgets were calculated and satisfaction with the budget received
		4.3.3 Personal contributions
		4.3.4 Contingency planning
	5.1 Support planning
	5.2 The role of external organisations in support planning
	5.3 Involvement of carers in support planning
	5.4 Setting up services and support (brokerage)
		5.4.1 How people used their personal budgets
		5.4.2 Enabling people to make the most of their personal budget
	6.1 Deciding how to hold the personal budget (deployment options)
	6.2 Choice and control
	6.3 Ongoing management of the personal budget
	6.4 Support arrangements with providers
	6.5 Peer support
	6.6 Monitoring arrangements
	6.7 Reviews and dealing with changing circumstances
	1.2 Structure and focus of the report

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