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possible. In this way, if the block fails, no injury will result.
With a sword or staff, for example, a Ninja can simply sweep
the knife out of the air. If a weapon is not handy, then any
object (such as a book or even a kitchen post) can be used.
Timing is important.

Swatting knives out of the air by hand is dangerous and

not recommended to anyone who is not a highly trained
Ninja. This should be practiced with caution and with safe
practice knives. Concentrate on slapping the knife away
with the hand or the firearm. The tell-tale training blood will
tell how successful the attempt was.

Snatching a thrown knife out of the air without harm

requires the utmost mastery, and is not recommended to
anyone but Ninjitsu masters. This technique should not be
practiced until one’s dodging and blocking skills are flawless.
Evade the knife first, and try to pinch or snatch the spinning
handle out of the air as it goes by.

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Some misinformed people believe that the knife is the
favorite or even the preferred weapon of the Ninja. This is
not true. Although a knife is the first weapon, outside of the
weapons of mind and body, that a Ninja trains with, to say
that a knife is the favorite weapon of the Ninja is erroneous.
Ninja do not have favorite weapons. They are capable of
using all weapons and are free to use no weapons. Knife
throwing is just one facet of Tanto-jitsu (knife art), which is
in turn only one facet of The Way.

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